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Concerning Ourselves.I


Concerning Ourselves. INCREASED PRICE IN APRIL. AN APPEAL FOR YOLIR WASTE PAPER. It is with extreme reluctance that the manage-j ment of the "Pioneer" find it necessary to have to inform our agents, and our large circle of readers that as from the first issue in April- that of the 6th, the price of the Pioneer will: be increased to 1 12-d. per copy; and the practice of sending out papers on "sale or return con- ditions entirely suspended for the time being. It is quite unnecessary to devote space to re- iterating what every Socialist in South Wales already knows, that the Pioneer" is not run for profit but for propaganda, and it is equally unnecessary to labour the point that the policy that we have now to announce is only taken as the outcome of the external pressure of the paper market, of which, at the moment, the newspaper proprietor is the helpless victim. During the past two years the Pioneer has made con- siderable progress, and the value of its propa- ganda has been established all over the coal-field. The need for an even more strenuous propaganda of the ideal of Social Democracy for which it stands is more urgent, more real than ever; but the price and inaccessibility of paper supplies im- pose a restriction from which there is no appeal. There is then, but one way in which the message of the Pioneer can be carried to the extent to which it has need to be carried, and that by the adoption of the pass-on principle on the part of our readers. First of all it is imperative that all who desire to assure themselves of receiving their Pioneer regularly and without fail should place their order with their agent, or literature secretary, for under the altered condi- tions of allowing no returns the agents will not purchase spare copies on the off-chance of finding promiscuous customers. Newsagents and litera- ture secretaries are business men not charity- mongers or public philanthropists, and as busi- ness men they are compelled to work to a prin- ciple that will assure them so far as possible against loss from unsold, unreturnable stock. First then, be sure and order your copy now. Second, pass on the Pioneer when you have read it to someone who disagrees with our point of view. In this way you will increase our pro- paganda value by 100 per cent., without in- volving us in the heavy loss that running a Social-Democratic journal in these days involves. SAVE YOUR WASTE PAPER. I There; is another way in which you can greatly assist us in obtaining the supplies of paper, with- out which the Pioneer must cease, and that is by saving your old newspapers and magazines, and sending them on to us. For every five- hundredweights that we can thus bale and re- turn to the makers we are assured of one-hun- dredweight of newspaper on which to print copies of the Pioneer." We do not propose that you should save, parcel, and send to us your waste, of which we are in urgent need. Such a system of individual action would be erratic, costly and unsuccessful in the long run, but we are en- deavouring to arrange that each of the Branches of the I.L.P. in South Wales should act as re- ceiving agencies for us, and we will collect from them the stores saved for us. It will be very little trouble for you to take your supplies to your I.L.P. branch once a month, or a week, as suits you, but in doing that you will be perform- ing a very real service, not to ourselves alone, but to Socialism throughout South Wales. In both these matters the management feel that they need make no apologies for their action or their appeal, other than to assure you that only the vital needs of the times have com- pelled these; for they remember with gratitude the splendid responses with which you met their appeals at critical moments in the history of the paper in the past. Yours for the Revolution, I THE EDITOR-MANAGER. •

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