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i.Merthyr NbtesI


Merthyr Nbtes I e'Sherlock Holmes' Visit. The mite of Sir A. Conan Doyle's visit to the Rink. Merthyr, a.s a propagandist of Spiritual- ism has now been fixed for Sunday. February 16th. The creator of "Sherlock Holmes" will s?ak in the afternoon, and will leave for an-?, other platform in the evening. We congratulate the Temple on having secured Sir Arthur's ser- vices as a protagonist of their philosophy, and trust that his venture will command an audience worthy of the historic Rink. "Galloping Rates." 11 I Alderman William J..eWIS, Irenarris, suggested fit Monday's meeting of the Merthyr Watch Committee that for the purposes of economy and to relieve the rates—which he said were "going on at a gallop —the twelve vacancies in the police-force which will occur even when all ex- constahles in the Army return should remain un- filled for a time. No action was taken. Working-Class Women's Pockets. Dismissing a eharge against a married woman of stealing a purse from the pocket of another woman in a butcher's shop, the Merthyr Sti- pendiary (Mr. R. A. Griffith) on Tuesday said: "There is a good deal of pocket-picking going on in shops and markets in this district. I be- lieve a lot of it might be prevented if women, especially working-class women, did not go about shops wearing big, loose coats with large, open pockets on the outside, in which they keep T"cir purse. Policemen's Petition. Merthyr Watch Committee on Monday had be- fore them a petition from members of their police-force for the restoration of the weekly rest day consideration of rest days lost,, aboli- tion of age liny t for service and payment to men of the full fees earned on special duty rendered m in their own time. The petition was referred to a. sub-committee for consideration, and the Chief- Constable (Mr. J. A. Wilson) remarked that the rest day would be recommended immediately on the return to tho force of sufficient soldier-police- men to make the necessary arrangement pos- sible. Dowlais Miners Worth £5,0001 In the course of the hearing of a case at Mer- thyr on Tuesday, when David Williams, Peny- darreti, was summoned by William Smith, a dis- ch.-trged soldit'r. for alleged assault, which was denied. Williams said that in an argument on Capitalism, Smith stated that there were miners in Dowlais worth £ 5,000, hut on being chal- lenged, failed to name any of them. Both men were bound over. Land Settlement for Ex-Service Men. A letter has been received by the Merthyr Corporation from the Board of Agriculture in- timating that it has been decided to ask Local Authorities to undertake the main responsibility of supplying the demand for land settlement by ex-Service men. The Corporation will be pra- pared to consider applications from such men, which should be sent to the Town Clerk.

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