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Miner s Wives Crticised. I


Miner s Wives Crticised. I DERBYSHIRE MINERS' WIVES CRITICISED I In his annual report the Medical Officer of Health for Derbyshire (Dr. S. Yarwise) reports that the population has declined from 560,013 at the 1911 census to 520,4:18, the difference being largely accounted or by the absence of young men in the army. The increase of births over deaths during the year was less than half the natural increment in normal years before the war. The report "comments upon disease prevalent in the mining districts as being largely the re- sult of jfcoor housing accommodation although it points out that as a class coalminers, com- pared w ith other workers, avre well -off financially. The ignorance displayed by colliers' wives in bringing up their famiUes is especially ?m. 6 r'ntli(,Ii- fit,ni'ili(,s .s (?spe(,-i a l ly Tlie report includes -a'contribution by Dr. Fowlei-, 'head of the Sanatorium staff, who states they can do nothing for the individual who, after benefitting by 11reatment at a sanatorium, Te- turns to a stuffy home, indulges to excess in alcohol and tobacco, and keeps Jaw hours.

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