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r It -t. [I THEATRE ROYAIJ AND EMPIPE PALACE, MERTHYR. m jj 1 (RESIDENT MANAGERESS—MRS. G. B. REA. j ? 6.45 TWICE NIGHTLY. 8.45 | Weak commencing MONDAY, NOV. 5th. 19?. I CONTINUED SUCCESS OF THE MORTON POWELL REPERTORY COMPANY. I B EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION! 1 BY SPECIAL REQUEST. THE WELL-KNOWN HISTORICAL DRAMA I I LADY GODIVA I SEATS MAY NOW Blil BOOKED-Telephone No. 2. I I Circle, I/- Stalls, 9d. Pit, 6d. Gallery, 3d. i PLUS NEW TAX. ^J| I Merthyr Electric Theatre j$ rt It I Mert¥!mmeê!d!rimbIteatre I 1= CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 1 I j The Mystery at Cradeibau?h's I Thi& is a drama of outstanding merit, one of the best of the famous "METRO produo- 1If ti ons, and is sure to pleaee. 1 HER TORPEDOED LOVE I 2 Featuring Ford Sterling &nd Fc?nda., in a screaming Trmngle Oofa?d?. I Pearl of the Army—Episode 4. Beautiful Love-Comedy- |1 I Patho's Gazette, &c. a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- 1 I The NOTORIOUS QALLAQER t I Anot h er drama of "METRO prod ucti on, brimful of interest, and exciting from begia §B 5 ning to end. Without a dull moment in it. II^P- J U D EX -? I ? Episode 1. Thi is the latest Gaumont SoraJ, and though it is only in 10 B?isod?a is i generdIJ admitted to beone of the :finest serial* produced. ■' HOW'S YOUR POOR WIFE—A Homeland" Comedy production, f?turmaJa?Edge § and 3Eis Blanche Bella. • I P?the's Gazette, &c. i I ADMISSION = 3d.-Tax, Id.; 6d.-Tax, 2d.; 1¡-Tax, 3d. j ? Children's Matinee on Saturday at 10.15-id. only. 1 Merthyr District of Miners WANTED MINERS' AGENT FOR MERTHYR DISTRICT I AGE LIMIT NOT UNDER SO. full psrtioulart .L.f-}.. to be had from the Secretary.. Applications, with two references, to be seat in by the 14th day of NOVEMBER, 1917, to the District Secretary—EVAN JONES, M High Street, Oefn Coed, Merthyr Tydfil. Newport Notes. D.L.C. Class. The C.L.C. class has started its second session, the book now being studied it "V alu, Price and Protit," by Marx. Sonio most interesting discussions have already taken place; and the interest shown i« reflected in the increased and more punctual attendance. It looks as if there will be a good winter chus. Anyone interested ss invited to the I.L.P. Rooms, Charlea-atrect, Sunday, 11 a.m. I.L. P. and Industrialism. I.L.P. members are asked to set an example to the friends who attend the meetings, by being more regular and punctual in coming to "public and branch meetings. In the absence of Mr. Walton Newbold, M.A., through illness, the Saturday address at the I.L.P. Rooms was given by Mr. S. Fisher, of Wattsville. The; speaker gave a short account cf the Workers' Movement from the Guilds to the present Industrial Unionism. Only so far as the workers' power had been strong enough, had Parliament permitted reforms to be made. Usually Parliament had been a reactionary in- stitution aiming at keeping the workers "in their proper places," and so the workers must develop their industrial power, to obtain a pro- per reflection of their opinions in the political field. The chief means of obtaining this industrial power and political reflection was by education. This education had to be along the lines of In- dustrial History, showing that the present system of society had not always existed, and need not always exist; and also in Political Economy, to enable the workers to understand the foundation of the present corrupt system and any reformed system which a revolution in thought would bring about. It would, perhaps., l have been better to have concentrated activities on obtaining industrial power through educa- tion, than to have given so much energy to ob- taining representation in Parliament. Real, live, working-class, political and social revolu- tionary representatives would be obtained only as a reflection of the educated, revolutionary Democracy. All working-class organizations should pay more attention to industrial and political power obtained by greater attention to a fundamental working-class education. Triumphs of Despised Man. On Sunday evening Mr. Skinner gave an ad- dress on "The Triumphs of the Despised Man. With many interesting illustrations, he showed how the most advanced thinkers were perse- cuted and despised in their own time; but now their ideals and visions were considered the best and most practical. He drew parallels with our own time and prophesised that the men and causes which were despised to-day, would to- morrow be most faonowrecL Organisers Wanted. THE National Agricultural Labourers' and JL Rural Workers' Union require the ser- vices of several Organisers, and applicants should at once apply for form of application to R. B. WALKER, General Secretary, National Agricultural Labourers' and Rural Workers' Unioa, Wensum House. Hampton, Fakpnbarn, Korfoik. The action taken by the Joint Board and the "Statement" issued by the Labour Party, which are referred to in the following pages, deserve a reply. Here it is. It is addressed to the entire Laboar, Trade Union, and Socialist Organisations of Great Britain. Study it well, and discuss it in your Societies, for the future well-being of the Worklag-class Movement depends upon your verdict. N OW Deady pLs™ Now Ready. r.i:c THE TATTOOED MEN,' OR LABOUR LEADERS AND THE WORKERS' MONEY: I The full story told by FREDERICK TEMPLE, (Author of Interest, Gold and Banking," War Finance and the Worker," &e.). London THE COMMONWEALTH PRESS, I 118, Cannon Street E.C. 'Phone 597. 'Phone 597. WILLIAM TRESEDER, Lid. THE NURSERIES, CARDIFF. WREATHS CROSSES, CUT FLOWERS, &c. I BEDDING PLANTS. Asters, Stocks, Dahlias, Marguerites, Lobelia, I &c. Tois Thesbdek, Florist, Cardiff." BLANCHARO'S PILLS Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, etc., they speedily afford relief and never fail to alleviate all suffering. They supersede Peniyroyal,, Pill Cochia, Bitter, Apple, &c. Blanchard's are the best of all Pills for Women. Sold in boxes, lIlt, by BOOTS' Branches, and all Chemists, or post free, same price, from Leslie Martia, td, Chemists, 34 Dalston Lane, London Samples & valuable booklet seat free, Id. stamp. Merthyr General Hospital. SPECIAL GENERAL COURT OF GOVERNORS. A SPECIAL MEETING of the GENERAL COURT OF GOVERNORS will be held in the COUNCIL CHAMBER of the TOWN HALL, on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, at 8 o'clock in the evening (when all Governors are requested to atttend), to consider the following requisi- tions. (Signed) WILLIAM GRIFFITHS, Chairman. EDWARD EDWARDS, Secretary. November 1st, 1917. TO THE CHAIRMAN OF MERTHYR GENERAL HOSPITAL. Sir, Under the Provision of Rule 45 of the Mer- thyr General Hospital, we, the undersigned, being Governors of the said Hospital, request that a special Court of Governors be called on Thursday evening, November 1st, 1917, to dis- cuss and decide upon resolutions dealing with Rules as set forth below. Resolution 1 (Alteration of Rule 46). (a) That the whole of Rule 46 be deleted and the following be substituted, vij; — That there shall be a select body called the Executive Board, consisting of 36 Governors, to be made up as follows: The President, Vice- President, and Treasurer. Eighteen shall be direct Representatives of the Workmen Contri- butors, selected and appointed by the Workmen themselves. Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds, CraW- Bros., Hill's Plymouth Co., and Nixon's Naviga- tion shall have one representative each, selected by themselves. The Honorary Medical' Staff shall select three of their number to represent them, and the remaining eight shall be elected at a General Court of Governors. In consideration of the eighteen direct repre- sentatives granted to the workmen, the work- men employed at the Dowlais Collieries and Steel Works, Cyfarthfa Collieries, and Plymouth Collieries shall contribute 4s. per annum for every adult, and 2s. per annum for every boy under 18 years of age, employed, to the funds of the hospital, and the employers named above shall, in respect of the representative. each granted them, contribute annually at least the maintenance cost of one bed each. The Employers, Workmen, and Medical Staff shall not, as Governors, take part in the elec- tion of the eight members allocated to the Governors. (b) Rule 49. Delete the word ".Five" and substitute Three," and after the word "annually," and before the word "and, insert "except every third year, when two shall go out of office." (c) Rule 3. Delete the words and rote," and add but shall not be entitled to vote except at meetings I of the Court of Governors." Resolution 2.—Medical Department. That the Honorary Medical Staff shall be formed of all the Panel Doctors in the area served by the Hospi tal-a Principal after two years' residence and an assistant. after five years) residence in the district. Resolution 3.—New Rule. Small bodies of workmen or Societies subscrib- ing the sum of £ 5 per annum shall be entitled to appoint a Governor. Yours faithfully, (Signed) B. J. WILLIAMS, See. I (Sgd) T. J. Evans, Cyfarthfa. D. W. Jones, Plymouth. Wm. Jones, Cyfarthfa. Enoch Jones, Dowlais Miners. H. E. Carter, Plymouth Miners. Idris Davies, Plymouth Miners. H. Davies, Cyfarthfa.. Governors. Requisition 2. TO THE EXECUTIVE BOARD OF, THE MERTHYR GENERAL HOSPITAL. Ladies and Gentlemen, We, the undersigned, being Governors of the above Hospital, in pursuance of Law 149, here- by give notice that we desire a Special General Court of Governors to be called for the follow- ing purposes, viz. — To repeal Law No. 5 .of the Laws of the Mer- thyr General Hospital and in lieu thereof that the following Rule be adopted, viz.:—" That "the body of Workmen employed at the Dow- "lais Works shall, so long as they subscribe (I annuallv a sufficient sum to cover the cost of the maintenance of one Bed, be entitled to "nominate Five Governors; and if they sub- "scribe a sufficient sum to maintain two or more beds three additional Governors, so long as such subscriptions are continued. The bodies of Workmen employed at the Cyfarthfa Works, Plymouth Works, and Merthyr Vale Works shall have the Ijke privilege of nomi- (I nating Governors to the same number, upon the same conditions, it being a condition that Ci there must be a subscription in amount suffi- cient to cover the cost of a Bed before any I nomination from any one of the said Works can be made. The cost of a Bed is fixed at it £ 100." Dated this 5th day of October, 1917. WILLIAM GRIFFITHS. FRANK T. JONES. D. W. JONES. C. M. DAVIES. ARTHUR J. HOWFIELD. S. SANDBROOK. ROBERT GUNSON. Governors.

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