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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

15 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



AMMANFORD. -1 Success.—Mr. D. Watkin Kees, ot Bodlondeb, Penybank, has recently passed the examination held in London by the Surveyors' Institution, thus en- titling him to become associated with that institution. He is articled to Mr. J. Owen Parry, civil and mining engi- neer and surveyor, Ammanford. The death in action, on January 39th, is reported of Priv .T om H. Davies, of the Welsh Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Davies, 6, Quarry Row, Pantyftynnon. He had served in France for 15 months, and at the time of his death he was coming out of the trenches for a well-deserved period of home leave. Prior to enlisting, two years ago, he worked at the Dynevor Tinplate Works. He was 21 years of age. His brother is First Class Stoker J. S. Davies. Deceased's father has also lost a son-in-law and a brother in the war. Sailor Jack Parry, son of Mrs. Parry, Telegraph Hotel, Ammanford, is spending a short holiday at home. Although not out of his teens, Jack has had considerable experience on his voyages across the sea. He has been on his third trip to America. On the last voyage, his ship, the Turino." was torpedoed, but the crew were saved, except for a few who suc- cumbed as a result of the explosion. The young salt looks well, despite his trying escapades. He was a student at King' s College, Taunton, before he took to sea life. A reception was given on Sunday evening, after divine service, at the English Congregational Chapel, to Sergt. Oscar Jones, of the Shop, Tiry- dail Square, who was home on leave from foreign srvice. In the absence of the pastor, the chair was taken by Mr. Richard W. Davies, chairman of the Committee, and a capital programme was gone through. A recitation, "The Burial of Sir John Moore," was given by Willie Hitchings, and quartettes were sung by W. Hitchings and party, and Richard Davies and party; while the choir, under the conductor- ship of Mr. Samuel Waters, rendered two anthems. A speech was made -by Mr. Waters, and also by Mr. Morgan Will iaims, Bettws, and the usual present of two guineas was handed over to Sergt. Jones by Mrs. Walters, College Street. A complimentary concert was held at Ebenezer Baptist Vestry in honour of Priv. D. Evans, R.F.A., Tirydail, and Priv. Sidney Davies, A.O.C., High Street. Mr. T. W. Lewis, M.E., Tirydail, presided, and Mr. Willie Leyshon, T.C.L., Tirydail, ablv accompanied the vocalists. The following items were given:-Solos, Master Joey Phillips, Mr. Griffith Davies (Brynamman) Mr. Jonah Will iams (Bettws), Mr. Evans (Col- lege Street), Madame Fowler-* ,Williams (Pantyffynnon), Miss M. Morgans (Garnant), and Miss Katie Owen (Amman ford); penillion sing- ing, Mr. Morgan Roderick; violin solos. Master Trefor Williams and Master Horatio Jenkins; recitations, Mr. Evans (College Street), Mr. D. J. Edwards, and Master Stanley Owen. The heroes were presented with gifts, on behalf of the church, by Mr. Wm. Richards, High Street, and Mr. Joseph Griffiths, Tirydail. Priv. Sidney Davies was also the re- cipient of a gift by Mr. Wm. Lamb Thomas, on behalf of the Ebenezer Dramatic Society. The Tirydail Choir then rendered 0! na Wawria, under the able conductor- ship of Mr. Tom Evans. A duet was sung by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Evans, Tirydail; and speeches were delivered by Mr. D. J. Edwards, Mr. W. Lamb Thomas, and the Rev. Jno. Griffiths, B.A.. B.D., pastor The singing of the Welsh National Anthem closed the proceedings. Presentation. -Recently the mem- bers of the Ammanford Male Voice Party spent a very enjoyable evening at the Y.M.C.A. Institute, when Mrs. Jones, late accompanist, was made the recipient of a wedding present by the party, in the form of a silver spirit kettle and cake c'ish. In the absence of Mr. T. M. Evans, M.A., the pre- sident of the choir, Mr. W. T. Rhys (baritone), the chairman of the com- mittee, took the chair. Miss Annie Davies, as she was then,was appointed accompanist of the choir at its inaugura- tion, and faithfully and ably she ful- filled her duties while occupying the position. Last August she married Mr. T. D. Jones, colliery manager, Cymmer, where they at present reside. Following an able speech by the Chairman, a very interesting pro- gramme, which had been prepared by the secretary, Mr. Bowen Jones, was gone through :-Musi-cal monologue, Not Understood, Mr. W H. Evans; speech, Mr. Job Thomas; song, The Little Damozel," Miss Ceinwen James, R.A.M.; speech, Mr. Edwin Thomas; song, Echo," Mr. W. T. Rees; speech by Mr. Jenkin Mathews, the treasurer; song, "Fechgyn Cymru." Mr. H. J. Richards; recitation, Y Cynllun Goreu o Ddewis Gwraig, Mr. E. W. Thomas; song, Car- mena, Miss Ceinwen James. The presentation was made by Mr. Cwilym R. Jones. and Mrs. Jones responded. Neat little speeches were made by Miss Ceinwen James, R.A.M., and Miss Winifred Evans, A.P .S. On Saturday evening last, a number of prominent residents met jon the occa- sion of parting with one of their friends, Mr. Robert Dewsberry, Col- lege Street, who has left for Llanelly. Councillor J. C. Shaw ably filled the chair, and his remarks, together with followirg speeches, conveyed the feel- ing of profound regret that one so closely associated with them was leav- ing the circle, where his wit, I the ci it, good humour, level-headedness, and geniality, not forgetting his abilities as an original story-teller, will be missed at future meetings in the nest." Mr. D. L. Lloyd presented Mr. Dewsberry with a gold chain and medal, inscribed, on behalf of his many friends, as a token of respect and esteem, and the Chairman likewise presented a silver oake basket for Mrs. Dewberry, who, he felt sure, would be equally missed in the good work and the various move- ments in the town, Mr. Dewsberry, in responding, also on behalf of Mrs. Dewsberry, thanked his friends for the presents, regretted the parting, and said that while making some new friends, he always believed in the old saying, Old friends are the best." Speeches followed by Mr. A. S. Jones (Lloyds Bank), and Mr. W. Williams, who also sang an original song appropriate to the occasion. Others who spoke were Messrs. D. E. Thomas (Bank, Wind Street), Yestyn Williams, D. Thomas, A. Preston. D. Davies, W. Pritchard, David Lewis, C. Morgan (C. and C. Bank), and W. Reeder. Mr. D. E. Thomas acted as secretary and treasurer, which duties were ably carried out. The gathering dispersed after singing For he's a jolly good fellow."











Ammanford -Police Court.:


WAR LOAN MEETING ,at Ammanford.