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LEDBURY RURAL DISTRICT I COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Ledbury Rural District Council was held subsequent to the Guardians meeting, when the Rural Councillors present at the Guardians meeting attended, and the officials present were the Clerk (Mr R (Homes), the Highways Committee's Clerk (Mr H W Orine), and the Sanitary Inspector (Mr T J Cawsey). Mr W L Pritchett presided. HIGHWAYS COMMITTEE. I The minutes of the Highways Committee were read and confirmed, the following being included A meeting of the Highways Committee was held on April 28. Present: Alderman J Riley, Messrs W L Pritchett, J C Davies, J A Thomoson. H Cowell, E T Lane. H Weston, J Parry, F J V Hamilton, W Pitt, F Innes, D A G Birchley, and the Revs A E Green-Price and A G Jones. Mr John Riley was re-elected Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing year. Finance.—The Committee recommend j the Council to pay the Clerk the sum ef £ 200 on account of roads. The following sums have been paid by the Clerk out of the roads account during the past month Manual labour-Main roads £77 9a lid, dis- trict roads £ 76 17s 4d. Team labour—District roads £115:5 3d. Materials —District roads 3s 8d. Tradesmen's Bills-District roads 3s 3d. Steam Roller-EI5 17s 2d. National Insurance-Main toads 19< district roads £1 2s 3d. Monthly Accounts.—The Committee recom- mend the Council to pay the following accounts.- Team labour -E Goodwin and Son, X50 Is Id mterials-Clee Hill Dhu Stone Co, £10 14s 3d improvements—J Meates and Sons, Ltd., £15 lis lid roller, etc—Bomford and Evershed L25 5s. The following sums have been received from the County Council: £ 374 78 6d for steam haulage, 165 and X26 for hire of steam roller, also t5 43 6d from Messrs Bickham and Richardson for hire \of roller, 9a 61 from Mr H S H Bickham for hire of roller, and 9251 from the Exchequer under the Agricultural Rates Relief Act 1896. Letter from Much Marcle Parish Council.- In response to a letter from the Clerk to Much Marcle Parish Council, the Committee have consented to the erection by the Parish Council of motor danger signs in the Dymock-road, Much Marcle, at each side of the school, subject to the position being approved by the Surveyor. The Committee also raise no objection to the Parish Council placing a danger sign on the Ledbury and Ross main road at the end of the Huntleys-road, provided the consent of the County Council is obtained. Financial Arrangements. The Committee have further considered the question of the highway rate for the year, in view of the reduc- tion in some of the parish assessments, and the amount which those parishes are entitled to claim credit for. The Committee recommend the Council to authorise the issue of precepts upon the parishes at the rate of 81. in the £ on the assessable values, such precepts to give credit to those parishes for one-fourth of the amount, which will be repaid by the overseers to the G. W.R. Co. Roller Repairs.— The Surveyor reported that the season's rolling was practically finished, and that he was having the necessary repairs done to No. 1. Haulage Plant.—The Surveyor reported he had had some slight necessary repairs done to the trucks, and that the engine had now com- menced the season's stone hauling. Tenders for Stone.—The Surveyor submitted a tender for stone from the Colwall Park Quarries, which the Committee have authorised him to accept subject to the usual contract. Yarkhill Marsh.-The Surveyor reported that the parapet walls of the irrigation arches near Yarkhill Marsh bridge were unsafe and that the hedge and bank supporting the road had slipped into the brook. Mr Foley's agent has denied liability in regard to both and being advised that the legal question is of some difficulty the Com- mittee have authorised the Clerk to take counsel's opinion on both questions. Letter from Yarkhill Parish Council.-A, letter from the Clerk to the Yarkhill Parish Council was read calling attention to the flood- ing of the road near the Vicarage. The Surveyor will inspect the road and report to the Committee at the next meeting. ♦