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-Gorseinon Notes.I


Gorseinon Notes. I A Revival Meeting. Yes! a real, honest spiritual i evival was held at the Institute last Thursday. Each person who 'attended cannot forget this wonderful meet- ing. because of its effect. Here were Liberals, Conservatives. Labour men, I.L.Peers, U.D.C., -F.O.E., N«C.F., Socialists, and others with no policies at all. To the right of the Chairman sat an old veteran of the true Christian Shep- herds. with his grey hair, but oh! such a happy countenance! Why, I cannot forget him! Here were all these with different views, who came together with one object, to which they all be- lieved to be right and essential for an united ac- tion to form a Peace Council at Gorseinon. The Chairman (Mr David Morris), in. a brief but reasoned speech, gave a hearty welcome to the visitors from different parts of W ales. Many of them replied in a. soul-stirring man- ner. One voung minister, who was the star of the evening, said that he knew men that evening, who were Liberals, and had been staunch LIDerals, but, like himself, had set aside everything to work for Peace. There was no time for poli tI ies. What a set-back to the Demo- crat v of the world this war had been It wsa /> no time to find out who made war the chiet point was to realise that war is a. crime. The people are told that foreign secretaries were working for Peace. He could not believe this, because, if they were, we should have got Peace long ago. You cannot gather grapes from fier trees. It was not an easy thing to be a Paci- fist. because it was an up-hill fight. With great emphasis the speaker saicl that he could not. understand the unreasonableness when men, and especially the ministers of the Gospel of Jesus. could say that the "Jack Johnsons." the liquid fire, the bombs, etc., were not carnal but spiri- tuai. How he prayed that they should see that it is all carnal. Other visiting speakers said that since the war there had been many re- discoveries. One can find in a Peace Council the fundamental things that matter, and if Europe gets another opportunity it will live through such councils. You cannot have war and liberty. Mr Dan Harry. Loughor. a, student of Bangor College, was pleased to know that he was in the minority. He had been alone many a time fighting for Peace, and when he returned from college had nowhere to express his beliefs, but was delighted to be a member of the Peace Council. May we go on hoping and working, and all will be well. The day must come when war must be a thing cf the past. Fred Burrowcliff, who confessed that he was a materialist, made such a statement that many who know him arose to then- feet and the little minister fixed his eyes upon him. Bairowciiff had been looking for many years for this some- thing the church had talked about. He failed to °et an answer, out he was delighted to say that he hald found something this evening, especially after the address of the rev. gentleman, which convinced him that his ideal of life was joy said peace. Reader! Have you realised how the Church has followed in the steps, and praised our lead- ing Agnostics and ridiculed the believer in Christ"? Here was a materialist who accepted the doctrine preached to him of a social re- demption—a peace among German, French, In- dian Irish and all nations the doctrine of hold- ing fast to Christ, and not selling Him for a piece of s-iver. Wry important speeches were given by Cour. William Evans (Llanerch), Mansel Gren-! fell Dan Evans (Fforestfach) and Miss Vaughan. Mr W. J. Roberts, 10 West Street, "as La.pp.ointed secretary, to whom every man and woman can give their names if they are desirous of joining the Peace Council. This terminated one of the most memorable meetings I have attended. Death of Mrs. Dr. Maynard. -1 With regret, I announce the death ot ivirs. Maynard. Mr David Morris received a, wire from Dr. Maynard last Wednesday. Sad to re- late that the doctor had arranged tor his holi- days in London. Poor Mrs. Maynard who could not give in to the Doctor's request of undergo- ing an operation, decided that she would con- 2St. previous to going on their holiday. Mrs Mavnard was operated on at the King Edw?ard VII. Hospital. Cardiff, on Sunday, but, un- fortunately, she passed away on the Wednesday. It was Mrs. Maynard's desire to be buried at Ladvwell Cemetery, London, which wish Dr. Maynard carried out. I am positive that ev- ery m<.m?r and no?member of the Gorsein<.m Medical Aid Society tender their greatest sym- pathv with Dr. Maynard in hLS sad bere?e- ?nt. Let me thank David Morns foi sen^dim a ktter to Dr. Maynard on our behalt a??lso Mansel Grenfell. Temperance Work. What happv faces are to be seen in our CIL,V. The St. David's Diocesan C.E.T.S. Shield has been won by the St. Catherine s Church Tem- perance Guild, and out for three marks, they would also have won the Banner. The chÜdren are studving hard, and are determined to return koine next year with shield and hanner. The following are members who assisted m the suc- cess —Albert Sleeman 90: Annie Thomas 90; Harold Lewis 86: Emily Mellan Gladys Firth, Te-rwen Davies. Bessie Davies, Vera Davies. Maggie Wood. Lizzie Jones, Elsie Sleeman and Marjorie Williiams. This is the first time in the history of the church at Gorseinon for children to compete. We should fed h',z,,ily pleased with such a clergyman as the Vicar, who has striven laboriously with the children. The Vicar is now catering for the young men and the old men, too. A Guild has been form- ed and meetings will be held every Sunday at 2.30 when papers will be read and discussion held. A hearty welcome is given by the Vicar and secretary (Mr Emrys Borthwick) to attend at 2-30 at the vestry. A saying by the Vicar last Sunday: What does the prison do to convert a manr You I cannot tackle crime by punishment. I Lansbury Coming. I I Wlnr ho' the postman at the door A letter  fron/ Geor.? jjinry- speakq indoor I froni LInsl) (1,Lte, Atigti,,?t 9-0. ORIT tl,,e The Blind Socialist. I Comrade D. J. Morgan. Swaii-sea. addressed another great gathering on the Common, The speaker said the time was tragic. There was a m-eat need for it to end. Nations had been fed up with it all, excepting the minority, who were the exploiters. They were accumulat- ing more money than ever. These were the. folifs who asked the worker to economise, and illustrated how they were carrying it out. The speaker was taken to the Royal Show, where d.ogs of all kinds were clothed in silks and sat- ins, with special men to care for each dog or puppr, while in the slums children are pleased to g;et one layer of calico upon their bodies, andf that acts. too, as bedclothes. With sin- cerity the speaker implored the audience to use the lantern of reason, of thought, and they would see that the Socialist movement was out to get a fair share of this world's goods. I am a Welshman, and the Welsh are the salt of the earth but the salt loses its savour sometimes. I am not out for Welsh or French I am out for humanity. The Germans, Belgians, French and all workers had now realised that exploiters and filchers were rampant in all countries; therefore tll: time is at hand for ,a real brotherhood. Mr Morgan invited the men and women of Gor- seinon to band themselves together by joining the I.L.P. Then they would be able to assist in the sacred interests of humanity. I could go on writing, but I must conclude the "Pioneer" is nor printed for Gorseinon only. What about your order for the "Pioneer weekly P Don't wait to see the man in the street on a Saturday. Give him an order, and you can get it on a Friday. William Evans' and F. Edwards' replies to Jones. Seion," will appear next week. UJtlLUYI.

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