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They Say, What Do They Say?

Up and Down the Town.


Up and Down the Town. BY OBSERVER. THE SMOKE NUISANCE. Complaints have been repeatedly made of the nuisance caused by the smoke emitting from the engines of the Cambrian Railways Company whilst stationed at the Barmouth Station, but lately there has been a great improve- ment in that respect. Only last week the London and North Western Railway Company were fined 10s. and costs for such a complaint. THE ARTILLERY CAMP. It is heard i frequently that the Royal Field Artilllery Brigade will, not come to Barmouth to camp, as no drilling ground is available in'the vicinity of the Recreation Ground. Therefore there is an end to a much talked of subject dis- cussed by many ratepayers during the last few days. THE PRICE OF :MILE: During the last few weeks I have heard a good deal of talk as to the high price paid for milk in the town, viz., 4d. a quart. Two or three towns in Merion- ethshire have objected to this price, and one of them wont so far as to refuse to pay more than 8d. per quart, and a pro. test meeting was held in the main street, In the end the milk vendors had to abide to the demand of the inhabi- tants. The price of milk at Barmouth has been for a quart. If other places can have milk at ad. per quart, why not Barmouth ? Per- haps some one will be seen selling miik at 3d. per quart ere long. Wait and see. REFUSE BINS, ETC. From time to time attention has been j called to the untidy and slovenly habits of many a householder in Barmouth,and although, lately, much improvement in that direction is observed, yet there is room for improvement still. Take for instance the allowing of dirty and un- sightly buckets, ashes, etc., to remain for hours on the streets. It is a wonder that the patience of the Urban District Council has not long ago been exhaus- ted. What can be more annoying to visitors than to see at ten or eleven o'clock in the morning half-a-dozen or more refuse buckets standing in the streets staring them in the face. Take, again, the throwing out from houses paper and floor sweepings. Barmouth can and ought to be one of the cleanest towns, not only on tqe Cardigan Bay Coast, but also of any town in the United Kingdom. DELIVERY OF LETTERS. Some months ago attention was called ia these columns to the waste of time occasioned in the delivery of letters by owners of houses' not provided letter boxes for same. Although the m til ar- rives a little before seven o'clock in the morning, yet it is nine o'clock .by the time letters are delivered in parts of the town which is simply scandalous. It is not too much to expect when the mail arrives punctually, that every part of the town receive their letters within an hour of their arrival at the Post Office. Let- ter carriers are kept at some doors for two and three minutes, and this goes on day after day, so that valuable time is lost and letters kept undelivered for an unreasonable period of time. Who is to move in the matter? ROYAL MAGNETS. The Town Band made its appearance on Saturday evening and the welcome given them, not only by the resident-s, but also by visitors, was most enthusi- astic. The members of the Band looked remarka^y well, and on Satur- day evening an excellent start was made, which it is to be hoped, was a forestart of a most successful season for all concerned. BEAUTIFUL SPOT. At this time of the year there is not a more beautiful spot in and around Bar- mouth than the grounds of Brynmyn- ach. The shrubs and evergreens, which were planted some years, ago, are clothed with a fine crop of foliage, and no one passing along the Llanaber Road cannot but be attracted by the charming sight. ENTERTAINMENTS. In past years it used to be stated that Barmouth possessed no entertainments for visitors, but this summer one is not liliely to hear the statement repeated. With the Royal Magnets, the Barmouth Male Voice Choir, the Empire Serenad- es and the Art Picture House, and travelling entertainers will visit the towm without a break.


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