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Merthyr Notes I


Merthyr Notes I DOWLAIS STEELWORKS FATALITY. The jury at an inquest held by Mr. Griffith Llewellyn (deputy coroner) at Merthyr on Tuesday upon Thos. Worth (57), of Sand- street, Dowlais, found that the man died from being gassed in the course of his employment at the Dowlais Steelworks. The evidence was that Worth when cleaning some of the gas tubes attached to furnaces was seen to collapse over a supporting rail and was unconscious when aid reached him. He died shortly after being removed to the Merthyr General Hospital, and a post- mortem examination revealed death as being due to gas-poisoning. SLEEPING IN A .NIINE.-Fraiik Da vies (16), of Picton-street, Merthyr, was fined io at Merthyr Police-court on Tuesday for sleep- ing in the Thomas-Merthyr colliery. The Stipendiary (Mr. Griffith) remarked that the Bench took a serious view of such offences and had it not been for the defendant's youth a more drastic penalty would have been inflicted. ANTI-PROFITEERING MARKET.—The Mer- thyr and Cefn Coed branch of the Dis- charged Soldiers' and Sailors' Association commenced their open-air markets at Mer- thyr on Saturday on the St. David's School site near the Town Hall, which was given them free for the purpose by the Merthyr Corporation. Vegetables, much of which was local produce, and fish were retailed at prices generally lower than those charged by private shopkeepers. The market is to be continued weekly. "A FOOLISH LARK."—" We are disposed to look upon this as a foolish lark and do not think it was a case of robbery with vio- lence, but it was quite possible that the horseplay caused the" old man to lose his sovereign." With this remark the Merthyr Stipendiary on Tuesday reduced a charge of robbery with violence preferred against three Dowlais young fellows-Thomas Fit ton, Daniel Harrington and James O'Brien —to one of common assault. An elderly Spaniard said to be known in the locality as Mary Ellen," was alleged to have been interfered with by the three men, and he stated through an interpreter that after they had left him a £ 1 Treasury note he had in his possession had disappeared. Each de- fendant was bound over and ordered to pay 40/- costs. OUR DEPARTED LEADERS. -Speak iiig meetings in support of Merthyr's Labour municipal candidates, Mr. T. C. Morris, the Labour candidate for Reading, paid tribute to the life work of the late Mr. William Harris and Mr. T. T. Jenkins in the Labour! movement. They were men whose efforts had proved inspirations to the movement both in Glamorgaashire and Monmouth- shire, and their loss was a big blow to La- bour in South Wales. He hoped that their ideals would live in the creation of a big! Labour predominance in administration at Merthyr. RATS.—The campaign against the rat has been prosecuted vigorously if quietly in Merthyr, and for the past fortnight thou- sands of rodents have ended their disease- disseminating careers. The work has been scientifically conducted by Mr. Milton Thomas, our chief sanitary official. WILL You HELP.—The women members of the Merthyr I.L.P. are working with both zeal and ability in the preparation of materials for the sale of <vork that they in- tend holding shortly to augment the funds for the Hardie Memorial Hall Fund. They would be pleased if any lady members or sympathisers who have not so far taken a hand, but who are prepared to do so, would attend the meetings which are held on Moli day and Thursday evenings at Bentley's, or would send along any contributions they may care to make for the object—either in money or saleable goods for the stalls. In particular would they appreciate the assist- ance of lady members of other branches who! are anxious that Merthyr should have a worthy memorial to our Grand Ola Leader. MORE DETERMINED STILL.-As the result of his visit to the Prevention of Tubercu- losis International Conference held in Lon- don last week, as reprensetative of the Mer- thyr Insurance Committee, Mr. E. R. Wil- liams fold that body last Tuesday night, that although he had always been keenly interested in the question he would now work more determinedly than ever for the elimination of the dread white scourge. TUBERCULAR EX-SERVICE MEN. The Welsh Board of Henlth informed the Mer- thyr Insurance Committee on Tuesday that in future discharged men suffering from tuberculosis were to receive better consider- ation, and that they, on the recom- mendation of the Insurance Committee, will be able to receive special allowance from the Local War Pensions Committee for the period prescribed by the Insurance Com- mittee. It was further communicated that in future any discharged man leaving an in- stitution where he had been treated for tuberculosis, whether at the end of treat- ment, or of his own desire, would receive his rail fare höme. CONGRATULATIONS.—Mr- J. W. Morris was sincerely congratulated by lay and medical colleagues alike at Tuesday's meet- ing of the Merthyr Insurance Committee, on his, appointment to serve on the Welsh Consultative Council of the Ministry )f Health. T

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