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E. D. Morel lies in Pentonville But his Soul goes Marching on THE SALES of the following. works by E. D. Morel, during the past five "weeks kave gone Jt- up by leaps and bounds, but the great mass of the populatiom has not yet been reached, See it to it that your friend with whom you argue, and who opposes your views, has a copy of each. Push the (bal es as much as you oem, for the esta blishment of Peace and Internationalism depead upon knowledge. — TRUTH AND THE WAR A powerful rndietaeait of those Tesposaeible for tho War. 2/- 214 post free. Cloth, 3/6 3/10 post free. TEN YEARS OF SECRET DIPLOMACY A wonderful expoigure of tine workings ctf Secret Diplomacy for tota years before the War. 1/6 ilio post free. AFRICA AND THE PEACE OF EUROPE The prosecution of E. D. Morel followed almost immediately upon the publication of this book. (Verb. sap.) 2/- net; 2/4 post free. A TWOPENNY PAMPHLET TSARDOMIS PART IN THE WAR Showing the terrible responsibility for the War, which lies ox the shoulders oi the despised Russian Autocracy. 2d. 2d. post free. To be obtained from the National Labour Pros*, Ltd., Manchester: 30 Blackfriars Street. In- dependent Labour Party, London: St. Bride's House, Salisbury Square. British Socialist Party. London .21a Maiden lime. Reformers' Bookstall, Glasgow 126 Bothwell Street; and all local agents, and I.L.P., B.S.P. and U.D.C. Literature Seca. Ie, j THEATRE royai i I ? AND EMPIRE PALACE, MERTHYR. ?-? Resident Manager PAr. R. T. REA. Resident Manager Mr. R. T. REA. JG 6.45. "TWICE NIGHTLY. 8.45. 1I Week commencing MONDAY, OCT. 22nd, 1817. GREAT SUCCESS OF MORTON POWELL'S REPERTORY COMPANY. I I GREAT SUCCESS OF MORTON POWELL'S REPERTORY CCMPANY. DT&,ma I I THE MA)D W& & = I I OF CEFN YDFA| g ?OTE.—Thie is a spe,?ij version of this famoub 'g?y, exclusive to the Morton PoweU (?e. 2 I SEATS MAY NOW BE BOOKED.—TELEPHONE No. 2. I t ?"C!rc!e,??. Stalls, 9d. Pit, @d- Ga!?ery,3d. I ¡ PLUS NEW TAX. g .t'I- "¡¡oo"L-_A_r' It j Merthyr Electric Theatre j IMertemm!ber!eatre I 1-' CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. 1_ I Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday- S "THE MORAL FABRICS" j I Triangle Drama. I I Her Maiden Trust-Triangle Keystone. I Pearl Of the Army—Episode 2 of this Pathe Serial. I Pathe'z Qazette, &c. I I Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- a "DROSS!" j I Drama 01 the Phillips Film Company. I Billy the Truthful—featuring Billy Merson. g I His Married Life-featuring Billy Wells. j I An Extra Strong Programme of Comedy. = 8 1- Pathe's Gazette, &c. 1 I ADMISSION 3d—Tax, Id.; 6d— Tax, 2d.; 1/ Tax, 3d. I Children's Matinee on Saturday at 10-15-ld. only. B Lot U II u_n_J BLANCHARD'S PILLS 4 Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, etc., they, speedily afford relief and never fail to alleviate j all suffering. Thev supersede Peniyroyal, Pill Cochia, Bitter, Apple, &c. Blanchard's are the best of all Pills for Women. Sold in boxes, Ill!, by BOOTS' Branches, and all Chemists, or post free, same price, from Leslie Martin, ltd, Chemists, 34 Dalston Lane, London Samples & valuable booklet sent free, Id. stamp. Thoae 597. 'Phone 597. WILLIAM TRESEDER, Ltd THE NURSERIES, CARDIFF. WREATHS, CROSSES, CUT FLOWERS, &c. r BEDDING PLANTS. Asters, Stocks, Dahlias, Marguerites, Lobelia, &c. Tels TRESBDEK, FLORIST, CAKDIFS." Organisers Wanted. THE National Agricultural Labourers' and JL Rural Workers' Union require the ser- vices of several Organisers, and applicants should at once apply for form of application to R. B. WALKER, General Secretary, National Agricultural Labourers' and Rural Workers' Union, 'Wensum House, Hempton, Fakenham, Norfolk. 'INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM AND THE MINING INDUSTRY,' By GEORGE HARVEY (Author of first booklet in Britain on subject and one-time editor of The Socialist). A GREAT BOOK, 1/3 post-free, frqm Author, MINERS' HALL. WARDLEY COLLIERY, PELAW-ON-TYNE. THERE IS ONLY ONE OINTMENT THAT CURES Asd this Is supplied by Chemists and the MANNINA OINTMENT CO., FISHGUARD, And is sold in Three Strengtlis-I., 2 & 3.

I-Political -Notes.-I

Rhondda School Teachers' Victimisation.

The Electric Theatre.

Steelworkers Idle

^ Theatre Royal." j

Good Luck to Mr. Rea-