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Ogmore Vale Notes.I


Ogmore Vale Notes. I I.L.P. Greatly disappointed as we were at the non- arrival of R. C. Walihead, the advertised speaker for May 12th, the local ecftnrades would not abandon the meetings. The local Discharged Sol(] 'ei- itnti Sailors' Federation had threat- ene d trouble (indeed, they sent a deputation to the police to "rop the meeting), and this had aroused a good deal of local interest. At Nantymoel in the afternoon a huge crowd had assem bled. Comrades Davey, Serrell. andW. assembled. Comrade^ Davev, Serrell. and W. Jones, of Bargoed and Garw, courageously took the platform, and despite numerous in- terruptions, "carried on." A local war mon- ger challenged the s|>eakers to a debate, and this lias been accepted by Serrell on behalf of the local I. L. P. Everyone- agrees we had a splendid meeting. At night the venue was at the Ogmore Vale Workmen's Hall, and at very short notice we secured Frank Hodges, the Garw miners' agent. For upwards of an hour he kept the audience (numbering nearly 1,000 deeply inter- ested while lie lectured on the problems of re- construction. Taking the problem of employ- ment, he showed, first, how the labour market must be considerably inflated on the demobili- zation of the army: second, how that this sur- plus laixjnr could be utilised in work of reform, housing, roads, afforestation, etc. third, how by compulsory education to the age of 16, con- tinuation schools to 18, andattractin- pensions at 60, the labour market could be eased. The lecture was highly appreciated by all. Com- rade lanto HoweII.s ably presided. Our branch is making splendid progress, and when Walihead next visits us (as he must soon) he will find a splendid band of workers.

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