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1 I Merthyr Notes. I


1 I Merthyr Notes. I Library Rowdyism. owdy children ha?e become a nuisance at ?ie I ?ade Library, Merthyr. The attention of the I POlice- is being called t8 the matter. penydarren Waste Land.  question of r?cla,iming a plot of waste a:nd behind the Penydarren Ho?&es and letting It as a garden is being considered by the MeT- thyr Co-operation. Why? Councillor Phillips remarked at Monday's tnlbng of the Education Committee that the W nCH ?' December were unwsually high,  ??'S ?C, a« against 252 in November, and 377? j.?? correapMtdiRg mOEth c? last year. Corporation Finances. At t th C Qí3e of the ?oco?s on December 31st, 19? ? e ^a'ance of the Merthyr Corporation's several aC(:'0iii]ts with the treasurer amounte d to 16 546 a.('ounts wIt the trea8rer a:rr¡pl1.ntd to -S16 ? "?" ? favour of the council on the general ?, X?'?? ?13,296 in favour of the Taf ¡ 11:n, Re I I t k. F?? R?arvoir works capital accoun making I ? ? bafan? of ?28.&42. I A Crime." I I'? "'d'rman William Ievi, Treharris, CO-I Itl dat Tues?y's meeting of tha Merthyr Fi- ??pmmittee on an i<t?m included in the ac- ?? ,) uit? for payment of 35s. for a. doc?. It was ?h ??e ? against the rates, wkich were now j? ?. in the £ he iaid. ?Laughter.) The :?ter', VVas accepted as being quite permissible, -a?? +"? accounts passed. "^ivatc to Colonel. V!el'th" Ed' Co. 1\ ;J- s^~ e;%r Education Committee on Monday in-  ?? director (Mr. Rhys Elias) to send a lettT ei* of congTatulation to one of their old em- ? t c?ngratu atlOn fo one 0 t ell' 0 en- !?xlo -^ieutenant-eolonel Wightman, on his ^tT Promotion Lieutenant-colonel Wightman 8 a certificated teacher at the Treedyrhiw ted :Te acl-ter at the Troe d yr b i-,v He enlisted as a private in the Guards at the outbreak of war. at1 and Wife. would be better for me to be dead than rt as I am now, sirs, said a labourer, Wm. .ç} Jackson at Merthyr Police-court on Tues- Jay when he was summoned by his wife, Sarah h aki;on, for persistent cruelty. Plaintiff said 61 hllsballd threatened her with a poker and c' Avcnt .i,Ni-,ay from him taking their six ehil- lien with her. Ihe oase was adjourned for a month to see if (ley could make up their differences. hist Drive. Saturday ew-nrag a goodly number of aH ^f turned up at Ben*ley's Hall to enJoy a few .iad8 at ?st- The light, wanrh and comfort |>i-e e ^vas ill striking contrast to the conditions ? ??? outside, and the time passed only too ta??y- All enjoyed themselves immensely, ??'' J. ?- JmWB and Mrs. Harry Davies hS Prizes worthy of their top scores. Every ? ?t?rday evening at 7.30 vow ensure a pleasant etnng ??. ??pg???.? witk a whance a? an ex- ,:Bl1Bnt prize, thrown in. -Not the War Office? 11 ? ?RclUor D. W. Jones, in a question a? Mon- ?, ? s Ineetin of the Education Committee, d- s ineeting of t b c-, i?, d -dcatloii  ffice that was  that it w<? Hot the War OSie? that was 'l-Nuir,itio?in- the Geilifaelog Schools as a hos-  for wounded soldiers, but a voluntary or- |t>' « ^• sation. He did liot agree with the inter- .?noe with Education by handing o?er a school Y voluntary organisation. If the War Office it¡;;elf wanted it there could be n(i) objection. rue ariclilor E. MOITGl (chairman) said that eor- espondence was being carried on to discover JUst what the position was. ^•"Oedyrbiw Licensee Fined. Mary Thomas, Belle Vue -Hotel, Troedyrhiw, 1 fined £ 6 at Merthyr on Tuesday for selling "? mottle of whisky within pi,ohibito? kouns and '8's. für sellmg It wIthout an attached label.  Edwards, by whom the whiskey was pur- S^, -??g fined 40s. for aiding and abetting. p1!Cf,ei-g6an^ LWI8 saId that he saw Ed- ? ? ?!M'ing the hotel with the bottle in bis  ';tat ?-? P-?- on December 26th. Return- "W r thepuhhc.kouse with him he spoke to the ?mt.?   who cl I made a mistake tke ti* rne, 1I came in and said he was bad." Mr y-p| (solicitor, Dowlak), for defen- la id l?llf?-Y admitted the o?e?Re, ?N? added that pJ o 1 f? had been put on the bottle as the s?wnPP-'y ? had run o?.

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