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OUR WOUNDED ALLIES, Among the organisations for helping mtf- f-ercrs in th war the Wounded Allies Rlief Vcmmitteo is doing a nofcaoe twork. Th« scope of its operations in indicated by its title, ard it in the closest cc-operation with the Britiuli and Allied Governments. It baa ploeed tkouEsnds of woasaded B-algians in liospitsiia and lioHvas, zml it extends support to a num- ber of iautitutioiis in France. A laotor-amtra- lauea unit is now on aervic- with the 1%gia<n Army, and a special appeal is made for help- ing forward the work in laospitals immedi- ately oohilld the firing line, whe76 prosper «i&«rgoncy treatment is invaluable in saving ms&y lives. Other features of 'hI() are fcfee provision of training amd employment JJOIOSS f ar the disabled, the supply of artificial limbs, and fee cere of woundod on leaving hospital. There is no other representative organisation ■whieh insists the sick, wounded, aThd erippkd soldiers of all the Allk*. Subscriptions, how- ever am: will be gratefully acknowledged on bfli; Eori) t.) Lord Swaythling, No 2, (1 raad Hotel, rCrafalg-aaf-eijuawi. Jjmanm. S, W. I for King and CoiiHtrp. ROLL OF HONOUR. -=- Barmoyth Boys who serve their King et Country >' on Land and Sea. THE NAVY. I Lieut.-Commander Edward Griff.itb, Re- I liance House | Lieucenant Best (late LingSetd) j Lieutenant R. Lloyd (late of Tynycoed) I Lieutenant Harold Lowe, Penrallfc Lieut. R. rJloy Lewis (late of Aelydon Fiigifi-Lieut. R. Hilton Jones, R.N.A.S. Chief Stoker Griffith Richards, The Anchorage. P.O. (1st 01 ) Tommy Williams, Beach Road (RN.A.S.) Do. Willie Owen, Craigmynach (do) Do. C. H. Mendbam, Mt. Argus (do) Petty OfCicer R. Williams, Aheramffra LeadingSeaman Tbos. Williams,Gwyofa Dick Powell, Llanaber Willie James Rowlands, Riverslea Rowland Rowlands, do. Alfred Price, Enfield House Johnny Owen. BwlchVane,Marine Gdns David W. Humphreys (late of Water St. Robert Jones, Abermaw Terrace Robert Ellis Griffith, Aheramffra Griffith Edwards, Green Bank. Thomas Garnett, Wynnstay House R Allen, Cambrian Street. William Jones, Penycei (R.N.A.S) Edward Jones, Bronygt'aig John Richard Tucker, 6, Porkington (Aeroplane Service) THE ARMY Captain D. Oswald Davies, Greenhili Capt. Tudor Jones Captain Wm. Griffith, M.B., late 2, Belle Vue Lieutenant Reginald Lloyd, Tynycoed LjeufcenantY. St. G.Hewins, Garreglwyd Lieutenant G. B. Piggofcfc, Pronaig ) 2nd Lieatpnantj M. Back ley I 2nd LinH. J. B. Menbam, Mount Argas 2nd Lieutenant Meirioti Williams, (late Police Station.) See-Lient H. R. H. Dennis, Gleneeirn 2nd Lieutenant Wm. Morris, Tanyfedw 2nd Lieutenant C R. Hughes, Glyhbefin 2nd. Lieutenant Caradoc Evans, 2nd Lieut. Lewis Williams, St Ann's Sergt.-Major G. Pelstead, Brynawel Ter. Sergeant A. C. O'Neil, do. I Sergeant Wm. O'Neil, do. Sergeant W.H.Williams, Liverpool Hse Sergeant Samuel Dillow, Water Street Sergeant John Astley, Cumberland Hse Sergeant J. H. Lloyd, late Marine Gdns. Sergeant W. H. Jones (late of Aelydon) Sergt. Dick Fuller, Beach Road Sergt. G. L. Booth, Brynawel Ter. Sergt. Bill Strongman, Harboro* House Sergt. Alfred Strongman, do. Sergeant Edward Price, Glasfryn House Sergt. Prank Lloyd, 4, Bronaber Ter. Bergt. EvanPierceJ ones(late Penygraig) Staff Sergeant H, Whitehead, Park Road Staff Sergeant Major W. Jones, Glanaig Lee Serg Herbert, Aspinall, Beach Road Corporal Robert Peters, Craig-y Nos Corporal Walter Thomas Pugb,Petgraig Corporal Richard Tank, Victoria Bldgs. Corp. Rhys Pugh,Llys Arfor(Canadians) Corporal John Parry Jones, Glanllyn Lee.-Coi,pl. Robert Williams,WesleyHse Corploral Ellis Tank, Victoria Bdgs Corporal David Owen, Marine Gardens Lce.-Corpl. Dan Robinson, Bennar Ter. Lee Corp]. Peter Hughes, Relience Hse. Lc-Corp Lewis Davies. Williams' Bldgs Lc-Corp. W. B. Griffith, Vulcan Yilla Driver George Astley, Cumberland Hse. R. Williams Liverpool House William Finnigan, Water Street J. Herbert Ingram, Glasfor Terrace H. Wallace Ingram, do. Richard Jones, 2 Marine Terrace John P. Williams, Beach Road David Davies, Williams' Buildings Robert Henry Lewis, Brynawel Terrace Edward Thomas, Church Place Robert Llovd, 2, Mount Pleasant \William Francis Jones, Bronygraig Tommy Loxlon, Central Buildings Bobbie Lloyd, Victoria Buildings Billie W. Roberts, Advertiser Office Humphrey Humphreys, 1 Fronfelen Tommy Jones, Buxton House Tommy Owen, Snowdon View Phillip Williams, Aberamffra Thomas Evans, Water Street John Jones, Goromvy Terrace Francis Morris, Abermaw Terrace Evan Evans, Arvon View Harry Powell, Llanaber Joe Catbervrood Thomas Hugh Jones, Eldon House John Rees Edwards, Morbea Vilia John Morris, do Lewis Edwards (late of Penygraig) J aek Jones, Aelfor Cottage William Thomas, Church Place Fdward Lowe, late Penralit Samuel Owen, St. Georges John Thomas Roberts, Albion House Wm. Richard Lewis, Glanywerydd Owen Evan Owen, 11, Marine Terrace R. H. Roberts, Pen Ian House Robert Francis Morris, Tauvledw Charlie Scholz flate Wesley Place) William Evans, Glandwr Lodge David Thomas El vans, do. William Davies, Williams' Buildings John Edwards, LIwynon Archie Fox (late Aelfor Villas) John Garner, Mount Windsor Owen TbomHS Morris, Ta?yfedw. David Ellis Humphreys, Gibraitar Ter. Alfred Smith Thomas, Glandwr Cottage Hugbie Williams,Tegfan, Princes Av. John Lloyd, Biirniouth Junction. Thomas O'Mara, Doctors Buildings. Willie Lloyd, Tynycoed Buildings David Richards, Leamington House. D W. Jones, Gwalia Hotel John E. Rowlands, Rivers Lea James Thos. Jones (late Water St.) I John Llewelyn Evans, Frooo!eu Farm G. Vernon Price, Enfield. F. A. Price, do. Ellis Roberts, Sb. Georges Tommy Roberts, do Harry Dudley, Coesfaen Willie Owen, St. Georges David Hughes, Arvon View John Charles Crabbe, Wilier Street Joe Whitehead, Park Road Ellis Price Jones, Beehive Robert Lloyd, late Marine Gardens. David Griffiths, 1, Aelfor Terrace Robert, Thomas, Church Place John Henry Jones, Tainewddion F. Pi-ewer, Brynraawddach E. Powell, do John M. Evans, late Wynnstay Housa David Davies (late of Glandwr Lodge) Sapper William Watkins, 3, Penybryn Sapper J. R. Jones, Manchester House Roibt. Edward Griffith, Vulcan Villa JohnEneGriOiih,Vulcan Villa (Canadians Bennett J. Griffiths, do (Canadians) G. W. Price, Glasfryn (Canadians) Iorwertb Price Jones, Gwynfa Cottage (Canadians) Gomer Thomas, Victoria Place (Austra- lians) Arthur Ll. Thomas, Do. (Australians) Arthur Wilson Roberts, 9, Porkington (Australians) D. H. Allen. Cambrian Street. John Alun Evans (late of Barmoutb) Willie Williams, School House Robert Arthur Jones (late of Vron Dair y Rowland Roberts, Water Street F»ascr Farrer, late Talydon Hotel William Alun Evans, Dolafon. Morris Owen Davies, (late Penygraigj Evan Jones, Tanycoed cottage W R. Owen, 2, Tygwyn Buildings R. E Roberts, The Grange 0. PI ys Hughes, Glyohefin (2nd Rho- desian Regt. ) Albert Morgan ONeill, Brynawel Ter. Evan Lewis, Brynawel Terrace Da vid Jones, late Panorama Mineral Works David Thomas Davies, Williams Bldgs ChSoid Jones, 4, Marine Tet-i ace Charlie Davies, Ptnl,llan Laundry William Jones, Glanllyn Charlie Coleman, 5, Bronaber Terrace John Llewelyn Edwards, St. Ann's David Jones, E'don House Evan Ller/elyn Evans, Pengraig Sianley Jones, Beach Road. John Lewis Evans, Gwendolen Herbert Mc'Manus, Bronwen House Griffith LI. WiUtRmn, Marine House (2nd Rhode si.n Regiment) Griffith Owen Edwards, Kohinoor Tommy Evans, late Siioam Buildings Roben Pugh, LSyrsdu Tommy Davies, Ppnlan House John Lewis, Ceilwart Abel Roberts, Gollen Art hur W. Hughes, Glenhefin I Richard Williams, 2, Marine Gardens Lewis Llcyd Evans, late Idi-is Temp. Monis Jones, Hyfrydle, Marine Gardens Mt urig Gr iffit h, Epworth Terrace David Jones, Bronygraig I Owen Francis Robert a, Cardigan View Gwilym W. Owen, Y Wern Griffith David Gritfith, Benner Terrace MOTOR DRIVING tnu?ht by an ex- .lV.l perienced man, moderate terms. Apply, I T., Office of this Paper. To Le1;. I i mO BE LET from May 12th, 1916, I J- No. 8, Porkington Terrace. Apply,— Cadwaladr Roberts, M'awdd l. e, Bar- mouth. ach TO BE LET, the ?u-?n and com- T modious WAREHOJ8E now occupied by the s.s. Dora Co., situated on the Quay, Bar- mouth, from the 12th May next. Applications to be sent in to the Treasurer, Mr Rhys Jones, Glanymor, Barmouth. To BE LET, Lyntou House, Bronaber Terrace. Rent C-16 IOs. Apply, G. E. Owen, Wern, Barmouth. mO LET, 1, Sp? Vipw, from May 12th, -L Apply, J. Pryce Jones, Bee Hive. TO BE LET, No. 2, Glanywerydd Terrace, from May 12th next. Apply, No. 3. ASONIO HALL, BARMOUTH. Large Room suitable for Public Meet- ings, Auctions, Soirees, Concerrs &c. Terms moderate. Apply, Secretary, Meirion House, Barmouth. TO LET FURNISHED Small Detached House. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms. Moderate terms. Apply, Miss Lewis, Coedybachau, Dyffryn. TO BE LET.—Bank House, Marino Parde, Barmouth, from May next (earlier possession may be arranged). 4 Large Sitting Rooms, 12 Bedrooms, Large Hall and Wide Staircase, beautifully decorated; Bathroom H. & C., &c. Apply, Mr. John Roberts, Ripon House. TO BE LET irora May 12th, 1916, No. 5, Porkington Terrace. 4 Bedrooms, 11., Reception Rooms, Kitchen, etc. Apply to Edwin Blakey, Surveyor and Estate Agent, Barmouth. COTTAGE to Let. Apply, B.C., Office of this Paper. I 1 BOARD OR APARTMENTS. Mrs. j Henry Freeman, Glanmeou, Barmouth. Close to Beael: and Station. Highest re- ferences. If PARTMENTS — Comfortable Hosne- like Apartments. Highly recommended Sea and Mountain view. Snnny aspect. 1 mile wallL Apply, Mrs R. Davies, Fronhyfryd, Llanaber Barmouth. K PARTMENTS Close to Promenade A aDd Station. Moderate terms. Apply, Mrs Morris G. Roberts, Henddol, Northfleld Road. APARTMENTS. — Ccmfo?ab!e and A Home-like Apartments. Highly recom- mended. Hot and Cold Bath. Apply, Mrs Evan Williams, Bocllyri," Church Street. A PARTMENTS.—Snowdon View, Rav- mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea & mountain view. Apply, Mrs B. Owen. MOBLET & Co -Fi ?t? ? ? GRAND SELECTION OF NEW SEASON'S GOODS JUST ARRIVED. I ] JAFFA ORANGES, I GRAPES, I LEMONS, | j DESSERT APPLE, i BANANAS, I COOKING APPLE I I WALNUTS BRAZIL NUTS, MONKEY NUTS, I COB NUTS, CHESTNUTS, j COKERNUTS, I I FIGS, j I DATES, ETC ALL KINDS OF TINNED FRUITS PICKLES, ETC. T.RY OUR MILITARY PICKLES. THE FRUIT STORES, L) .1 JL ) HIGH STREET, BARMOUTH For the best View Post Camels Go to the Original Stationers and Publishers— j J. EVANS & NEPHEW, High Street. ART PICTURES PAVILION PROMENADE, BARMOUTH. Grand Picture Display NIGHTLY AT 8. Matinees, Wed. and Sat. at 3. 4 ADMISSION ;) mourn FLOOR 6d. BALCONY M TO-NIGHT Th isrsday, Friday and SatopcSay. t Closing the Circuit THE DIVIDED LOCKET. HOMECOMING OF HENRY. I A HALTED CAREER. TAKING HER MEASURE. I STOLEN JEWELS '■ PI EXT WEEK ?EXT WEE!? I Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, The French Official Film: The Wrecked Ba b y-Ki Iler. I The marvellous Film of the German ¡ Zeppelin rececHy destroyed in FraMce.  '01BSI8 RFjfyZEB. j The Jungle Queen. I MUSIC LESSONS IN BRMOUTH OB HEIGHBOURHOOD- OR ME. W. H. WOODWARD, Musical Direc- tor of The Pavilion Barmontb, is prepared to receive Pupils for Piano- forte playing. Theory of Mesic and Singing. Terms on application to VICTORIA BUILDINGS, Barmouth. II IWMBHIIil WMII1 W. A. MATON, Art nitcl 1, PAVILION, IVtafiiie Parade, BARMOUTH. Pictures and Photographs Framed. Also a selection of Water Color Drawings and Oil Paintings for Sale. High-Class Portraiture at Moderate Prices. j Out-door Photographs taken I by appointment. I MIN-Y-MOR I STEAM LAUNDRY Write or call for Price List. Every kind of Laundry I Work done on the shortest notice, at reasonable prices. Dry-Cleaning a Speciality. ROPRIETGRS MR. & MRS. BEER Printed and Published by Morris G Roberts, Advertiser Office, Barmouth.