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TWICE PROYED. RESIDENTS OF BARMOUTH CANNOT HAVE DOUBT. Grateful messages from men and woman wbo-have the town's welfare at heart continue to appear in the Press. Such a message is given here and is from an old friend who now gives a double proof of the good advice previously given. Its earnestness lies in its neighbourly tone. Mr H. Roberts, who lives at the Glan- y-Llyn Temperance Hotel, near the Station, Barmouth, has spent thirty years or more on a merchant ship, being an officer for twenty He has sailed to all parts of the world, and was shipwrecked off the coast of Ireland about twenty lyears ago, when he fortunately escaped in a lifeboat. On January 30feia,( 19D9, Mr Roberts said — Some time-ago I was suffering with heavy, dragging pains in my back,and a general feeling cf lassitude and weari- ness. Thpre were also other troubles, which together proved to me that my kidneys were not acting properly. "Arter trying Various medioiues and finding nothing which seemed to do me any good, I was induced to take Doan's backache kidney pills. I am pleased to say that these pills did me more good than anything I bad previously used, and from that time to this I have never had any serious sign of the complaint. I heartily recommend Doan's pills to anyone who is troublad as I was. (Signed) H. Roberts." On February 7fcb, 1916-seven years latet-M.r Rut)et-ts said "I feel first- class now. There can be no doubt about Doan's pills being effective, for there has been no sign of the complaint since my cure, over seven years ago." Backache, gravel, dropsical swellings, urinary disorders, rheumatic twinges, headaches and dizzy spells are enough cause tc suspect kidney disease. Doan's backache kidney pills are solely for the kidreys and bladder, and afford health and strength to thousands. Price 2/9 a box, of all dealers, or from Foster McClellan, Co., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. Don't ask for backache or kidney pills,asl- distinctly for Doan's backache kidney pills, the same as Mr Roberts bad.

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