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Annual Meeting ot theI Barmouth…


Annual Meeting ot the I Barmouth Library. Mr J. R. Williams, London City and Midland Bank, presided on Thursday last over a very good attendance at the Annual Meeting of the above Institution. The minutes of the last Annual Meet- ing was confirmed. Letters of congra- tulations upon the success of the Library were read from a number of Vice-Presi- dents and Patrons. On the motion of the Rev. R. Ward, B.A., seconded by Mr Ernest Lloyd, a hearty vote of thanks was passed to all the donors of books. On the motion of the Rev. Gwynoro Davies, seconded by Mr Owen Parry, it was resolved to accord on the Minute Book a deep appreciation of the loss sus- tained by the Library upon the death of four of its members, viz., Mr C. H. Miers, J.P., Mr 0. W. Morris, J.P., Mr Willie Williams, Ceylon House, and Mr R. G. Moore, Lion Hotel, On the motion of Mr Humphrey Jones, seconded by Mr Henry Freeman, the Secretary was instructed to write to a few ladies and gentlemen in the neigh- bourhood inviting their co-operation as Patrons and Vice-Presidents. On the motion of Dr. J. Pugh Jones, seconded by Mr Rees Jones, it was de- cided to add "The Queen" to the weekly papers purchased.—Mr Ernest Lloyd kindly promised to give the "Church Times. Mr Edward Williams proposed, and Mr M. G. Roberts seconded, that a hearty vote of thanks be conveyed to Mr R. Llewelyn Owen for his services as Auditor. A cordial vote of thanks was instruc- ted to be sent to the following, who so kindly give magazines and papers regu- larly Mrs Mackenzie, Edgbaston Mr J. A. Dorsett, Brynmynach Mr R. Prys Owen, Dyffryn; Mrs Talbot, Tvnyffynon; Mr D. E. Davies, St. Ann's Mrs Hugh Evans, Penmount; Mr J. A. Rowlands, Penygroes Mr O. W. Morris, Glanglas- for; Mr H. Jones, L. C. & M. Bank Miss Gyngell Mrs Mundy, Barnes, S.W. Dr. J. Pugh Jones, Fronygraig Mrs Rbys Jones, Glanymor; Rev. Gwyn- oro Davies; G. W.R. Company; as well as the publishers of several periodicals. The number of books given out from the Circulating Department during the year was 9,604, of which 2,202 were books of a serious nature. This is an average of 30 books every day of the year. Financially the prospects were none the less successful. The amount to the credit of te Institution on the 31st March being £[}13 4s. lOd. SECRETARY'S REPORT. The Secretary (MrJ. Jones) submitted his Annual Report, which was as follows: At theconclusion of another Library Year it is my pleasure and privilege to submit for your consideration a Report upon the working of the several depart- ments of the Institution for the year ending 31st March, 1915. "I am truly thankful to be able to state that our respected President, Mrs Talbot, who is in her ninty-second year, has been spared to see the commence- ment of one more year of the Institu- tion in which she took such keen in- terest. During the year we sustained a heavy loss in the death of four useful and faithful members, namely, Mr C. H. Miers, J.P., Mr. 0. W. Morris, J.P., Mr. W. Williams, Ceylon House, and Mr R. G. Moore, Lion Hotel. "Perfect harmony and co-operation characterised the proceedings connected with the Library during the year just ended. Up to the first of August it promised to be a record year, but upon the declaration of war there was an ap- preciable fall in the numberf visitors' members, as well as in the circulation of books. The severe winter storm caused some damage to the roof, which, to- gether with a few other repairs, were promptly attended to. THE READING ROOM. I The popularity of this room is by I now firmly established. The expecta. tions of the promoters that the young men of the town should make good use of the room has been more than justi- fied. The use, also, made of the room by visitors during the season clearly proves that it is an asset to the town. The tables, as usual, were well supplied with interesting Christmas Numbers by kind friends. A valuable addition was made to the Reading Room Library Cupboard by the presentation of The Life of David Lloyd George," by Herbert Du Parcq, M.A., B.C.L., complete in four volumes. The gift was made by MrsEvans, Pen- mount; in memory of the late Mr Hugh Evans, J.P., who had done so much for the Library. In addition to the periodicals bought by the Committee, a large number of Magazines and papers are* presented, for which I trust the donors will accept the Committee's sincere thanks. Should any other member wish to present any English or Welsh periodical, the gift would be much appreciated by the readers. A Map of the War sphere with the Flags of the combatant nations was presented by Sir Edmund Buckley, and placed in the Reading Room. A large portrait of Miss Marianne Farningham was presented by Miss Sharwood, and hung in the Reading Room. ArraDgements have been made by which those of the Belgian Refugees in the town who are able to read English can get the free use of the room, and a daily paper—' L' Independence Beige —is provided. "A Roll of Honour of all Barmouth men who are serving with the Colours, on land or sea, is being prepared and when completed will be hung in the Reading Room. "RECREATION ROOM. The popularity of this room is well maintained. A large number of the members has enlisted in defence of their King and country. In deference to the feelings of these absent members, it was decided to forego all tournaments in Billiards or Chess for the present year. The room is now being thoroughly cleansed and renovated. CIRCULATING LIBRARY. It I cannot speak too highly of the great generosity of Mrs Keightley, Glan- mawddach; Miss Winbam,ilove, and Mr J. A. Dorsett, Brynmynach, who pre- sented to this department during the year a large number of beau tit ul new and popular books. Books were also received from various other members and well-wishers of the Institution, thus avoiding the necessity for the Commit- tee to spend a large sum on new books. The number of books given out dur- ingthe year was 9,604, a fairly good pro- portion were books of solid reading. More books were borrowed from the Cobbe Library than was the case in any previous year. In conclusion, my sincere thanks are due to the Committee and members generally for their hearty support and co-operation in promoting the success of the Institution." The following officials and committees were appointed :-President,Mrs Talbot, Tynyffynon vice-presidents, Mrs Mackenzie, Edgbaston Mrs Williams, Plasmynach Mrs T. R. Bayliss, Ceil. wart Ucha; Mrs Hugh Evans, Pen- mount Miss Winham, Hove Mr J. A. Dorsett, Brynmynach; Mr C.E. Breese. Portmadoc Mr J. K. Starley, Coventry. Executive Committee, Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts,M.A.,The Rectory Rev. Gwyn- oro Davies, Haulfryn; Dr. J.O.Williams, Bryn; Dr. J. Pugh Jones,Fronygraig; Mr II. Freeman, Glanmeon: Mr D.E.Davies, St. Ann's Mr Morgan Richards, Fron- oleu; Mr Rees Jones, Moss Bank; Mr J. R. Williams, Mor Awel; Mr Morris G. Roberts,Henddol; Mr Edward Williams, St. Ann's; Mr Ernest Lloyd, Min-y-Mor; Mr 0. Armer, Craigymor; Mr David Roberts, N. P. Bank Mr Owen Parry, Kimberley House. Hon. Treasurer, Mr Humphrey Jones, L. C. & M. Bank. Hon. Auditor, Mr David Roberts, N. P. Bank, and Mr R. Llewelyn Owen, Council Office. The first meeting of the new Exe- cutive is to be held at 8 o'clock to-night (Thursday), when sub-committees will be appointed.