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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

14 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I THEATRE ROYAL & EMPIRE PALACE, Merthyr I Licensee—Mr. Will. Smitbson. Resident Manager—M r. Fred Dry. Is 6.30 TWICE NIGHTLY. 8.30 | Week commencing MONDAY, JUNE 10th, 1918. 1 Welcome Visit of Joe Morrison's Popular Musical Comedy Revue- i "THE DREAM GIRL" j ? SEVEN SCENES OF DELIGHT I I The CMto includes Jos. Bowling, Qua Ern, Nellie Bibbie, Agnes McKenzie, 2 and Eime Curzon. a I Margery Moore in Speciality Dances 1 ? Daisy Squelch and her Big Brass Six! I VW Circle, 1/- Stalls, 9d. Pit, 6d. Gallery, 3d. j II II I'-I PLUS NEW TAX. (flHItimmimHBtw j Merthyr Electric Theatre j I Mertkomi!!ne !eatre i ) CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. 1 1 Monday Tuesday) and Wednesday- 1 ic The Bottle Imp j I A Weird Romance, featuring Sessue Hayakawa. I  AN ICE MAN'S BRIDE Triangle Comedy. I A Pathe's Gazette and another Drama and Comedy. j 1 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- j THE PHANTOM'S SECRET j 1 A ThriU!n? Drama. ? 2 THE RED ACE—Part 7- Pathe's Gazette, &c. 6 I Monday, June 17th—A New Serial will commence THE LASS OF THE I I LUMBER LANDS, featuring the dare-devil Helen Holmes. I I ADMISSION 3d.—Tax, id.; 6d.-Tax, 2d.; 1/—Tax, 3d. I Children's Performance at One o'clock on Saturdays. I m Ordinary Saturday Performance starts at 3.30 o'clock. Other Days 2.30 as usual. 5 II II It II .Î BOOKS TiinbC COOCNIIHLa IN tnt minkiAl ARMOURY. SOCIALISM AFTER THE WAR 1/- By J. R. MACDONALD, M.P. THE STATE 1/3 By WILLIAM PAUL. INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM AND THE MINING INDUSTRY I/- By GEORGE HARVEY. The Democrats Handbook to Merthyr 6d., reduced to 1d., Postage 2d. (A Mine of local Historical and Industrial Information) OUR SHOP, Pontmorlais, Merthyr HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR, SUNDAY JUNE 9th, 1918. Rev. J.-Morgran Jones, M.A. A CORDIAL WELCOME EXTENDED TO ALL FIRST EDITION SOLD OUT! Second Edition Now in the Press! THE BOLSHEVIK REVOlUTIOM ITS RISE AND MEANING. By MAXIM LITVIN.OFF (Plenipotentiary of the Russian People's Gov- ernment to Great Britain). With Foreward by E. C. FAIRCHILD. 1/3 net. Post Free, 1/44 (Branch rates 13/6 per dozen, post free). Order in Advance to Save Disappointment. B.S.P., 21a Maiden Lane, Strand, Lond., W.C.2. ARB WE DOING YOUR PRINTING ? We have the most modern equipment, and good work is quickly turned out by Trade Unionists at reasonable rates. NOTE THE ADDRESS THE LABOUR PIONEER PRESS LIVE BOOKS 1 LARGE SUPPLY OF KERR AND CO.'S. PRACTICALLY EVERY I.L.P., S.L.P., B.8.P. AND "HERALD" BOOKS & PAMPHLETS IN STOCK. Afeo good selection of other rare Books not seen in any ather Bookshop in Wales. NOTE ADDRESS— Reformers' Bookstall, 42 HIGH STREET, TONYREFAIL. Pay us a visit or send a card stating your need. LITERARY. UNITARIAN PAMPHLETO on "The BiMe, H?TM," Md "Hell, einm post free. —Misa &axø, Mount P?samt, 8?dmoaih. '7" -=-c -=- I Merthyr Tydfil Local War Pensions Committee. riltiti tj?.?JMiiif?. prepared to -consider T apy?heations from wivæ and DEPENDENTS of men from the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil serving with His Majesty's Forces for grants towards (1) Rent, (2) Rates, (3) Insur- ance Premiums on Policies taken out before 26th May, 1916, (4) Payments for furniture un- der hire purchise agreements entered into be- fore 26th May, 1916, (5) Interest on Mortgages, (6) School fees of children, (7) Instalments pay- able on loans for the purchase of a dwelling- house, (8) Other like oontraclual obligations. If the application is for Grants exceeding 12/- per week the same should be forwarded to the Mili- tary Service (Civil Liabilities) Committee AS heretofore. Before a grant can be made to a wife in respect of the above mentioned obliga- tions, the Committee must be satisfied that, there is a disproportion between the net income of the household before the man's enlistment and the present income, after taking into ac- count the saving resulting from the absence of the man. In the ease of Dependants other than wives, J the EOIHPA.RISON is between the ASSESSED pre- enlistment dependence and the amount of Separ- ation Allowance paid, and special attention is drawn to the fact, that no grant can be made to a dependant unless the maximum State Separation Allowance is being paid, i.e., 12,1). 6d. for one dependent. For further information apply to the Secre- taries of the Ward and District Committees, or to Trevor Thomas, Genoi-al Secretary, Victoria Chambers. Merthyr Tydfil.

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