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I -Mid-Rhondda Notes.


I Mid-Rhondda Notes. Cambrian Workers. On Sunday, November 25th, a mass meeting of the Cambrian Collieries workmen was held to further consider the income tax. A resolu- tion which was passed at a previous meeting was thrown overboard, and a resolution was adopted recommending payment. A great deal of feeling was shown in discussing the matter, and a lot of personal, unnecessary insinuations were made by both sections; those who thought that the tax should be paid, and those who thought otherwise. The Chairman, Mr. Noah Ree-s, J.P., seemed to be in a bad humour and thought that all those who were opposed to the tax and could not see eye to eye with the Exe- cutive were out to destroy the Federation. It is very curious how rapidily some people can change their point of view. It was quite within the memory of the youngest individual present in the meeting, listening to Mr. Rees' eloquent speech about doing things in a constitutional way, that he used to be connected with those people whom he charges to-day with being out to destroy the unity of the Federation. We are quite sure that he, when out to advocate such drastic reforms as those contained in the miners' next step, had no such object in his mind as to destroy the trade-union which he belongs to; and it would be well for Mr. Rees to remember that the people who he so bitterly opposes now are doing more than following the path which he once travelled, and that the change is not in his opponents, but that his new relations and associations have caused a complete change in his own outlook. It will be also useless to speak of unity in the labour movement until we can learn the simple lesson of refraining from attributing ulterior motives to those who hap- pened to disagree with our views. Some of us fail to see that to leave the field entirely in the hands of the Capitalists during the war will in any way strengthen our movement for an after the war fight. If we fail to do our duty to-day we are not likely to be able to do it to- morrow. The Capitalists are under no delusion as to what they should do during the war. There isn't a single capitalist's concern which has not us-eel every possible opportunity to ex- ploit and tyrannise the workers, and to talk of leaving our differences with these people to be settled after the war is playing the Capitalists' game all over. That is, just what they want us to do if they can keep us meek and lowly until after the war we shall find ourselves well se- cured and we shall have to go through a de- grading period of slavery.

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