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LLOYDS BANK MM LIMITED, I., with which is amalgamated THE CAPITAL & COUNTIES BANK, LD. HEAD OFFICE: 71, LOMBARD STREET, E.C. a. COLONIAL ft FOREIGN DEPARTMENTS: 17. CORNHILL, E.O.I. aM at BIRWMHttl, mPHMIB, LIIEIPOOL. iAMCHEITEl, N IL Forcip B& Md€heqn«treMBeeted,M??ppre? B& wcbmol Letters of Credit %ndV?V Na=t issued, and Foreign Currency Drafts, Telegraphic Transfers, and Letter Payments, available in all parts a# At world, can be obtained froai the principal Brancbes. The Agency of Colonial and Foreign Banks is undertaken. r" II .1 .t It j MerXmen!n!mbe8.eatrel ? Week commencing Monday, December 29th. § m 2 I MONDAY, TUESDAY a WEDNESDAY-The Selig Film Company present I BROWN, of HARVARD  Featuring TOM MOORE. I ? TIH M?NH. Episode 8. Under the Cloak. I I i THUMDAY.FRtDAY SATURDAY- § | SUSSUE HAYAKAWA In | I THE BRAVEST WAY! j I THE SILENT MYSTERY. Episode 4. I I A Powerful Chapter in this Great Serial. I TUESDAY, December 30th—Children a Matinee at 11 o'clock—For DIOK WHITTINQ- TON AND THE SNOW WAIF. THURSDAY, January 1st, 1920-Continuous Performance from 11 a.m I2 SATURDAY, January 3rd—Children's Matinee at 10-30 a.m. Prices of Admission 5d., 9d., 1/3 including Tax. L. II .t It ,I — nAre unrivalled for all !rt%g?M'itie<, etc., they BLANCHARD'*S :ru4 aSord relief and never fail to alleviate ,rilla They supersede Pennyroyal, Pill PILLS ———-? Cochia, Bitter, Apple, Ac. Blanchard's are ] best <f all P!H< for Women. Sold lo boxes, t/t, by BOOTS' Branches and all Chemists, or post free, sane price, from, LESLIE MARTIN, Ltd., Chemists, 34 Dalston Lane, London. Samploo and valuable booklet sent free, td. stamp. HOPE FOR THE DEAF I j FOR Deafness, Head Noises, Catarrh and All Ear Troubles" Mackay's Auraline" is unquestionably superior to all Imitations. Safe, speedy. Permanently effective in worst cases. (Gat. 1890). Of all Chemists at 3/- Bottle, or from THE MACKAY LABORATORIES, 106 LIVERPOOL RD., ISLINGTON, LONDON. CAUTION.-Avoid Useless Imitations. pFOURSNOP PONTMORLAIS, MERTHYR TYDFIL. A big stock of Ablett's Easy Outlines of Economics," 1/3 per copy. I.L.P. Branches, C.L.C. Classes and Trade Union Lodges sup- plied, 12/- per doz., post-free. HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28th, 1919. PREACHER: Rev. J. Morgan Jones, M.A. ARE WE DOING YOUR PRINTING ? We have the most modern equipment, and good work is quickly turned out by Trade Unionists at reasonable rates. NOTE THE ADDRESS THE LABOUR PIONEER PRESS WINNING Numbers of Prize Drawing in aid of Thomas Davies :-lst. 147, 2nd 902, 3rd 834, 4th 146, 5th 466, 6th 797, 7th 614, 8th 973, 9th 827, 10th 689, lltih 843, 12th 713, 13th 591, 14th 832, 15th 556. All prizes not claimed within 7 days will 'be forfeited.—J. Power, Treasurer. The following are the winning numbers of the Prize Drawing in aid of Mrs. Richards, No. 1 Hill Street, Troodyrhiw: 1st 1426, 2nd 2907, 3rd 2180, 4th 373, oth 1649, 6th 387, 7th 2012, 8th 194, 9th 274, 10th 1752, 11th 2014, 12th 112, 13th 1628, 14th 352, 15th 1916, 16th 2387, 17th 2290, 18th 238, 19th 75, 20th 871, 21st 2001. All prizes to be claimed within 14 days.— J. Samuel, Secretary.

The Theatre Royal.


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Ex-Service Men and The " Western…

I The Dowlais Elections-

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