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—————————————" I Army Discipline. 1 j ^GENIOUS METHODS OF TORTURE PRAC- TICED IN AN ENGLISH CAMP. s ihe following letter, the facts of which have ,|e«n corroborated by independent witnesses, de- 'fJ; comment. The writer is a. conscientious ob- ••tector twenty-three vears of age, who has al- served two sentenes of iii-tpi-isoniii.ent- of three months in Wormwbod Scrubbs, and IJUe of five months in Lincoln Prison: — ,(Tri^r from James Brightmore, "D" Company, Qeethorpes, 3rd Manchesters, to his mother). The Pit. Shore Camp, Cleet.horpeR, June 24th. ??"? )s the best stuff (written on covering of I, i^fj old Flake packet) I (?an find to write what !;iy be my last letter. EVerything has been bel1ff me, and I should not have this pencil ? tor chance. I was bullied horribly when I •Mu* sentenced to twenty-eight days ,,j? ?RMon ? solitarv connnement—to be given t' C on n solita.]'v confinement--to be given l?atiods and to cook mv food myself. This .? ?? sound bad but I have found the con- B?n Oement was in a pit which started at the sur- ? as 3ft. by 2ft. and tapered off to 2ft. by j°in. When it was 8ft. deep water was struck, ?t they continued until it was 10ft.' The bot- oni ?s full of water and I have to stand on two ?.'l'ips of wood all day long just above the water j  There is no room to walk about am sit- ?S is impossible; the sun beats down and "?'ough the long day there are only the walls clay to look at; a dead mouse is floatmg in '? water as I wrJtü and half-a-dozcn bottles. • ?s t'orture worse than those of ancient days. ??ady I am half mad. '1()f A have not heard from you since I came out ?prison but I know the?e are many letters Waitin,(-?- ?or me. I cannot, therefore, tell what rA a-v happen when I get to France and whether ?thlb penalty IS bemg exacted. I am to be «s«l + to France and yesterday was passed fit. I 'Va' k "> L >a t? ken before the doctor to be examined but ?? '?d examination, knowing that whether ildgedfit or not I should be passed because it ha°l'del'ed that I ?" to be sent out. I was to :So v ?ne. I understand, last night, but for ? th???son I am still here- There 18 ? draft of ■tW-artt'hestei*s going on. There ?.; a, draftcf ) -'?ivg on, niesdav, and in the lice of some miracl e I suppose I shall go ?fti I hunger-struck for two days in the hole her ^t fUlel I was getting too wak to reSIst a?d to?nd I was getting too weak to resist 44d lllv brain, too, seemed to be giving under strain. "? ?sh I could only see your letters. I could le"assilre(l or know your wishes. As it is I 'fee] ?tenoed to death, knowing that within a ie.days I shall be in .France and shot. The ?ct that men are being sent to France at all t? iîrïof positive to me that the military authori- to J iave captured the machine and arc able ? ? they like with us.  have our friends been doing? It is ?ot? ? but '?? blooded murder to send men .14 ''t into the trenches to be shot like dogs for ?;i"sObedien(v, I am n?t afraid to die, but this ?lisplellse thIS ignorance, linked up with the ?rfu"? ? of the pit, have plunged me into misery, ci? ?e?? madness, almost insanitv ? (here follows i,, to private matters). The hardest thin leaving you three dear ones behind, and th § U?r^nS and anxiety I am bringing upon »?pe 1 ?11 these weary months of imprisonment ( Tlas]-.A ye hved on hopefully, now the cup is being t\111=- from our hands and in "Liberty's" there follows other pathetic last ?orf). ??re there follows other pathetic last j Goodbye. JAMES BRIGHTMORE. I

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