Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

6 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I THEATRE ROYAL & EMPIRE PALACE, Mer?r! Licensee—Mr. Will Smithson. General Manager-Mr. Fred Dry. £ 6.30 TWICE NIGHTLY. 8.30 j I Week commencing MONDAY, JANUARY 13th, 1919. j I WILL H. GLAZE'S COM?A?Y j I8 THE GREAT ANGLO-AMERICAN PLAY! I t (Under the direction of F. E. Chabot) I BILLY'S MOTHER i I By EVA ELWES. Z Prices CIRCLE STALLS I'lT GALLERY I I PNcMOfAdmissiot: OrdiMr) Doors— ls.5d. 1? 7d. 4d. I ? Tax, 4d. Tax. 3d. Tax, 2d. Tax. !d. ? r" II It I Merthyr Electric Theatre j Week commencing Monday, January 13th. I CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. < I Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday- t I JUNE CAPRICE, the Smiling Sunshine Maid, in J | Unknown 274 Hidden Hands j I CHARLIE AT WORK—featuring Charlie Chaplin. I • Pathe's Coloured Pictorial and Pathe's Gazette. I I Dramas ami Comedies, &c. 2 I Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- j "GOD AND THE MAN"  A Powerful Drama of the Futility of Human Hate, adapted from the Novel I by Robert Buchanan, featuring Jeff Barlow, Langhorne Burton, t Joyce Carey, Bert Wynne, Sybil Arundel and Henry Vibart. |1 Seven Parts. Z Dramas, Comedies, Pathe's Gazette, &c. I Coming Soon !—A Orand Serial, COUNT BERNSTORFF'S SERIAL, I THE BETTER 'OLE and LEST WE FORGET. S j PRtCES: 5d., 9d., 1/3 including Tax. Children 3d., 5d. & 8d. I Children's Performance -at One o'clock on Saturdays. t B Ordinary Saturday Performance starts at 3.30 o'clock. Other Days 2.30 as usual. II II .1 I BLANCH ARDS —— PILLS —— Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, etc., they I speedily aHord relief and never fail to alleviate all suffering. They supersede Pennyroyal, Pill C-ochia, Bitter, Apple, &c. Blanchard's are the best of all Pills for Women. ISold In boxes, 1;1%, by BOOTS' Branches and all Chemists, or post free, same price, fromi t t LESLIE MARTIN, Ltd., Chemists, 34 Dalston Lane, London.ll Samples and valuable booklet sent free, Id. stamp. t — 1 HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR. SUNDAY, JANUARY 12th, 1919. Prucheir- Rev. J. Morgan Jones, M.A. SUBJECT-" PACANISM." Servloes to begin at 11 o'cloek and 6 p.m. I.L.P. MEETINGS. OLYMPIA RINK, MERTHYR, Sunday Next, Jan. 12th, 1919, At 2.45 p.m. prompt. Speaker: Mr.C.J. Bundock Admission by Silver Collection. I.L.P. HALL, CRAIC SQUARE, PONTYPRIDD SUNDAY, JANUARY 12th, 1919. OWEN HUGHES (Pontypridd). SUBJECT-" SOCIALISM AND EDUCATION." Chair to be taken at 6.30 p.m. C.L.C. Class every Sunday at 10.30 a.m. Merthyr Tydfil Union. APPOINTMENT OF CHAUFFBUR MECHANIC. THE Guardians of the Poor of the above Union require the services of a fully- qualified and competent Chauffeur Mechanic. Wages JE3 per week, plus the prevailing War Bonus (at present 19/- per week) less deduc- tions under the National Health and Superan- nuation Acts. Applicants should be able to carry out all run- ning and minor repairs with the aid of the lathe and tools provided by the Guardians, and must be prepared to reside (if not already doing so) at Merthyr Tydfil, and within a reasonable distance from the Poor Law Institution. Applications with copies of recent Testimonials must be' in my hands not later than Thursday, the 23rd January, 1919. By Order, FRANK T. JAMES, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, 134 High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. Merthyr Tydfil Union. PROBATIONER NURSES WANTED. THE Guardians of the Poor of the above JL Union invite applications from suitable Candidates''residing in South Wales or Mon- mouthshire for appointment as Probationer Nurses at their Infirmary, Merthyr Tydfil. Candidates must not be under 21 years of age (Birth Certificate to be produced), and must be prepared to serve the full course of Training, viz., three years. Particulars as to Salary, Duties, Qualifica- tions, ete., can be obtained, together with a Form of Application, either from the under- signed or the Master of the Workhouse, Mer- thyr Tydfil. The appointments will be made after Examina- tions conducted (1) By the Medical Officer; (2) By the Examination Committee, of which due notice will be given. Applications should be in my hands not later than the first post on Friday, the 24th day of January, 1919. By Order, FRANK T. JAMES, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, 134 High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. ni" A rklTAA CATARRH, HEAD NOISES, easily cared HH?NfYX in a few days by the new l" FRENCH DEAFNESSO RiLE ME." Scores of wonderful cures reported. COMPLETELY CURED. Age 76. Mr. Thomas Winslade, of Borden, Hants, writes: I am delighted I tried the new Orlene," for the head noises. I am pleased to tell you, ARE GONE, and I can bear as well as ever I couid in my life. I think it wonderful, as I am 76 years old, and the people here are surprised to think I can hear so well again at my age." Many other equally good reports. Try one box to-day, which can be forwarded to any address upon the receipt of money order for 2/9. THERE 18 NOTHING BETTER AT ANY PRICE. Address, "ORLENE" Co., Railway Crcsoent, West Croydon, Surrey, Eng HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. A GRAND RECITAL WILL BE HELD ON Thursday, February 27th, 1919 TICKETS 1s. 3d. (Including Tax). Doors Open 7 p.m. To Commence 7.30 sharp. WINNING Numbers of Mr. Daniel Phillips' TV (8 Alexandra Terrace, Twynyrodyn) Prize Drawing: 1379, 1858, 2403, 2962, 1561, 2440, 1077, 1370, 2949, 2419.

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