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The Great Convention and After.


The Great Convention and After. BY PHILIP SNOWDEN, M.P. (fi-, 1-11 oenait ot the United Socialist Council). Tiie convention which meets in Leeds on Sun- q. Iv?11 bean event of tremendous importance, It?? 'lot an orc1nuwy conference at which a few iwi tll1S 'v^ be passed after which the dele- ?t ??.?P??'?te and nothing more will be do ■' This convention on Sunday is to be the ? of doing things in this country. The war itself, and all mismanagement of it, alld the unbridled swindling and profiteering have accompanied it, as well as the evi- ?t?' ??P?city of the Governments .at war to ?ttt ? connagration they have set blazing, Ca, to the, democracy of this and all the ot h er MrJ?0 t^le democracy of this and all the other 1, lliger(,jit countries to take matters into their  hands as the peoples of Russia have already qQll e\ That is the only way the war can be t)Voi to an end. It is the "? way in which ? ?during peace can be established. Pe Th settlement of the war by an honourable Pea °e on the ^nes ?? forth by the Russian de- ^oGovernment is the immediate question ?.the international democracies. But the war settled have left industrial social p? settled will have left industrial and socia l "Oblems of immense and vital importance which lit: 'ony be dealt with properly ,byorgamsed de- 14?t'llatic forces. At present British Labour and 1 1 Democrac'y is without a policy and with- outr lle(t'on' ^e Convention is intended to ? t)),ov | both and to begin such vigorous activity +V country as we have never seen in our lie. .J NIY a few can attend the Convention, but }1'y member of the parties represented there th help in the work. There is still time for tho branches of trade unions, trades councils, 4d t]I(, other bodies invited to appoint dele- Sat to do so if that has not already been. done. lia.,IS next ,veek-end should see Great Britain ? ?- Every Labour and Socialist meet- itto. ?ould be devoted to the Convention. We j??? have a thousand similar Conventions of ?? ?opip held at the same time throughout the ill lltry. Though the time is short special meet- sl iotild be arranged at once if an ordinary ttng has not already been arranged. te {llsia has called Great Britain into the In- ter ?at-ional Democratic fight. We cannot re- In silent. We II)Ils;t follow -iil(l eii- !n sIlent. We mnst follow Russia and en- th. ''c?'c Democracy in this country. -(18 invention will devise the plan of tf, 11,1,lgn. AH Labour, Socialist and Democra- tip bodies must get ready to take their part in it t: ow is the time to realise the International a. Workers of all lands, U-N i i F,!

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