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NEWS IN BRIEF. TERRITORIAL INSURANCE. In a War Office circular issued on Saturday it is notified- that claims for indemnification for property destroyed by fire in buildings held by the Territorial Force associations, and sanctioned by the War Office, is limited to public equipment and association property. DEATH OF MRS. HUXLEY. Mrs. Huxley, widow of the Right Hon. Thomas Henry Huxley, died at Eastbourne on Sunday morning in her eighty-ninth year. SUNDAY SHOOTING AT BISLEY. The Bisley ranges were opened on Sunday for the first time on a Sunday. The attend- ance was not large. POLICE ASSISTANT-COMMISSIONER. I The Kill 11:< appointed Mr. Frank Louis Dumbell Eiii.?t to be an Assistant Commis- sioner of Police of the Metropolis. NOT ENOUGH FEVER NURSES. Fever nurses have become so scarce that the Metropolitan Asylums Board are to con- sider recommendations for increased pay, re- duction of the age limit, and more attrac- tive terms for probationers. GERMAN EDITORS SENTENCED. Herr Zepler, the editor of Der Preie Weg, and Herr Schmidt have each been sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment in a fortress for the publication of articles containing insult- ing references to the Crown Prince. MULTI-MILLIONAIRE DEAD. The death occurred at Pasadena (Cali- fornia), on Saturday, of Mr. Frederick Weverhaeuser, the multi millionaire of St. Paul, Minnesota, at the age of seventy-nine. "SAUSAGE KING" DEAD. I Mr. Prime iaylor Louison, originator of the now famous Cambridge sausages, died at Cambridge late on Friday night at the age eI seveuty-s-even. He was working up to a week ago. HER 100TH BIRTHDAY. Bootle's oldest resident, Mrs. Elizabeth Griffin, received many congratulations on attaining her 100th birthday on Saturday. She has never seen an electric tram, a motor- car, or an, aeroplane. TITANIC BANDMASTER. The Colne Corporation has decided, by erecting a bronze bust. to honour the memory of Mr. Wallace Hartl ev, the leader of the musicians who perished in the Titanic. He was a native of Colne. NEW GOVERNOR OF GUERNSEY. General Lawson, who married the widow of the late Lord Lathom, has been appointed Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey. TORPEDO ASTRAY. A torpedo that had gone astray in the North Sea was brought to Chatham on Satur- day by the destroyer Fervent. The torpedo was picked up by a Ramsgate fishing smack. FAMOUS ARTIST'S FUNERAL. The funeral of the late Sir Hubert von Her- komer took place on Saturday in the church- yard of the village of Bushey, Herts. There were deeply impressive scenes, and a huge crowd followed the procession to the church- yard. MISSING MAN FOUND DEAD. The dead body of a man named Richard Luff, aged sixty-four, was found on Saturday in a copse near Haslemere. He had been miss- ing since Saturday. March 28th, but, although a diligent search was made, his whereabouts could not be traced. HIDDEN tlO NOTES. Officials at Leominster Workhouse" dis- covered forty-five £ 10 notes in the clothing of a young woman named Frances Nash on her admission to the lunatic asylum. Her strange behaviour led to her arrest, and she was cer- tified as insane. The notes were stitched in her skirts. FINED FOR DANGEROUS DRIVING. Mr. Marshall Sansom, a garage proprietor, of Mansfield, was fined £5 and £ 6 c-osts, at Nottingham, for dangerously driving a motor-car at Hucknall. It was said that he drove at the rate of forty miles an hour. tAKlHyUAKE RECORDED AT CARDIFF At Cardiff the seismograph registered an extensive earthquake early on Monday inr-ii- ing, apparently about 5.000 miles away. The first, indication was at 1.2 a.m.. and the maxi- mum movement was registered at 1.30. DEATH OF OLDEST CHURCHWARDEN. Air. George Skinner, of Rushden, the oldest churchwarden in England, died on Monday, aged ninety-seven. He possessed all his facul- ties to the end, and until a few days before he dietl was walking about the town. MARRIAGE RESTRICTION ON DEACONS. I A recent issue of the Wellington (New Zea- I land) Church e'lirotii,-Ie states that it is the desire of the Bishop of the Province of New I Zealand that no dergyman be married within three years of his ordination to the diaconate. WIN FOR FARM LABOURERS. I The strike of farm labourers at Hillington, F-ilcham, and Baxingley, on the Sandring- i iirn estate, has been amicably settled. The t farmers ha ?e agreed to increase the /n MI S wages by one shilling a week, and the has. been accepted by, the men. BUILDING "DISPUTE EXTENDS. I The London Building Industries Federa- tion has called out those men who. not having been called upon to sign the masters' strike penalty agreement, have so far remained at work for members of the Masters' Federa- tion. It is estimated that forty firms and a further 10,000 men will be affected. LIFE'S LITTLE IRONIES. I At Highgate when a man was charged with cruelty to a horse it was said' that the horse wa" employed by iiie Dumb Friends' League to help in tliq pulling of loads up the Arch- way-road. The horse was supplied by a con- tractor, and' the ease was adjourned so that the owner might be summoned. COAL STRIKE BEGINS. I the strike in the Yorkshire coalfield hM commenced, the notices of the men falling due at several of the pits in th? countv. Each day during the week the number.- will be added to. and by the week-end 170,000 men will be out of work. SERGEANT SHOT IN BARRACKS. I At -Newcastle Harracks on Monday Sergeant Davis, of the 4th Durham Light Infantry, was found shot in the married men's quarters, with a rifle by hrt side. Mrs. Davis heard a report, and found her husband dead. He had been quite well and cheerful. INDIAN MUTINY OFFICER DEAD. t I he death took place on Monday at Carrea Cennen, Llandilo, while taking his bath, of Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Edward Hopkins, aged seventy-sight. He had seen active service in the Indian Mutiny, Afghan, and other cam- paigns, but retired thirty years ago. DEATH OF PROFESSOR POYNTING. I Professor Poynting, M.A., Sc.D., F.R.S., I Professor of Physics in the University of Bjr- I mingham, died on Monday at his residence at Erlgbaston. He was in his sixty-second year.