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Liberalism Means Just The…


Was it, Lloyd George alone? Or was it Asquith and Grey and Simon and Lansdowne ? These are the deeds by which they must he judged. They have not repudiated them. Thev have not regretted them. They are to-day as they always have been, the servants and instru- ments of Imperialism, and Capitalism; they are still the men who practised secret diplomacy abroad and vicious repression at home. BOLSHEVIK OR CADET? I And now we are being asked to join hands with them and to take them for our leaders. F-ir God j, s sake let us look what we are doing. We of the Socialist parties are Bolshevik or we are nothing. We are the left wing of the Labour Party. And the crowning irony of it I is .that it is. precisely we who are ooing asked to join hands with our British Cadets. The issue is as vital n. ono as ever faced us. On the result of this intrigue rhay hang the whole political future of Labour. If we of the left stampede to the rig-ht at, the first call of the Liberals, what can we expect of our own right and centre? That is precisely the Liberal calculation. If they can capture lS, they will have captured the whole Labour Party, horse, foot, and dragoons. They will have re-established themselves in the "primacy of the progressive movement." We shall have betrayed the Revolution. That is all! It's worth thiaking over.

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Liberalism Means Just The…