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Kenfig Hill Notes


Kenfig Hill Notes Manhood's Bankruptcy. erily, \vp are going down the hill steadily i h toward what can be rightly termed the bank- ruptcy of our manhood. The military authori- ties not satisfied in combing-qut boys from 18 years and 8 months up to 24 years from the mines, are now calling up men from 2.) years to 31 before the fir>t comb-out is completed. We shall all gPt so muddled up in the near fu- ture that we shall fail to recognise what groups ,are really in the process of being called upon, in .some parts of South Wales it will be a fort- night before the first groups will be called upon to present themselves for medical classicafica- t-ion, and by that time in some areas, assuming that they travel with the same speed in those areas as in the Garw and Maesteg Districts, they will reach the age limit in the latter be- fore the former reach the twenties. And so the stream of manhood, drawn from useful occu- pation, Hows on. and .slowly but surely pours into an ocean of uselessness find waste. Lodge "Tribunals." Does anybody envy the position of a Lodge -,I-itli his discre- I tionary powers of recommending exemption to a man who may be the main support of the family, or havt. a reasonable proportion of the family in the army, lucre never was a more subtle way of putting class against class than this method of .supervision, 'hough agreed that it has some good point*, but you a re warned in giving exemption that someone will be taken in the place of the one exempted. Mobility Bureaux. The M.F.G.B. have agreed to set up a Cen- tral .Mining Mobility Bureaux, whose main function apjiears to be to lind employment in mines in other districts for miners who are working short time: (b) to maintain the output of coal in those district* where every ton that can be produced is of importance; and (e) generally to bring about the more productive utdisation of labour in the coal-mining industry. There are '-ci'ta in allowances for travelling ex- penses, and a lso subsistence pay or lodging money, and this continues for eseven days, after his employment it] 11 in which he is a volunteer, One is glad to see such a clause as this one That no volunteer or I volunteers can be.sent to any colliery except with the free consent of the Miners' Associa- tion in that district, and .subject always to the established rate of wages and conditions of em- ployment prevailing in the district. If things continue as th°y are at present for any fur- ther length of time, I am inclined to think that the volunteers will have to he of the fair sex." Rut even they are good material for ex- ploitation from the capitalist point of view. C.G.F.

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