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[THEATRE ROYAI 1 i Tt!N!E,IiXRL I IR«aMest Manager Mr.?.T.REA. g 0.45. TWICE NIGHTLY. 8.4&. I Week o?mm?nein? MONDAY, OCT. 8th, 1917. j Z — — 2  MR. ARTHUR HINTON'S 00. in Two the Greatest Dramatic Sncoesses of *e Day I8 I whick will b« presented &S under  ? MoHday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday The great Batrt'gripp?g Play eJÜitled I J LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER  I. Thursday and Friday only (by Specie Bequest ) ?he great Jewish Play— fi LEAH: The Forsaken.  Note.—The two gre?t dramatis stars—Jerrold Heather and Leak CoTentry- wiU appear in II both pIa", in addition to the 6ig cast of dramatic performers. a I ?'Circ!e,1/- Stalls, 9d. Pit, 6d. G?Hery,3d. I S PLUS NEW TAX. 2 iBIinBBMSHHHitiaHMtMHHBiMaHnillMHBIiHiamMBnHill J 1 Merthyr Electric Theatre j I Mertkomi!ge!,iOb!eatre I 2 CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. | I Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday- I THE HABIT OF HAPPINESS:  Triangle Drama, featuring Douglas Fairbanks. I I The shielding shadow—Pathe Serial, Part 15 and a5t. | Her Nature Dance—Triangle-Keystone Comedy. | Pathe's Gazette, &c. I Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- t I THE FLYING TORPEDO _I Triangle Drama, featuring John Emerson. II I The Purple Domino—Part 15 (Final). I Billy Strikes Oil-Comedy, featuring Billy Merson. IS Pathe's Gazette, &c. I Oft MONDAY, OCT. 15th, will oommence a new Pathe Serial entitled PEARL OF II THE ARMY," featuring PEARL WHITE. t 2 OR THURSDAY, OCT. 18th, will commence "JUDEX," a ten-part Serial generally ad- I mitted to be one of the best serials ever screened. I t ADMISSION 3d—Tax, Id.; 6d.— tax, 2d.; 1/ Tal, 3d- I Children's Matinee on Saturday at 10.15-id. only. • iMfaBHBMaaHBmtaHMMaHBHitmHBBtiMHBiiiaaBiiamial -08 -00(==::100- »*»<• |flnt "ft< 'OOC:=ïI What Are The Miners Doing I  IN SUPPORT OF TRADE UNION BNTERPRISB ? f. WE GIVE YOU THE BENEFIT OF OUR LIFE I I EXPERIENCE, EXPERT LABOUR, ANB TRADE UNION CONDITIONS. 1 0 I SMOKE J 10 STRIKE" OR UNITY CIGARETTES I The Hand-Made Cigarettes with the n ——— Trade Union Guarantee ———— <> 0 ——— f] I WRITE NOW FOR PRICE LIST A?D :ITERA'FURI! I The Cigarette Makers' Trade Union n H (AMliated to the C»a*ral Federation of Trade UiucmwI U 11 CHURCH LANE, LONDON, E.1. U b. ..AOc:IOI- inni—— III. '■yingJp 'INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM AND THE MINING INDUSTRY,' By GEORGE HARVEY (Author of first booklet in Britain on suBjeet ead one-time editor of The Socialist). A GREAT BOOK, 1/3 post-free, from Author, MINERS' HALL. WARDLEY COLLIERY, PELAW-ON-TYNE. INQUIRY INTO C.O.'S DEATH. A public iaquiry into the death of Bennett Walla is demanded by the men at Denton Road Board damp, now Newharen, where about 100 eonaKaeotiotis objectors are employed under the Home Office Committee on Employment of Con- seientioun Objectors. The men elaira that there baa been serious negligence om the part of the IIU", i

Bargoed Notes.-I

Socialism and Technical Instruction.

I .Political Notes.I

I The Electric Theatre.