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Merthyr -Notes. -I


Merthyr Notes. I Absence of Crime. I There were no borough cases before the Mer- thyr magistrates at Friday's police-court. II Milkman Fined. -1 James Jones, a I>eri milk vendor, was fined I 20/- at Merthyr on Friday for selling milk al- I leged to contain 5 per cent. of added water. I Cigarette End Again. I I A Penydarren youth, VYm. 1. French, torgot to leave his cigarette end at the pit-top and was fined 10/- by the Merthyr magistrates on Friday I for taking it with him. Mr. Winstone for the Front. I Mr. J. Winstone, J.P., acting president of the South Wales Miners' Federation, has, with other labour leaders, been invited by the Government to pay a visit of inspection to the battlefields of France and Flanders, and will leave England shortly for the purposes of the trip.. Building Trade Wages. On behalf of the building operatives of Mer- thyr. Aberdare, and Pontypridd, who demanded Is. Old. per hour for all skilled trades and 9jd. per hour for labourers as from May 1st, an offer by the employers of lid. per hour for carpen- ters, masons, bricklayers, plasterers, and plumbers, lOd. for painters, and 8d. for labourers has been accepted. The settlement was. made at a conference of the parties with the South Western Conciliation Board at the Cardiff Y.M.C.A. buildings on Monday, and means an advance of a penny per hour for skilled trades and twopence per hour for labourers. Too Trivial." I Summoned at Merthyr on Tuesday for steal- ing a pennyworth of coal belonging to his em- ployers, Messrs. Guest, Keen, and Nettlefolds (Ltd.), Evan Jones, a Dowlais workman, said he saw the coal on the ground on his way home and picked it up. Police-sergeant Bull said defen- dant had the coal in his top-coat pocket. Mr. R. A. Griffith (stipendiary): He might almost have put it into his waistcoat pocket. The Police-Ser- geant It was nearly 41b., sir. The Stipendiary (sarcastically) Has this man" pinched" any coal before? Mr. J. A. Wilson (chief-constable) Not that I am aware of, sir. Dismissing the case, his Worship said that it was too trivial to waste two minutes upon. Penydarren Boy's Fate. At an inquest held at Merthyr on Tuesday upon Wm. Evans (14), of North-street, Penydar- ren, it was stated that the lad, after coming from work at a colliery, in order to obtain poc- ket-money, went to assist a contractor to unload trucks at one of the tips attached to the Dowlais 'Works. On Friday last deceased and his brother, aged 17 years, before they were given a truck to work upon, happened to be in a waggon when, the journey being jerked by the starting of the loco- motive engine, he was propelled out over the side and run down, an arm and foot being nearly cut off. He died at the Merthyr General Hospital on Sunday. Verdict: "Accidental death." Stipendiary and Guardians Again. Mr. R. A. Griffith (stipendiary) was asked at Merthy Police-court on Tuesday to grant an order of 2s. a week against a farm labourer, Alexander Bishop, of Newtown, respecting the maintenance of Bishop's father, who was in re- ceipt of 13s. a week out-door relief from the Merthyr Board of Guardians. Evidence was given that Bishop, who was not present in court, was earning 14s. a week, plus board and lodging, which the Stipendiary estimated as equivalent to 10s. a week. Mr. Griffith said that it was incon- sistent on the part of guardians to consider an order for 2s. 6d. a week sufficient against a man earning nearly £ 3 a week (the reference to a case which has aroused discussion) and to re- quest 2s. from a man earning no more than 24s. weekly. Penydarren Boys' School. A choir of fifty boys from this school, on Saturday, 12th May, won the first prize at the Dowlais Welsh Church Eisteddfod. -Five choirs competed. We congratulate the boys, also Mr. D. B. Evans, who trained them so excellently, and conducted them so ably, and Mr. Howard Lloyd, who proved, as usual, a perfect accom- panist. Abernant 25,000 Housing Scheme. Aberdare District Council (Mr. Illtyd Hopkins in the chair) passed a. resolution asking the Gov- ernment to legislate to enable local authorities to acquire land for building and town planning at more reasonable terms than was now possible, in view of the urgency of the housing question and the high price demanded for land. A scheme for the expenditure of £ 5,000 on housing at Abernant was adopted. Merthyr Boys in India. I The Annual Tournament in Central India, April 9-13, incidentally brought together a large number of South Wales men, and Gunner Ivor Astle mentions in a letter which has just eome to hand that amongst dozens of Merthyr boys whom he met were Jack Betterton, Cun- ning ton, Willis, Mansell, Rogerson, and Jones V ert- h yr. formerly reporter on the Pioneer," Merthyr. Collier's Claim. A Treharris collier, David Rees, obtained at the Merthyr County-court on Wednesday P,10 damages from the Treharris Co-operative Society for injuries received by being run down by a motor-car belonging to defendants. Building Wages Advanced. I A meeting of the Merthyr Building Trades Federation with the Central Conciliation Board took place on Monday last, when the question of wages as referred from local boards was dis- cussed. The local employers' offer was Id. per hour for all trades; the operatives' demands were for Is. Otd. per hour. The operatives refused the offer made by the local board, hence the meet- ing of the Central Board. The case for the oper- atives was put by John Williams, O.B.S. Some considerable time was taken up with questions and cross-questions, both by the operatives and employers. Mr. J. Davies (Aberdare) said that if the operatives insisted on their demands, the master builders have to close down. Mr. W, Fisher, Carpenters' delegate, replied that if their demands were not granted they, as workmen, would have to seek work elsewhere, because it was a matter of impossibility to live on the pre- sent wage. After a great deal of discussion the meeting was adjourned till after lunch. The employers then stated that they had gone fully into the. question and had decided to offer the operatives the following: Carpenters, masons, bricklayers, plasterers, and plumbers from 9jd. to lid. per hour; painters from Std. to lOd. per hour; labourers from 6.1d. to 832Ld. the advance to date from May 1st, 1917, and to cover the following towns: Merthyr, Aberdare, Pontypridd, and the Rhondda. The operatives' delegates were: Carpenters, Mr. Evans, W. Nicholas, and W. Fisher; Masons, M. Jenkins; Plumbers, W. Hawkins; Plasterers, J. Adkin: Bricklayers, J. Williams; Painters, E. Shadbolt; labourers, Tim J. Henessey.

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