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LEDBURY URBAN COUNCIL. I The Late Mr Jesse Carrood. I The monthly meeting of the Ledbury Urban Council was held at the Barrett-Browning Institute, on Monday night, when the Coun- cillors present were-Messrs H Thacker (chair- man), who presided, T S S Gardner, C H Bastow. J E Craddock, A Warren, W L Tilley, F W Juckes, A Carless, W G Davis, and J Preece, together with the Clerk (Mr Reginald Masefield), and the Surveyor (Mr R G Gurney). THE LATE MR JESSE GARROOD. I The Chairman said before they began the business of the Council he felt it was only right that some reference should be made to the pass- ing of the late Mr Jesse Garrood, who for many years was Clerk to the Council. Mr Jesse Garrood was a great help to the Council on its formation and to him was due in a great measure the rules and regulations under which the business of the Council was conducted. He (the Chairman) was not a member of the Council at the time Mr Garrood was their Clerk, but he knew that he threw his heart and soul into any work which was for the benefit of the town, and he felt sure his fellow Councillors would agree with him that they should pass the following resolution:—"The members of the Ledbury Urban District Council wish to offer their sincere sympathy with Mrs Garrood and Mr Henry Garrood and the members of his family in the death of the late Mr Jesse Garrood, and further wish to place on record their appreciation of the many and valuable services he rendered to this Council and the town of Ledbury." Mr Bastow said as one who was a member of of the Council at the time Mr Garrood was Clerk of the Council he could bear record from personal experience to the valuable work Mr Jesse Garrood did for the town of Ledbury in many ways. He was most indefatigable in, the work of the Council in its early days. He threw his whole heart and soul into it and did very valuable work in its early days. He would second the resolution showing that they appre- ciated the work Mr Garrood did. Mr Gardner supported, and the resolution was carried in silence, the members rising in their seats. THE BATHS. I The Chairman asked the Surveyor if the work at the baths was going on all right ? The Surveyor Yes. A DAMAGED CULVERT. Mr Craddock desired to know who was responsible for the repair of the culvert carrying the water under the road at the Ross-road bridge. The culvert took the outfall from the sewage tanks in Jubilee Meadow and also surfaoe water. He did not know whechor it was the Urban Council's place or Lord Biddulph's to repair it, but it required attention. The Surveyor said the culvert took the outfall from the sewage tanks in the Jubilee Meadows, and surface water from Underdown and the Biddulph Arms as well, and the overflow from the cemetery drains. He did not know whose place it was to repair it. He rather thought it would be the G.W.R. Co. He thought it would be best to enquire into it. I AT LAST: L.G.B. SANCTION DR. HARRISON'S APPOINTMENT. The Clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board stating that the Board had had under consideration the report made to them by their Inspector, Dr Seymour, after his enquiry into the work performed by Mr J McKean Harrison as Medical Officer of Health for the Ledbury Urban District. As a result of that report the Board had decided not to withhold any longer their sanction to the appointment of Mr Harrison as Medical Oflicer of Health for the district. (Applause.) Before, however, giving their formal sanction to the appointment, the Board drew the attention of the Council to the paragraph 4 of the Board's memorandum with regard to new appointments of Medical Officers of Health, a copy of which was enclosed, and to request that the Council would obtain from Mr Harrison the undertaking referred to in that paragraph and forward a copy of it to the Board. Mr Bastow We have waited a long while for it we have got it at last. The Clerk said the undertaking referred to had been signed by Dr. Harrison. It provided that he would resign his appointment within three months of the date on which the Council called upon him to do so by reason of their resolving to appoint a Medical Officer of Health who is not in private practice, in combination with the Councils of the neighbouring districts or otherwise. I THE HOUSING QUESTION. The Clerk read a memorandum from the Housing Department of the Local Government Board stating that it appeared from the annual report of the Medical Officer of I lealth for 1911, that new houses were required, and the Board would be glad to know how many new houses were, in the opinion of the Council, required to meet the needs of the district at the present time. After a desultory discussion, it was decided to reply that the Council were of opinion that eight new houses were required, and they were endeavouring to obtain land to build such houses. I OTHER CORRESPONDENCE. Further letters from the Local Government Board re children in the country on holiday (which did not apply to the Council), from the War Office with reference to the posting of the circular re the forthcoming manoeuvres and a map of the manoeuvre area at the Clerk's offlce, and from the National Health Insurance Com- mission with reference to the publication of a poster with reference to arrears, were read and laid on the table. I FINANCE COMMITTEE. I Mr Bastow submitted the report of the Finance Committee, which showed that the receipts for the month amounted to J3345 11s 6d, including 2188 7s 9d on account of general district rate, and j355 3* 9.1 water charges. The bills for payment amounted to £ 149 18* 3d, and were of the usual character, those for labour amounting to £42 17s Id. With reference to the assessment of the electric lighting station no assessment had been made and the Conrmittee recommended that Mr W L Tilley (one of the overseers) see Mr Homes, clerk to the Assessment Committee,and get him to move in the matter. Mr Homes had the thing in hand and had been instructed to have an expert down to value the station. A letter was received from the G. W.R. Co. making an offer as to payment of rates and the Committee recommended that the matter be accepted on the basis suggested in the letter. With reference to the charge to Mr W G Witham for water the Committee recommend that without prejudice and as this was a special case, Mr Witham be asked to pay on the amount charged for the ourrent half-year. There was no evidence of any leakage having taken place, and it was a matter of impossibility for 89,000 gallons of water to have gone away without there being some trace of it. He moved that the cheques be signed, the bills paid, and the recommendations of the Committee be adopted. Mr Gardner seconded and this was agreed to. Mr Tilley said he had seen Mr Homes, who told him that he had received an estimate of R10 from Messrs Hedley Mason for assessing the electric light station and that it would be placed before the next meeting of the Assess- ment Committee, for which notices had already been sent out, he believed. The report was adopted.. I STREETS COMMITTEE. Mr Bastow proposed the adoption of the following report of the Streets Committee :— New Plans-The Committee inspected the plans of a new house to be erected in Woodleigh- road for Mr C Pedlingham, and also plans of the proposed alterations of a shop front in New- street for Mr Hamblin. Pavement in front of Mr Meacham's Shop- Mr Meacham having offered to pay half the expenses of laying new slabs, the Committee recommend that the offer be accepted. Electric Lighting Plan-The Surveyor was instructed to sign a plan as being a correct copy of the plan deposited in accordance with the regulations of the Board of Trade. In proposing the adoption of the report, Mr Bastow said he was very pleased to see the plans for a new house in Woodleigh-road and hoped more would come. They would be an improve- ment to the town, as would the alteration of the shop front in New-street. Mr Warren seconded the adoption of the report, which was agreed to. SANITARY COMMITTEE. I Mr Gardner proposed the adoption of the following report:— Housing Acta-The Inspector presented his report and the reports on the houses concerned were gone through in detail. The Committee recommend that the recommenda- tions of the Inspector as specified in his book be adopted. Oom plaints having been made to the Inspector of a nuisance at Newtown caused by a quantity of pigs belonging to Mr Haynes, baker, New- street, the pigs being in the vicinity of certain dwelling-houses in Newtown, the Committee recommend that Mr Haynes be given 14 days to abate the nuisance. < Mr Craddock seconded the adoption of the report, which was carried unanimously, with th a exception of Mr Carless, who said he was not satisfied that there was a nuisance as stated from Mr Haynes's pigs. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. I The report of Dr Harrison (Medical Officer of Health) stated that eight births and two deaths had been reported during the month. No case of infectious dieease had been notified. The Council then went in Committee.




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