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SCOUTS' CORNER. I see that a new movement has been instituted among the Barmouth Scouts this week. Each Scout has been sup- plied with a "Subscription Card" on which will be entered the sum, however small, which he may save each week. Later on the Troop may have a week's camping, or, if that cannot be arranged this year, they will have a trip to some historical town or other place of in- terest, and a few shillings pocket money on such an occasion will be very con- venient. A few pennies saved every week will soon amount up boys, and by depriving yourselves of some short-lived pleasure now you will learn self-sacrifice and THRIFT. Sornelof you boys are certain to be- come rich men, and some of you may drift into poverty and misery. And it just depends on your own selves which you are going to be. You can very soon tell which your future is going to be. The fellow who begins making money as a boy will go on making it as a man. At first you may find it difficult to keep out of amusements and to deprive yourselves of sweets and other nice things, but- it will come easier later on, if you begin, and if you go on, remember, you are pretty certain to succeed in the end, especially if you get your money by hard work. *'¡ Any number of poor boys have become rich men—but in nearly every case it was because they meant to do so from the first; they worked for it and saved every penny they could. So each one of you has the chance, if you like to take it. The great owner of millions of pounds, J. Astor, began his career as a poor pedlar with seven German flutes as his stock-in-trade. He sold them for more than be gave, and so went on in- creasing his business. Nearly all of you are earning money. Some of you are out with the papers, others with milk before eight o'clock in the morning, you help in the shops and run errands after school hours. Now what money you do not band over to your parents, bring it to the Scout-meeting on Friday night, and it will be safely kept for you by the Treasurer (Mr Rees Jones, Moss Bank), who, by and by, will open an account in your name at the Post Office Savings Bank. To save money you must be manly, bard-working, careful and sober, The other day two of the Scout Boys were accused of doing a BAD Turn a mean, disgraceful turn, that is making fun of an old lady. On investigating the matter, the Scoutmasters were per- fectly satisfied that the accusation was not true, otherwise both boys would be expelled from the Troop, for such an action would be that of a coward and a Scout is no coward. If I hear of a bad turn, I shall have to record it in the Corner with the name of the doer, but I hope this will not happen.  I am delighted to be able to say that "good turns" on the part of the boys are constantly increasing. The other day a sheep belonging to Gellfechan was in a/ perilous position and in iminent danger of falling ovø-r a preci- pice. A Scout happened to ?ee it, and immediately made tracks for Gorllwyn thinking it might belong to Mr Robert Thomas. He was cooly informed that they kept no sheep. Nothing daunted be made for Gwasladagnes, and after miles of walking on an errand of mercy eventually brought succour to the poor dumb animal. This, be informed me he did, because he was taught that it was the duty of a Boy Scout to be kind to dumb animals. This was done by the promising young bugler of the Troo'p, Robert Henry Williams. Bravo boys, such actions will convince every one in the town what an excellent thing it is to be a Scout,