Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

5 erthygl ar y dudalen hon






YSTRADGYNLAIS NOTES It has been decided to close the local shops on Good Friday, Easter Monday and Tuesday. The Ystradgynlais letter-box will be closed in the future at 6 o'clock, as the down-valley mail now leaves 45 minutes earlier, The local schools celebrated St. David's Day by holding concerts at which the children sang, recited, and wore leeks. The children were also lectured on Welsh heroes, traditions, and latorature and, what they liked best of all, perhaps, was the half- holiday in the afternoon. "Gwilym," Baron Cederstrom, and Mr. Heck (estate agent) captured a troublesome fox in the upper reaches of the valley last week. "Gwilym" is fast gaining fame as a fox hunter, and his services will undoubtedly be re- quisitioned further afield. There is room for complaint however, that the farmers do not show their appreciation of getting rid of these pests. Verb. Sap. Signaller Brynmor James, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. James, The Larches, has been home on furlough prior to proceeding overseas. He is in the R.E. Dewi Sant celebrations at the Maes- ydderwen County School took the form 1 of a concert, to which the governors of the school were invited. The clerk, Mr. B. L. Thomas, presided. After an ad- I dress by the headmaster, the follow- ing pupils, several of whom wore Welsh oostumes, contributed to an excellent programme of folk songs, Welsh airs, solos, recitations, violin and pianoforte solos :—Theda Watkins, Hettie Clee, Hannah M. Powell, Norah Beresford, Minnie Jenkins, Annie Morgan, SaIl Evans, Maggie M Jones, Annie Davies, Sal Evans, Ena Evans, Glyn Jeffries, Trevelyan Rees, Beatrice Evans. Gwyn- neth Powell, Evelyne Jones, Elsie Wat- kins, John Owen, Margaret Thoipts, Melvyn Thomas, May Williams, who gave the National test piece in a very able manner; Wm. James, Cyril Gape, Clifford Davies, Melora Williams, Gwennie Williams, Elsie Williams, Gretta Williams, Gertrude Samuel, Linda Thomas, Ethel Evans, Emma J. Ware, and Nancy Davies. A vote of thanks to the chairman and to those who took part was proposed by Mr Mathew Jones, and seconded by Miss Jenny Powell, and the proceedings ter- minated with the singing of "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." A meeting of the local Psychical Re- search Society was held on Tuesday evening to consider the experience and results of the last six months. It wasi stated that it had been proved possible to hold communication with Beings or influenoes of other planes, but it was felt that the results obtained are not commensurate with the time and sac- rifice spent in these circles. It was oon- sidered that knowledge can be better obtained through the medium of good books. Instead of these "circles" it has, been decided to form classes for the purposes of studying psychology. The services on Sunday are devoted to the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. J Another interesting letter has been received this week from Sapper T. J. Lewis, of the Royal Engineers, whose home is at .Coedeirion, Station-road. Sapper Lewis, who has been in France for some time says that although work- ing hard, he is enjoying himself well. The favourite pleasure of the boys, he says, is in sitting around a fire or stove and relating stories of pre-war days. He refers to the language of the Army, and the new words that are being continually coined. He is highly satisfied with the food provided, and i. in high spirits at the prospects of a furlough in April. Pte. Wm. Snell, of the Brecknocks, formerly assistant to Mr. W. Owen, bootmaker, writes from Bagdad, where he has been sent with a number of other boys from his old battalion. Pte. Snell is now attached to the boot re- pairing department, and is in excellent health. He says that the lads, at the moment of writing, are preparing to go to a cinema, a circumstance indica- tive of the westernising of the Orient. Pte. W. D. Owen, formerly of Gur- nos, writes from Mhow, where he has just arrived, and speaks of the warm welcome accorded him by his old friends -,some of whom were with him at Maesydderwen. He also is busy telling 1 the lad of all that has happened at home since they left in October, 1914. A competitive concert was held at Sardis Vestry on Monday evening, when the Rev. R. M. Rhys presided i over a good attendance. The adjudicfo- tors were, music. Mr. Oliver Jones; literature, Mr. Hy. Owen. Messrs. E. H. Hiigbson, A.R.C.O., Nimrod Jones, and M. M. Morgan were the acoom- panists. The winners were as follows: Boys' solo, Master Alwyn Jones; girls' solo, Miss Annie Edwards, Penrhos and Miss Olwen Jones, Ystradgynlais. Tenor solo, Mr. J. James, Cae'rlan. Bass solo Mr. Willie Walters, Penrhos, and A. Dunovan, Abercrave. Soprano solo, Miss Bess Jeffreys and Mrs Simonds, Ystradgynlais. Champion solo, Messrs Willie Walters, Penrhos and Willie James, Ystradgynlais. Recitation, Mr. W. T. Williams, Cae'rbont. Poem, Mr. Wm. Samuel Jones (O'vilvm PID 8:m) who was chaired with full bardic honours. General knowledge. Mr. W. R. Williams, Ystradgynlais. The secre- L-tri,-tl -trringtrrents in the hands of Mr. M. N. Morgan. In connection with the moypn-^ut for the improvement of the Sunday School in Wales, a service was held at Sardis on Sunday, over which the Rev, R. M. Rhys presided, there being I t c-v. R. M. P l ivs pr(-i, a good attendance. Mr W. R. Wil- N o d we d d i on liams read a paper on Athrawon yn-yr Ysgol Sul," and Mr T. T. Rees, Penrhos, gave a model lesson to the children; Mr T. D. Wil- liams, Owmgiedd, also gave an address on "Perthynas yr Eglwys a'r Ysgol Sul." Miss Elsie Watkins sang o solo during the afternoon. Complaints are being made by local gardening enthusiasts that they are iiriable. to obtain manure. The farms I on the other hand maintain they have been told by the Board of Agriculture to use their manure on their own land. I It is to be hoped that something will he done to remedy this state of affairs so that the ardour of the men shall not be damped. A meeting of the Food Control Com- I mittee took place on Monday, Coun- cillor Lewis Thomas. J.P.. presiding, when the application's for the pcsition of assistant executive officer were ctafnsi'diered.J The' appointment was deferred until Thursday to enable two of the fourteen applicants to attend. Mr H. G. Watts, a discharged sold- ier, from Port Talbot, was unanimous- ly elected to the post. *1* "Die Shon Dafydd" the ever popu- lar Welsh drama is to be performed shortly by the Cynlais Dramatic Societv, under Isynis. This company needs no instroduction to our readers, and it is to be hoped that the drama will be given the support it merits. | Signaller W. H. Powell. of the R.G.iV., formerly weigher at the Dia- mond eollieryl, has been drafted out to France. Mrs. Richard Hoskinc, Cwmgiedd, has returned home after having been treated for appendicitis at Swansea hospital. Mr W. J. ThomaR, headmaster of Cvr-lais Schools, is confined to his home, and consequently unable to per- form his duties. Local school children were granted half holidav on Thursday on account of Ystalyfera fair. The collieries are again slack this week, and the weather being favour- able. the men are therefore busy tilling the soil in garden and allotment. Don't forget "Under the Palms" at Libanus, Glanrhyd, on Thursday next. A grand competitive concert will be held at Sardis on Saturday. March 30th. On Good Friday an eisteddfod will J be held at the Workmen's Hall. under the auspices of the Ystra-dgynlais Undted Choir. A number of local ladies availed themselves of Ystalyfera fair on Thursday to lay in a stock of Welsh flannel. Councillor Williams said dh Thurs- day that some people would prefer to be without street lights rather than without the refuse cart, ■ He was probably aware of the fact that Summer time was aga,:n coming into force, and that the light would not be missed. Meat ajid" butter were not scarce at Ystradgynlais last week. A G.C.G. butter merchant paid the district a visit.