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I CANADIAN NEWS JOTTINCS. I 1]\1 i \iovTni* \r„ .};tmiarv 171 h, linvc H!«jivs l atin r prided to li^C Mll-il 'Ho-K-. it t«> sp«-e<l and efficiency as the tele- •hui.e. I m !««* wo come very close to the United J -itates regard to the number of telephones proportion to tin* population and the extent with which 1liey aro made use of by private individuals. Now our pride in the 'phone has eeeivod something of a. shock. The housewives of the city are iold that, the ton free use of he instrument is productive of commercial evils is well as being one oi the factors resuliin;: in the iiigiier cost of living. Mrs. Julian Ik-tub. jn*csi- dent of the League of New York. is for 1 lie statement. She. been organising a Montreal branch of her league, for. r.s she savs u Economists have calculated tJut 1hr<e-<j alters of the world's wealth is spout, by ■women. It is our duty, there- lore. to spend it wise'v." SINS OF THE 'PHONE. I Ordering goods over the "phone, snid Mrs. | Heath, checked the time-honoured to bargain. But her most curious it>n ag.iinst the "phone was that it deteriorated the fhops where it was most in use. When not under the continual eye of customers it was natural for- a shopkeeper to become lax in the arrangement o' his shop. AY hen customers oil led up instead of eal'inu in he was apt to allo»- his shop to get' irt\ and his goods higgledv-pig'>ledv. and geueralh to tii.M inNi habits destructive 10 {.Plul 1"1' It is to be hoped that, Mrs. l]<ib"i lectures an etT. r's will result in Mil improvement ill MoiiM'tnl's'epiu-: -« 1I.M-«I improvement, j, ) .-J-it.!< meanwhile !-»»vi- given you (after ;■ u iivv do"" of dom"stieity at the beginning of hi tor. THE LOYAL FRENCH. An-, her fljferosting address de'iveit VNS !P:I/ made to tipc (''INA-IIAN ( HI]> of T.E OT,' II the iion. llodelphe The Kutpjec of Mr. liOinienx's addro.-s was The (.Quebec Ai t (The HI iti-1* Act of V'ai eiT"d"HI n''ovi,M,i made for Un- o\eriinie: nt' tli" l.Voviiu-e. I'Yeiieli law "IHI Ln.!I¡ h effectively combined,and the rtligionol ;h- p, on assured tot h< in. 1 lie made it, the occasion of tit, in!p"OI\(,ll fir the lovaltv 0" F, m* Canadians t o Siritish in^t e iion \e may iè, ¡.,aid.0 (I t.. i method by "J.i(,1 we can best serve 1 :H' Fn'pi hut:1" ('Hlla,1ia,n"i. whether as g"¡,i,.1t tI., F i our IlIin,1" ;1."(':111 the same, Th". 1;1' ,1 j■ I■.i union for evcrv Canadian is hi" \1a,jn;ty the I" the frown, and that gn-at in--tp timeii* of fi which belongs to liu- ar.d N )I, Const itnlion. Talk' not to a Froneh-' 'ana i annexat ion to 111 r II i 1.1 S'atos, Our (', '1, iti- contains all that he loves III 111"/1:11" a.i maintains all that there is iu democra.-v. BETTER WAT EH SUPPLY. '1'llo\I1;h1. :\11'1"1)1(,,1 h. tht' 'i"" (t 1 ',1< n" j roeei.t break in the huge illtalw pip li.e Moo' Council have issued an appeal l.-r j.n •• repairs to the conduit wltpl'Ü 1 !It' break i the strengthening and Knjljlt>ltof hat p' been weakened, au I the in^lnUation of ;.n ««t>i gonev supply I'i'om (he Lionine Conn!, 'l iI" pip.' from <)?' c' t" the '••el' "r ?.- .t!?; station v ïl be 3 in dbo.-mfer. 1 < f0- t. in Mid 0' 1 i et» d >(>■, I. Tie- in-w |I )P t-i 1"1 C' COO. T.e M nF hI' 1( iti- ;• danger leu' ni P1 -eod t 1\0 oi "ft" h ,t tho citizen- li" rise np in -1:i^. Tin •> a! t.' r th >••• U p- of -so it w- ■■■ re- r for :!H' ,c;1"41Ir. and ;>i • th ^u'dtx part i' s a. e i' c 1 ■ •* !l! i- !!I;C i-etipo, io ,S'> 'r m ii. i pv.-> i 7 I 7 Calia 1;!1 t 1 r-!< ] e P po I't >. f •, Central Ane-rioiU ili r' f. 'e -m -h- 1. of t v. o 11!¡ Uii1 ii» • n i Trades < ( Vm, 11: V The lioi-. t; ■; -i p.. mineiit /irti's lie n Ml g _'es; ii-lis ;!> e- I- imp T., t i to t-, u w hSPI eJ.! •• lliinL., V; f' 1)"JI\):\lt>.I:t:I:J !)I i: >' ire e- e; > j» s. • o v • ii) { !ie ??w- mt'i, .:i .[ '? i .)' i'J:I;lii'¡ <¡\I:i'¡:i;¡' ¡.;hliUI.J re.iultr I'sii, m -td e development. I'rossu e.y t,'i • -e w t:« improveuielli in si/ipp: i- i1 ie-i as a which will elevate iiae-o. ;a..e.t oi t. GMAND OP7.1A. Me.uuteu by lire. h;i 1 a s-ti ci'v 0" wat"r. trea-'ers were not So d in m:n as t1 unable to enjoy giant'o; a as spppiie-l bv i l;e beloved ?!(?!rtH)??-?t.<i,!?,.in. I'le- >: -asd has ju-t c lose, au 1 t.,)nf J it wa •< gwuuin art is ii, sucee-s far in ",1'11(" (f other v.-a it was -t fiiian -ial laihue. This yar the prum'ot. wore New York and (,'hiet.go m,'n, ij-ist, (i and 'I" two pree'-din-i seasnj.s, tlioso b.-hiii'! firgiinisjit ion wore ) ■ o ti'eieers, iieaded bv J..J"I(t. Ft a nk M< i; hen. For throe venrs their- loss was «<>niothhig approiudiing £ 10.000 nnnutdlv. ?".s\t?''t'))n'<)?.rj:));!r<?)<.h.t?'?lC.CUO ))!):.H?!!y. )J:.t IjiitJv that the experiment, will bo. abandoned, The P"OJ."Olf' reaiise that building up n p:'yin:: r'fVniW for grand opera i a Jow rud tedious pi\>eess. üETTf: MOUSES. I'he third readir.g was given a liill in ihe t^ueboe ]^isliiLure to ]>rovid« better housing th< working people of Quebec province, to mn'tipiv schools, to instruct ihe worker and lii, eri and to provide them ns well wi.h stilJieieut tech nieai sidiools mid night schools. In ,,(',p'aillilJ;1 I the V;11.iolis of the Hi!! the Speaker u: tlie House said. "We have made the workshops of the Province healthier by meitns of regu- lations that our inspectors Ù;1\t, applied con- scientiously to the situation. YVe have looked after the security of the worker bv seeing that every industrial establishment has all th" appliances for safeguarding the worker (hat it. should have. YVe hare protected the health of the labourer's wife and his children by limiting their hours of labour and we have passed a law which secures to the working mall a generous com- pensation for accidents that eoino to hill) while engaged in his avocation. It is flOW necessary to take -another forward step and*give the worker a healthy dwelling, one that air and the sun (.an get to, one where there will be room and to spare for all, one where the rent will he moderate and one where the lot of the working man ma.v be macle a hanuier one.