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-.Merthyr Notes. 1


Merthyr Notes. 1 Dancing. Popular Dancing Classes have now been re- slmed at Bentley's Hall on Thursdays and Saturdays at 7.30 to 10 p.m. First-class music, good floor. Admission 6d. Mothers' Love. Merthyr has been visited by a Mrs. Drum- mond, who desires the war to go on. Speaking to a fairly large circle in the deep gloom of Castle-street on Sunday evening this corpulent and vixenish Joan of Arc hymned her song of hate in strident tones. The fat periods of her speech metaphorically dripped blood-the blood of mothers' sons and children's fathers. Of course, she took a hand in maligning both Mac- donald and Snowden, since they advocate a less sanguinary conclusion of the horrible mess than appealed to the tastes of this Jingoess. Wounded. Pte. T. Hooper, Civil Sei-vice Riflec. formerly of 17 Union-street, Merthyr, and manager of Messrs. W. H. Smith and Sons' branch shop at Merthyr, has been slightly wounded in the thigh after four months in France. Latest M.M. Dr ■iver William Owen, Horse Transpon, I A.S.C., of Pontycapel-road, Cefn Coed, has been awarded the military medal. Coffiery Fatality. I John Seabourne (48), a collier, of Duffryn, "I Pentrebach, was killed by a fall at South Pit, Abercanaid, on Saturday. Alfred Tudor Wil- liams, a haulier was also injured by the debris. Crushed to Death. Whilst hauling coke from the ovens to the furnaces at the Dowlais Ironworks on Monday. Patsy Colman (17), of Ivor-street, Merthyr, was crushed to death between his loaded tram and a pillar. Neglected Children. I I A soldier's -int'le COOleIv,? of School- street, Tirphil, charged on Friday at Merthy with neglecting her three children, was alleged by Inspector Starr, N.S.P.C.C., to be leading an immoral life whilst her husband was away, and to be giving way to drink. Witness added that on one occasion she had threatened to cut her throat, but was prevented from doing so by her landlord, whose fingers were cut in taking away a taoie kmte from tier. J he woman was sen- tenced to three months imprisonment with hard labour. Mr. Hugh Edwards, M.P., and Pacifism. It is sometimes interesting to know the views, however absurd and biassed, of the other side." Mr. J. Hugh Edwards, M.P., speaking at a war aims meeting at Merthyr on Thursday gave the generating causes of the war as the fulfilment of our treaty obligations to Belgium and the instinct of self-preservation The paci- fish movement which was now seeking to leaven British thoughts and feeling with regard to tha war (he said) was creating an enervating atmos- phere which would have, if allowed to spread into the munition shops throughout the country, a most disheartening effect. It was very remark- able that pacifists were so agreed for peace by negotiation with such autocracies as Germany, Austria and Turkey when on the other side were arrayed all the great democracies of the world. Mr. J. Calvin Brown, U.S.A., also spoke in a like vein. Mr. Rees Edmunds, a local solicitor and secretary of the Merthyr Liberal Federa- tion, seconding a ''patriotic" resolution, pro- posed by Mr. Wm. Griffiths, chairman of the Merthyr Unionist Association, said that I.L.P.ers, pacifists, and peace-at-any-price men who held hole-ih-corner meetings and dese- crated the Sabbath by holding meetings at the Rink were self constituted and represented no- body." They represented no British party and were disowned by the British Socialists. They were an absolutely negligible quantity. They were against everybody and everybody was against them. There were several interruptions at question-time leading to lively back-chat amongst the audience, "platform" and inter- rupters. Gaming with Cards. Caught gaming with cards in the Tramroad, Edwardsville, five Treharris youths, Dd. Parry, Edward Samuel, Daniel Evans, Kichard Davies and James Fletcher, were fined 6/- each at Mer- thyr on Tuevday. Petrol Offences. For storing petrol without a licence, Wm. John Howells, a. Dowlais haulier, was fined 10, at Merthyr on Tuesday. A similar fine was im- posed upon Dd. Jones, Dowlais Top. for obtain- ing motor-spirit without being the holders of a licence. Joy Riding, Edward Sullivan. Bees Wright, Eddie Thomas, Albert Proper, Frederick Selway, Samuel Haver- field and Boaz Davies, all of Treharris, were ordered to pay 10/6 each by the Merthyr magis- trates on Tuesday for committing damage, esti- mated at £ 2, to a tram and truck at a quarry belonging to the Ocean Coal Company, Ltd., by iov-riding on an incline in a trolley. Lighting Restrictions and Tradesman's Failure. I At the Merthyr Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday Robert Bernstein, incandescent mantle dealer, of Pontmorlais, attributed his failure to reduced sale owing to the lighting restrictions, increased war prices of his wares, curtailment of credit and illness of his wife. His deficiency was £ 28 5s. Id., and an offer of a composition of 3s. in the £ in June last was not accepted oy his ci editors. Grocers and Tea: Butter Merchant's Allegation That the action of some of the grocers in the town in making the purchase of butter condi- tional upon the supplying of sugar had robbed him of customers to the extent that his retail trade was ruined was an allegation made by .David Thomas, wholesale and retail butter mer- chant, of Wheatsheaf-Iane, Merthyr, on Tues- day at tlle Merthyr Bankruptcy Court. Other causes of failure were, the prejudicial effect upon his business of an action brought by him for per- jury, the costs of these proceedings (put at £ 60), the disposing of his business because of the shortness of the period of exemption granted him by the Merthyr Tribunal, and £ 35 loss on the sale of a motor-van. and bad debts amounting to ] £ 356 Is. 8d. Debtor, whose deficiency was £ 648 9s. 8d., stated that in October, 1916, on a deficiency of £ 961 7s., he offered a. meeting of creditors a composition of 5/- in the £ and 6/S in the £ was finally accepted. His liabilities comprised two creditors for butter in May and Julv. 1916, who were not paid the composition of 6/S in the. £ two for butter in January and April, 1917, for £ 37*2 3s. 2d., and five for sundry 7s. Id. The examination was ad- journed. Funeral of Will Nobeg. m'H 'T' I I The funeral ot our Comrade WIll "Ii ooes last Saturday was a very impressive one, a large TJim ber of Socialists turning up to pay their last ribute of respect to he who has been taken from us. The Rev. J. M. Jones (Hope) officiated at the house, and the interme.nt at the Cemetery was conducted by Mr. E. J. Powell, resident speaker at the Temple. I.L.P. Economic Students. I The establishment of classes in Industrial His- tory in connection with the I.L.P. is well in hand, and a preliminary meeting of intending students is called for Saturday night at 7 p.m. for the purpose of selecting the most convenient evening, appointing officials, and enrolment. All interested should make an effort to be present. Mr. Mark Starr will be the lecturer. Opiiaens are being collected as to other studies with a view to establishing classes. Smoking Concert at Dowlais. I Another very successful smoker and presenta- tion, under the auspices of the Ivor foundry offi- cials and workmen, was held at the Royal Ex- change Hotel, last Tuesday evening, in honour of one of their former comrades, Pioneer Tom Lewis, of the Welsh Regt., who is now home on ten days' leave. He volunteered in May, 1915, has seen two years hard sei-rice ivith his regi- ment in France; and took part in the last "big II The chair was taken by Mr. Alec Hop- kins, foreman, who, in his opening speech, paid a very high tribute to Pioneer Lewis, and wished him a very enjoyable evening. The presentation of a Gillette shaving outfit and purse of money was made by Mr. Fred Eckley, who in a neat speech wished the guest bon voyage and a safe return. Pioneer Lewie very feelingly re- plied, thanking his comrades for their very handsome gifts, which he would always treasure. A splendid programme was gone through during the evening.

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