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f The liners and Lord Muir Mackenzie i I" RENDERED IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM I TC) ADJUDICAIE." I ————————— i I STRONG RESOLUTION AFTER DISCUS- I ? I SION ON LETTER. A serious deadlock has taken place in the tr negotiations between the South Wales miners t and the coalowners relative to the wages ques- tion. and in all probability the Board of Trade will he called upon to intervene. At the last meeting of the Conciliation Board 3 the workmen sought an advance of 15 per cent and the owners a reduction of 7, per > cent in the wage rate, but they failed to ag- ree, and the question was referred to the in- dependent chairman. A meeting had been fix- ed for Thursday next. but in the meantime Lord INtuir Mackenzie wrote a letter to the secretary of the owners and the secretary of the workmen. This letter has not been made public, but it is understood that his Lordship expressed his view as to what equivalent r should be fixed to the minimum. The owners and the miners have for some time been at variance as to what the equivalent should be h -the workmen's representatives arguing that it should be fixed according to the decision of Sir David Daile in 1903. and the owners urging that this is impossible because the cost of pro- Iduction has so greatly increased. The letter was discussed at .the meeting of the Executive Council of the Miners' Federa- tion on Monday (Mr James Wm^ stone presiding) and the following resolution was passed: — That the Executive Council having care- fully considered the letter of Lord Muir Mac- kenzie s-ent to the joint secretaries of the Conciliation Board, and dated the 15th inst, expresses its regret that his Lordship should have given an opinion upon the application under consideration by the Board before hav- ing the matter discussed under his presiden- cy" The Council are. therefore,. of the opinion that having done this it renders it impossible for him to adjudicate upon the ap- plication. It was further resolved that copies of the resolution be sent to Lord Muir Mackenzie, the ooalowners' secretary, and the President of the Board of Trade, and that the President of the k Board of Trade be asked to meet a deputation I of the workmen in order to considfq, the S j deadlock created bv this deci?ou I The Anthraciate Five Per Cent. I The Council also received the award of Judge Arthur O'Connor on the inquiry recently held relative to the "5 per cent inquiry." This award though against the woikmen, was ac- cepted and it was resolved that. in carrying out the necessarv adjustment of percentage in the Anthracite District, the figure, of 45.78 be added to the standard instead of the 50 per cent the workmen thought they were entitled to under the agreement of 1915. I A Llwynypia Dispute. h. uu, J A deputation representmp. mo members of the Ltwvnvpia House Coal Lodge attended the Council respecting a matter in dispute bet- ween the lodge and one of its members upon which the Council had passed a resolution which the lodge refused to comply with. They asked that the Council should reconsider its decision, out it was resolved that the previous resolution be re-affirmed. I Craftsmen and the Bonus Shift. L1- I A deputation representing vuv  and stokers employed at the Cynon, Oakwood and Duffryn Rhondda Collieries also attended the Council and intimated that the owners re- fusad to give them the full benefit of the bo- nus shift under the new agreement. It transpired that this matter had been lefeiied by the Conciliation Board" to Messrs. D. Han- n'ah and Waiter Lewis, and that they had reported failure to agree to the Disputes Committee. It was resolved that the latter .report be made to the Joint Conciliation Board at its next meeting. Another deputation attended the Council from the Dunvant Penlan Colliery in regard to a price list for the colliery. At the same time intimation was received that the agents of the district decided the matter to be re- ferred to them so that another effort might be made to arrive at a settlement. This course was adopted.

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