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i SPORTS AND PASTTMES. I JSTORKSHIKE CRICKET CLUB—HOCKEY TRIAL MATCHES—CROSS-COUNTRY RUNNING—NEW PRIZE TOR LADY SHOTS—FOOTBALL: BIG GATES CUP COMPETITION SOUTHERNLEAGUB MATCHES; F.A. AND A.F.A. RECONCILED— SPORTS COMMITTEES AND JUMPING COM PETITIONS—WINTER SPORTS—LUCKY OWNER. — -♦ Presiding at the annual meeting of the Yorkshire Counly Cricket Club at Sheffield Lord Hawko, in proposing the adoption of the Teport and accounts, said that although the county did not manage to hold the champion- ship, 'they had done a good season's work, especially having regard to the many serious accidents that had befallen their players. The efforts of the older players were worthy of Yorkshire's best, and the county had some joung ones of great promise. Kilner had got over his operation for appendicitis and would soon be strong again. Lord Hawke paid a high tribute to the work done for nearly twenty years by Schofield Haigh, and said that Winchester SchooL to which he was going, were lucky in getting such a -foach. The inter-divisional hockey trial matches at Cheltenham and Manchester resulted, as anticipated, in victories for the visiting teams, the East proving greatly superior to the West, "Whom they beat by 6 goals to 2, and the Mid- lands snatching a narrow victory over the North by 6 goals to .5. Cambridge University, .deprived of the services of the greater part of their team through the claims of the East, were just strong ello, ito beat Southgate, but the Dark Blues met more than their auateh in the Navy whose form is always something of an unknown quantity. There was an important inter provincial game at Dublin, where Ulster and Leinster drew after » fast and clever encounter. At Cambridge, on Saturday, the South London Harriers beat the University, after an exciting contest, by one point only. Morfey and Telfer ran neck and neck for more than lialf the course, but the former stayed the better, and won by fifty yards. The first six anen home were: R. J Morfey (S.L.H.), 43mi-n. 19see-; A. C. Telfer (Cambridge Uni- versity), 4omin. '29sec. L. G. Housden. <S.L.H.), 'a. "] -<-»•. J. D. Byrne-Johnson (Cambridge University), 44min. 2sec. H. HaR (Cambridge Ujvive-rsi-tv), 44min. 18sec;; J. L. Churchill Out Saturday, -At iPutuey, over a course of shout eight miles, Oxford University heat Ilanela-gh II-, scoring twenty-two points to Thirty-three. Ranela-g-h might have done better but for Lrntott being seized with stitch two miles from home. The first six men -were: H. S-heltou (Ranelagh), .jOmin. Is,-e.; F. R. Kerr (Oxford University), 50min. 16 3-f»see.; T. G. Pocoek '(Oxford University), fiOmin. J50 3-5s;ec. J. E. W. Bath (Oxford Univer- sity), 50min. *5 J. F. Lintott (Ranelagh II.), dOmin. 55 2-nsec. E. W. Faber (Oxford University), oOrniii. oGsee. In a good fk:"ÛJ SheHon 'beat Kerr by a liu-Je over fifty vard-, The shooting of the ladies in the miniature chubs has, in recent years, made rapid strides, but there are not many competitions open to Sadies only, and it is satisfactory to find that the Sooiety of Miniature Rifle Clubs is about to run a ladies' competition for a very handsome if.ilver rose bowl, presented by the B.S.A. Co. This prize will he woJ! outright, and as the conditions have been earefuliy drawn up it should be very popular among the ladies who are members of clubs affiliated to the X.R. A. S.M.R.C. There were nearly IraTf a million spectators at the matches ¡n' the second round of the Football Association Cup competition on Saturday, the average receipts being well over At Bolton and Sheffield the t crowd numbered 50,000. while 40,000 people •watched the dairies at Birmingham and Liver- pool, and "gates" of over 25,000 were plentiful. The ties in the si-coml round of the Cup competition produced some keen struggles, as anticipated, on Saturday, 'but in no case was "the result in the nature of a surprise. The Southern teams on the whole fared badly. Tottenham Hotspur add Swindon Town, the ehief "hopes of the Krvvjth," were both (l- •fpnted, as were also Plymouth Argvle, Gill- as'vjham. and Exeter City, by Northern <rr Midlard tennis, and Crystal Palace and Clap- ton Orient by rivals in their own part of the country. ??n\a? "-cored a meritorious victory <'?r"' B-adford City, and will, with Qneen's .o,ver B,i(ifor(i -ii?d '%i: it'll 'QLlec!li*s 'J*v>Mo!i tlla,!ti 'Uiiit(,i], .i I i d S«nith in t'-e third rmvul. Blackburn 'Rovers. A-tobi Vii'a. a I'd W?.»t Bromwieh Albion were all -■•eessful. other past "holders of the trophy wh\ will figure 111 the third round being" Sheffield United. Maix-hf-ster City. Pres- loti North End. and either Sheffield "Wednes- ,dav -,ni- Wanderers. Three m: belies in the Southern League torik -place on Saturday, and two of the results "were important. Reading, searing three goals to none, got a point of C so that these two clubs and Swindon win have «a most interesting fight for the championship I-ow that all three of them have lost in- terest in the Cup. Watford, the victnns nt. Heading, and Merthyr I'cv;ii. who had five jroals to one obtained against them by Ports- mouth at Fratton Park, are badly placed at f.h bottQm of the competition—a. serious mat- ter now that- reduction and promotion proceed automatically at the end of each season. At last, nfter an interval of nearly seven <vears. rrco.npi'h'.rion hrtr-< en ihe Amateur A,(,vi:()1I a:sd th-e Football Afso- ?iation 's r'f?i<-3Uy an :tccn:"p?shed fact- At a s??'n? E ''cral m<:eL1J IK Id ?n London, the A.F.A. de"!(?d. by a Jar'" ma inr:t\ I@ <?fn!:?te to )h<' P'.A.. so ending a !o,lg (I vez?y If,.Ilnn"v chanter in the history of Associatioa F-■]. F. M. Welw!-?r **i H-ul ••<• nton AJ'tyozinr, 41¿) a man in devote hours of careful <f!tnne'ii and prae.iee to jumping, w tFtt he may urofioiency. and then -only hive chawed of competing perhaps n dozen times '11 the year. That these really scientific and delightful events arc not nuope popular 11always been a matter of v.onii^r re me, for tliev are truly pleasing "both to wa-tch and take part ill. The reason M probably to be fonndi in the fact that the governing body of sport is almost, exclusively **»mposed -of ex-track athlete* who have no interest in 'Held events. Also of late years the pnMie -have :»o a large extent lost interest in waiehing t)r-se contests, ''because the jumps are usually held -sfi far from the stands that •visitors cannot, follow the jumping closely enough to appreciate the finer point.s of the methods employed; and yet a little fore- thought on the pnrt of jyiorts coitimittece would obviate ,,1<1 Tn ord,r -t-a kl-rtoy winter xpoffs to the full. it is really neefviary. advL--os the Viehl, to go to a <x»untry -in which SHOW and ice have come to be regarded aa natural resources to be exploited for profit, and it is further to be honed, aiitl earn 1)9,r(liv -ik-. (loubt,4c], 1-hat people lw ho desire^to enjoy them quietly and inexpensively will be given -as ample .o'lnortunitíes for the gratification .of their «irnple tastes 1\,<; those who like romping and .oote-ntahous extravagance. The attempt to discover an Alpine hole! which is not too like « bear garden, or in wlitch women do riot vie Iwrribly with each other in the variety find eostlinesa of their evening draw*. hM Utterly been a little difficult; but the diffi- culty will doubHe<ts be overcome with the effia-z of time. Mr. August Belmont. the President; of the Mendow Brook Club and Chairman of the Jockey Club, had an enviable racing experience last year. His total winnings on the turf aggre- gat-e over £ 24,000. which Itia horses earned on the principal racecourses of England. France, and America, placing 31r. Belmont in the front, rank of winning owners in each of these coiiutrVs. It comes to few men, 111\oyti the Polo Mo nth hi, to win the St. Leger, #<eil one thoroughbred for £ oO,f>O0. refuse ior another, to. Aay nothing of *end- to England a stallion bred in America that commands a fee of over £400.











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