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CHIPS OF NEWS. Mr. Harcourt, Colonial Secretary, had an audience of the King at Buckingham Palace on Saturday. The death has been announced in Toronto of Sir George Ross, the Liberal Leader in the Dominion Senate and former Premier of Ontario. Mr. Edward Lloyd, the great tenor, who celebrated his sixty-ninth birthday on Satur- day, is in excellent health. The King and Queen witnessed the per- formance of The .Land of Promise" at the Duke of York's Theatre on Saturday night. Prince and Princess William of Albania ar- rived at Durazzo on Saturday, being enthusi- astically acclaimed by the people. Miss Sylvia Pankhurst was rearrested in the Strand on her way to a demonstration in Trafalgar-square, London, on Sunday. The Bov Scouts Endowment Fund now ex- tceeds £ 40,000. Mr. Tom Manll. the Syndicalist leader, has sailed for South Africa. John Whattam, twenty, one of the crew of the Grimsby steam trawler Hemo. was swept overboard and drowned on Saturday. The only possession of an unknown man, wearing three waistcoats, who was found drowned in the River Lea, was a latchkey. Mr. C. P. Little, the well-known society journalist, left unsettled property of the value of k2,224, with net personalty nil. Dr. R. W. Wilson, the medical superinten- dent of the Croydon Infirmary, is very seri- ously ill as the result of performing an opera- tion for gangrene on a patient. The sole surviving descendant of Prince Potemkin, tlie favourite of the Empress Catherine, is filling the post of employee at a St. Petersburg cinema theatre. The body of Major Ohlson, the Swedish gendarmerie officer who was mi.ssed after the fighting at Kazerun, Southern Persia, was found in a deep well. During the fight his wife practically assumed the command of the gendarmes. Out of a total of 16,775 employees of the London County Council, 1,813 are time-ex- pired soldiers and 779 time-expired sailors and marines. The death took place on Saturday of the Very Rev. Archdeacon Cotter, of the Catho- lic Diocese of Cork. He was eighty-four years of age, and spent sixty years in the ministry. The Great Circus in Copenhagen was burnt down on Saturday morning, but fortunately no lives were io-jt. The damage is estimated at over £100,000. Mr. J. Bower Brooke, a solicitor, of Leeds, was thrown from his horse whilst hunting with the Bramham Moor Hounds on Saturday. He fell on his head and was instantly killed. During the progress of a Rugby football match at Pontypool, Thomas Evans, aged fifty, a carpenter, residing with his sister at Poritypool, dropped dead, presumably from heart failure. Presents and congratulations were showered on Saturday upon Mrs. Nanmy Turner, a lodge-keeper at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire, who celebrated her 101st birthday. She still enjoys remarkable health. The King's Bounty has been applied for on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Frances, of Bolton- road, Radcliffe, Lancashire. Mrs. Frances last week gave birth to triplets following on twins sixteen months ago. Ptomaine poisoning has stricken down several members of a family named Viveash, living near Cheltenham. Mr. Simeon Vive- ash, the Rural Council surveyor of North- leach, and a boy aged four have died. "The wives very often identify dead men wrongly in the hope of getting free from their missing husbands," remarked the Hackney Coroner. A coaling steamer sank during a fog and wnowstorm on the New Jersey Coast. The crew of fifteen were rescued after spending twelve hours in an open boat. A Russian junior police officer, named Ivanoff, shot dead his c.ief, Lieutenant- Colonel Chebaieff, the motive being attri- buted to revenge for a reprimand. Having been missing for three weeks, the body of Ada Roberts, a servant-girl, of Tam- worth. has been recovered from the Birming- ham Canal at Tamworth. The Greek authorities at Santi Quaranta, a small port in Northern Epirus, having been compelled to withdraw by the insurgents, the Greek fleet blockaded the port. A cake weighing 1101b. was cut at the Young People's Birthday Party held at the London Guildhall in celebration of the 110th birth- day of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Death from misadventure was the verdict on Dr. Jerome Eugene O'Sullivan, a well- known Liverpool practitioner, who, it was stated, had taken by mistake opium instead of sal volatile which he used for heart trouble. Four wheat ricks, valued at £450, have been destroyed by suffragists at English- combe, near Bath. Leeds Board of Guardians are costing the ratepayers this year £ 7,000 less than in the year before. At a cost of about £ 20,000 the War Office has decided to improve the dining accommo- dation at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. Fifty fireguards have been given by the Lord Mayor of Bradford for distribution to poor people for the protection of their children. Beacons are being placed at important points on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal to assist vessels navigating the water- way at night. As a result of a miners' deputation, Raw- marsh (Yorkshire) Education Committee has decided to provide necessitous schoolchildren with one meal a day. Inexperienced persons should always use the elbow as a test of the temperature of water in which to bath a baby, said a doctor at a Gateshead inauest.


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