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SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1914. Topical Tattle. You can't get away from the teachers' strike just, now, and, next to the Attrac- tive* it, has this week been the most aitrsM-fivii subject going. There were two errors in the statements made in I lit-he columns Jast week. It was stated that, Albs Fern if, of Stirling, had been appointed headmistress of the girls' school, and Miss Senyard, of Staines, headmistress of the infants' school. This was an error. Miss Fernie, of Stirling, was appointed by the County Education Committee to be head- mistress of the infants' school, and a Miss Creasey, of Knedbotough, Hertfordshire, to be headmistress of the girls' school. But there has been a change in the situation. Miss Fernie has since learned that the Herefordshire teachers are striking on the salaries' question, and has, I under- stand, withdrawn from the appointment. Miss Creasy, on the other hand, is expected on Monday, but at the time of writing I gather she will only have one assistant, Miss Ballinger, to do the work of four assistants, so the girls look like having a pretty good time. The infants would seem to be in for a better, for I cannot hear of any teachers coming to the school at all. One thing has struck me about this teachers' strike, and that is the deadly earnestness of the eleven Ledbury teachers to down books" this (Friday) afternoon. In fact, I hear the lady teachers are nearly militant, so it looks like an uncomfortable time for somebody. The special committee of the County Education Committee and representatives of the National Union of Teachers met on Saturday, but with no tangible result, as the Special Committee very quickly intimated that they were not prepared to make any further alterations to meet the teachers, so nothing came of the conference. Matters look like being in a pretty mess educationally in this county. Writing about teachers' salaries reminds me that the Nottinghamshire Education Committee have this week granted advances to all grades of teachers, ranging from Y,10 to £ 20 per annum. The increases to un- certificated teachers alone will involve an expenditure of XI,200 per annum, and those to head and certificated teachers even more. The revised scale will ultimately cost the county several thousands of pounds, but the Committee have had difficulty in getting teachers in the past. Why cannot Hereford- shire take a leaf out of the Notts book ? But in this county it seems to be all nots! Just a word to some of the bhoys Don't all go in for front seats to-night (Friday) and to-morrow (Saturday) night when you go to see the Attractives" 'N uff said. Gloom of Liberal Wirepullers," says the Daily Citizen." But I always thought that was required for wire-pulling. Crisis in Portugal," says a daily paper. What, another? I thought they had done with all that when they got the republic. MacDonald's Apologia for Painful Inactivity," I read in a Labour paper. As if any was needed. They can't do anything and they, know it, so why apologise ? I TATTLER.




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