Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

12 erthygl ar y dudalen hon







CHIPS OF NEWS. Moorings are being laid in Southampton WnJer, where a flotilla of destroyers is to be based. The Austrian Emperor has conferred the Grand Cross of the Leopold Order on M. Venizeloe, the Greek Premier. The Rev. F J. McLoughlin Day. senior curate of St. Andrew's Church, Taunton, has, it is re- ported, decided to join the Roman Catholic Church. The bod." of a well-dressed woman recovered from the Thames near Twickenham Ferry w,t..i identified as that of Mrs. Stuckdale, of Leeds, who has been missing for a month. In succession to Mr. F. T. Bigham (eon of Lord Mersey), the new Assistant-Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Mr. G. L. Craik (son of Sir Henry Craik), was appointed chief constable. Mr. William Howard, a foreman at the Lon- don and North-Western Tranship Depot at Crewe, was engaged in sorting railway invoices in his office on Saturday when he suddenly fell off his chair and died. During a terrific gale, the steamer Queens- garth, Runcorn to Cardiff, picked up the Copen- hagen steamer Siggwid, helpless with the main shaft broken, and towed her thirty-five miles into Fishguard Harbour. After twenty year,' hazardous work as a rider on the main haulage ropes underground, Wil- liam Beale, of Rhymnev, changed his avocation in the mine and .was killed after seven days at hiB: new: post. The Australian Commonwealth trade statistics how that the value of the imports for 1913 amounted to Ji79,712.000, being an increase of Jtl .553.000 on 1912. Exports amounted to < £ 75,113.000, a decrease of J6849.000. The Danish steamer United States, which met with an accident to her machinery off the West Coast of Scotland, arrived in the Clyde on Saturday. Iloi- 234 passengers were transferred to the Anchor liner Cameronia under dangerous conditions during a high wind with :heavy seas running. Coal of good quality has been found on South Side Farm, near Warkworth, Northumberland, and extensive mining developments are ex- pected. Sinking operations will be begun in a short, time :and a new coalfield will be opened out. Fllilingto get a, reply to a ring for shaving water. Mr. J. Harding, of Bloouifield Park, Bath, went downstairs, and found his house- maid. Eliza Jane Duckett, aged twenty two. lying dead in the scullery with a terrible wound in the throat. There was a tableJknife beside her. A St. Helen's police-constable named Thomas I.Grundy was assisting another constable early -on Saturday morning in arresting two men who had been lighting, when he dropped dead. It was stated at a Hackney inquest on Charles Reynolds, a toyseller, of Hackney., that his rent was 2s. -6d. weekly and that some days he got a8 much as 5d." by dling toys. The University of Athens has decided to for- ward to Mr. Pember Reeves, of the London School of Economics, and a member of the London University Senate, the diploma of an Honorary Doctorate. The Bishop of Southampton, Dr. McArthur, on Saturday consecrated St. Alban's Church, 'Copuor, Portsmouth, the second of the six new ■churches in the town provided for out of the Bishop of Winchester's special fund. A Reading man named Foster went to the ftolice-station on Saturday, .-aying he had come to proclaim himself King of England. He was •remanded for inquiries. The funeral of Mr. Frederick Morshead, of Lamerton, Devon, for thirty-eight years house- master at Winchester College and thirty-seyeq years a member of the Winchester Corporation, took place on Saturday afternoon at Winchester. Jasper Williams lig-htbouse-keeper at the Mumbles, died on Saturday after beiug in charge -of th' light for twenty-eight years. Wil- liams had been assisted for many years by his nephew, whose grandfather was the first keeper to burn oil lamps at Mumbles Head. A new system of charging 6d. in addition to the personal fare of all passengers on the North- Kasrern Railway carrying musical instruments JS being keenly resented by musicians in the North of England The Musicians' Union is being asked to take action in the matter. A voung miner of Horden (Durham) has writ- ten to the Sunderland Board of Guardians stat- ing that he is anxious to marry, but that as the girl. of of his own class are too independent and expensive he has decided to wed one from the workhouse. The matron has been de- puted to arrange the matter. A rent strike" by householders in Edmon- ton and Tottenham is threatened against in- creases recently made in the rents. A Tenants' Def ence League at Edmonton, besides advocat- ing resistance to the increases, is pressing for the erection by the Urban District Council of workmen's dwellings on the Brookfield Estate. The Nottingham magistrates placed on pro- bation for three years Edith Smith, aged six- teen. for stealing 30s. from her father. The latter stared that the girl had committed at least twenty thefts previously. She disappeared for days after the robberies, sleeping in outhouses. The Of, oman Ambassador in Paris has stated I to the French Premier that the transfer of Chios and Mytile/ie to Greece will not involve the breaking off of diplomatic relations between Constantinople and Athens. Changer are announced in ihe Government of Alsace-Lorraine, Baron Yarn von Bulach, the President, being succeeded by Count Roedern, from BerHn. An extraordinary 'n:\otur.ea" tragedy has oc- curred orl the Riviera, a wealthy German being shot dead while returning to San Remo from a trip to Mcntoue. wil(i weather is reported. A German barque h: been wrecked at Falmouth with the loss of nineteen lives, and a Fleetwood trawler with all her crew of ten has been lost in the Hebrides. A service, conducted by the Bishop of London at the consecration of St. Michael's Church, Golder's Green, on Sunday, was interrupted by suffragettes. The pit-shaft at Ettingshall is to be searched ill the hope of finding the weapon used by the murderer of Kent Reeks. Two portmanteaux, belonging to women pas- sengers fill a special boat train to Waterloo, have been found rifled on the railway line. Eighty schools have been closed in Hereford- shire owing to the strike of teachers. Mr. 11. Samuel has explained that improved drill if being given to hoy messengers in the postal service, and thus the standard of recruits for the Post Office Rifles will be raised. The death has occurred of Sir Thomas Snagge, County-court Judge for Oxfordshire. Linnets netted at Barking Marshes were ordered by the. Stratford Bench on Saturday to be taken back to the marshes and released.







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