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Merthyr Notes i| I Irish Self-Determination League. I At a meeting of the Merthyr and Dowlais branch of the aheve held at the Irish National Forests s' Rooms, Dowlais, on Sunday the fol- lowing resolution was passed: "That we, the members of the above branch, condemn the action of the Government in the suppression of the Irish Press, and at the same time eongra- 1 tulate the Irish people on their admirable re- straint in the face of the strongest provocation of the military authorities." The Berry Institute. I Merthvr Education Authority on Wednesday decided to make application to the Board of Education for permission to proceed at once with the building of the "Herr." Technical School," and to request the Ministry of Health to sanc- tion the utilisation of a portion of Cyfa,rtlifa Park, near the Gwaelodygarth entrance, as a site for t-lie Tlie scheme for the erection of the institute originated with the presenta- tion to tlie borough of £ 20,000 by Mr. H. Sey- mour Berry, Merthyr, to found such a school as a. permanent memorial to his father, the late Alderman J. M. Berry. Donations from other sources briiig the total at the disposal of the education authority fox- the vst.,ifilisliment of the institution to £ 50,000. The war-tank, now oc- cupying the proposed site, will be removed. Messrs. E. Morrell, W. G. Ma:t-.sili, Rhys Elias (director of education) and H. C. Riéhards (arcfaitct) tare to visit English technical schools and to report upon their observations. Overcome by Fumes. I Thomas Worth (57), married, of 19, Sand- street, Dowlais, was overcome by fumes whilst cleaning out tuboj at one of the blast furnaces at the Dowlais Steelworks on Wednesday, and died shortly after admission to the Merthyr General Hospital. Watch Oommittee's New Appointment* I Mr. W. Ptilliblaiik, -Nte-rtliv-r, was appointed I on Monday by the Merthyr Wateli Committee as I their prosecuting solicitor. Director of Education's Salary. I Consideration of an application -for an increase in salary by the Director of Education (Mr. Rhys Elias) was deferred by the Merthyr Edn- cation Committee to the next meeting. &700 for Chief Constable. I Some time ago the Merthyr Watch Committee advanced the salary of the Chief-constable (Mr. J. A. Wilson) to £ 625 a year. At Monday's meeting they were informed by the Home Office that he should be pa-id in accordance with the approved scale, which would give him, having regard to his length of sorvif- t700 per annum. The Home office instructions were accepted. Shop Assistants. I A deputation from the Merthyr branch of the Shop Assistants' Union interviewed the Merthyr Watch Committee on Monday relative to a closer application at Merthyr of the Shops Act. Mr. Hughes, the national organiser, and Mr. Myrddyn Davies, the local secretary, told the committee tha.t there was evidence in Merthvr t-hat the provision in the act for the weekly half- holiday was not carried out strictly and that as- sistants were kept working after the short-day closing hour. The act stipulated that when an establishment w as due to close at one o'clock all employees should he off the premises at 1.3ft, but there were cases of assistants being kept at work until three or four o'clock in the after- noon, though the shop doors had been closed. The deputation asked for the appointment of a shops insj>ector. The committee recommended the union to make complaints, when such cases come to their notice, to the police, who would take action. Education Authority's Condolences. Votes of condolence with the families of the late Mr. T. T. Jenkins, Abcrcanaid, and the late Mr. William Harris, Merthyr, were passed hy the Merthyr Education Authority on Wednes- dav, and tributes were paid by the members to the work of both as educationists.

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