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MERTHYR I ONE OF THE GREATEST NUISANCES. Described as one of the greatest nuisances in the borough, Jane Wilmot was sentenced at Merthyr to 14 days' imprisonment. COUNCILLOR "SPECIAL'S CASE.—In his cap- acity as a Special," Councillor Henry Owen, of Merthyr. obtained a conviction against a man for drunkenness on Fda. WELSH FUSILIERS PRAISED. — A Merthyr sol- dier mentions in a letter home that the Royal Welsh Fusiliers distinguished themselves in the recent lighting, and that the brigade was In-.vised by the general officer commanding. A PARTING SHOT.—A 13-yaer-old Penydaryen boy, chased by a pol ice-constable for throwing stones, aimed one at the officer, which caught him on the head. Then he ran home and bol- ted the door. At Merthyr on Tuesday the lad 'was put on probation for 6 months MERTHYR OFFICER HONOURED.—Amongst the Welshmen mentioned in General Sir Charles .Monro's dispatch for distinguished conduct is another Merthyr offioer-Second-Lieutenant J. Williams, South Wales Borderers. He is a bro- ther to Dr. D. C. Williams, conductor of the Merthyr Musical Society. DESERVED .FLOGGING.—A Quakers' Yard col- lier, James Farrant Morgan, was fined 25 at Merthyr on Tuesday for assaulting his step- mother, Mrs. Catherine Eleanor Morgan, Porth. The Stipendiary (Mr R. A. Griffith) eharactecris- the affair as a most brutal and cowardly assault, for which there was neither excuse nor u., :tI*ftektt'on. "in inv opinion the punishment to a brute like you would be to give you a thor- ough good flogging," he added. MUSICAL SUCCESsEs-The following candidates "passed successfully at the recent quarterly exa- mination of the Tonic Sol-fa College :—Harm- ony Analysis (Stage 1), Mr R. T. Jones, Troed- yrhiw; and Mr B. Jenkins. Dowlais. Harmony Analysis (Stage 3), Mr Morgan Davies, Dow- 'lais. Musical Form (Stage 2): Mr R. H. Rog- ers Dowlais. Stage 3: Mr J. Owen, Gellideg. Staff Notation, Theory: Mr J. Owen Gellideg. Counterpoint (Stage 2): Mr J. T. Jones. Dow- laie Musical Composition, Stage 4 (Fugue), Mr E. Poley, Troedyrhiw. Bous FOR CLERKS.—A special 111leeffing of the Borough Finance Committee last Friday had under consideration the question of a war bonus to the clerical staffs of the various Corporation departments. A circular request from the Mu- nicipal Officers' Association was read, in which reference was drawn to the decreased value of waszes, and the request made that all clerks in frecel-pt of under tl60 per annum should receive .a bonus. It was -'ultimately agreed to place the clerks on the same basis as the outdoor staff, by granting 4/- per week to all married clerks and 2/- to single clerical workers. Two MINES FATALITIES.—A verdict of "Accid- ental death" was returned at an inquest held on Monday on the body of a Merthyr man, John Richards, living at Heolgerrig, who was killed instantly at the Gethin Pit. Abercanaid. on Fridav last by a fall from the roof of a stone weighing about a ton. Another timber man, William John Lewis, Merthyr, who was engaged with Richards at the time on repairing work. escaped being crushed by the ialling stone only by a few feet.-A similar verdict was returned with regard to John Hayes (17), living m Gar- den Houses, Bethesda Street, who was killed by a fall of coal on Friday last at No. I South 'Pit. Pentrebach. ApPKU, TRIBUNAL AND CONSCIENTIOUS OmEc- r(W>s.—On Saturdav last. the County Appeal "Bribunal met at Merthyr. Several appeals were hoar@!. and decided. The most interesting oases were those of the Conscientious Objectors, who had been o-,ranted work of national importance by the Merthyr Tribunal. The Military Repre- sentative now appealed against this decision, and this Appeal Tribunal—consistinjr of four members, two of whom were Merthyr gentle- moyi—reversed the decision of the local Tri- bunal—which consisted of 8 to 10 members. The Local Tribunal had decided that these men had a Conscientious Objection to military ser- vice and had unanimouslv recommended them to the Board of Trade Committee. We are told that each and all of them are determined to stand by their Consciences. How "'THE TRADE HAS SUFFERED--The Lic- ensed Victuallers from Merthyr and Dowlais appealed to the Merthyr Assessment Committee on Wednesday for a flat rate reduc- tion of 25 per cent regarding assessments on account of depreciation of trade due to the Order of the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) In Aberclare the depreciation Was given at an average of 40 per cent, and extreme cases of 701 and 75 per cent were quoted Mr E. Roberts (solicitor for the Merthyr and Dowlais Victuallers) said that the spirit trade had almost gone entirely, and a Merthyr Vale publican mentioned that his spirit trade. now -was only one-seventh of what it was prior to the Order coming in force. The consideration of the matter was adjourned until the next meet- ing. so that figures of the actual depreciation might be presented.


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