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CORRESPONDENCE. I DWAl. WILLIAMS APOLOGISES. (To the Editor of the I Dear Sir,—I am requested to offer an apol- ogy and an explanation on behalf of Idwal Wil- liams re Alfes Agnes Hughes' correction of his letter to the PIOHKER of April 29. He wishes to state that he was misinformed by his soldier informant; also that he has first-hand informa- tion now—being in the same predicament as the Abercynon comrades. He states that if all was as good as the food supplied him, he would fare very wetI indeed. And in spite of the adverse circumstances lie is In the best of spirits.—Yours sincerely, T. J. WILLIAMS. THE RAILWAY CLERKS' ASSOCIATION. (lk4 the. Editor of the PIONEER .) Dear Sir.— "Trade Unionist," in his Notes in the PIONEER of the 6th instant, deals with the report of the above Union, and wishes it suc- cess. He omits, however, to st.ate. that it is formed upon a Craft basis, and stands in sim- ilar relation to the National Union of Railway- men as the Enginemen and Stokers and Crafts- men's Union stands to the S.W .M.F. The very title of the Union makes it clear that it is exclusively concerned with the railway industry, and some of the R.C.A. members are convinced that the most effective way of meet- ing the concentration of capital referred to by Trade Unonist". is by amalgamation with the Union that caters for the railway industry — that is. the N.U.R. Railway dorks are used tohreak the backs of strikes. The man who uses the pen in the of- fice has something in common with the man thaøt uses the shunting pole outside. They both serve the same industry and sell their labour power to the same employer; therefore, they should be organised together. Their demands would receive more attention and increasing power would result from their united action with their fellow-employees, and that huge total of English Trade UnionE;whicli is well over a thousand in number --would J)Q decreased by one. The position of the clerk in the colliery office is similar to the position of the railway clerk, and when the former has lost his snob- bishness and recognises that. brain work and hand work are but tapo kinds of the same thing he. too, will join the Union of Ms in- du-strv.—Y ours, etc.. u MARK STARR.

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