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CORRESPONDENCE. We do not hold ourselves responsible for thp opinions of our correspondents. To the Editor. Sir,— During the last few days a good deal has been done as regards getting our young men to join the Army, and I was very pleased to learn that the can- vassers have bad good results and that before long quite a number of the Barmouth Boys will be serving their King and Country. The system of ap- proaching the young men has answered the purpose excellently, and no doubt more results will be forthcoming later on. Yours truly, BRITON. To the Editor.. I Sir — Why was I advised a short time ago not to respond to my Country's call and to shun the Territorials as if they were some unclean thing ? Why was I blamed and ridiculed be- cause I advocated the Boy Scouts Movement in Barmouth ? Why am I asked to-day to go and risk my life for my home and country, and for the safety of these wiseacres, who, a few months ago scorned me, be- cause I held the views that all young men should, as far as possible, bq pre- pared for emergency when it comes. To-day, when my service is needed, I, in common with the rest of the young men of Barmouth am useless as war material, until I have received months of training. If all other counties and towns had been advised as Merioneth and Barmouth had, we would be in a sorry plight to-day. To send these false prophets on a recruiting expedition among the young j men is a certain road to failure. What we require in Barmouth and elsewhere in the county is to rouse a feeling of patriotism. Why does our Mayor not get one or two Military men on the scene, get the Band out and invite all young men who are not craven hearted, I to follow him to the Recreation Ground, I and there put the matter squarely be- fore them. I venture to say that two or three dozens would enlist on the spot, and thus the courage and manhood of our young men would be vindicated. We are not cowards! We have been misled for years, and the present manner of recruiting is a blunder from beginning to finish. Those who are eligible to take service themselves, or who have close connections who might enlist, should not tell me and others to go, and stop at home themselves. Example is stronger than words, Are there not half-a-dozen young men in Barmouth who will take this matter up in earnest and show what can be done. I ANXIOUS. j To the Editor. Dear Sir,— May I crave a little of your valued space to give expression to my feeling on the matter of recruiting. Our best men are at times apt to loose their beads, and this is what I consider has happened in our town during these last few days. Meetings have been called with the object of recruiting men for Kitchener's New Army and the Territorials, these would have answered its purpose, there is no doubt, had our leaders approached the young men in. the proper manner, but this they have failed to do, as they have completely lost sight of the right way of going about it, and have formed a modified sort of press gang in order to press the young men to give their service for their country. What Lord Kitchener is asking for, is volunteers, and not conscripts. Personally, I feel that they will do more barm than good, to the cause they preach, and prove a hindrance, rather than a help. Some men seem to think that all young men should enlist in the Army without considering their de- pendents, that indeed would be a sort sighted way of serving one's country, many of our young men can help their country just as well by staying at home as by going to fight to the front. Call meetings at which men, who know what is what, are willing to address the young men and explain to them why their country is asking for their help and bow they could best serve It and without doubt it was sure to bring in good result. Don't taunt them to enlist, but entice them. Don't tell them to go and fight for their country, but ask if they will come. Whenever we wish anything of any- one, we go about it in the nicest way possible, that code of manners and sencs will also suite if recruits are expected to join the Army. -R. H. R. INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF I- GOOD TEMPLARS. To the Editor. -I I Dear Sir, May I through your valuable paper appeal to the residents of Barmouth and District with regard to the above. At one time there was a Good Templar Lodge in the district, and as I am given to understand, it could boast of a Membership of over sixty. Surely there are many Good Templars in the district who would only be too pleased to meet together in the hope of reviving Good Templary in the district. A Good Templar Lodge is a decided acquisition to the town both in winter and summer, the former especially, whilst visitors in the summer, many of whom belong to the Order, like to visit a lodge out of their district, and help to fill the lodge on summer nights. Every small seaside resort has its Good Templar Lodge, surely Barmouth is not going to be without one. Yours faithfully, 1 ( P.P. I