Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

Heard in the Street.


Heard in the Street. A ckiel amang ye takin' notes, An' faith he'll prent it." —BURNS. A kindly minister called on a family, and taking little Fred on his knee, said: Ah, there is something in this little fellow that I like." The boy looked at him open-mouthed for a moment, and then said: Hey, sir, how did you know I had treacle pudding for dinner? The Carmarthenshire County Coun- cil have acceded to a request made by Mr. E. J. Jones, of Abemantglas Farm, Glanamman, on behalf of the farmers and homagers of that district, for a swimming bath to be provided for that part of the Lower Black Moun- tain for the purpose of dipping sheep. A German Jew was arrested the other day, and when taken to prison was told to strip and take a bath. Vat? Go in de vater?" he asked. Yes, take a bath; you need it. How long is it since you had a bath? With his hands lifted upward the prisoner answered I never vas arrested before. A youth attended a reception concert at one of the chapels in Amman ford the other evening, and when the col- lecting box came round he found he had only a threepenny-piece. Anxious to be a contributor, and having pro- bably also in view war-time economy and a prospective investment in the War Loan, he dropped his silver coin into the bQx and took out 2d. change It has often been said in earlier days that proprietors of chip potato saloons were making a penny each of the tubers sold by them to consumers of the delectable edible. Now we can be assured that retailers of vegetables and fruit are making the same sum. A purchase of sixpennyworth in Amman- ford on Saturday last brought the pur- chaser just seven potatoes, of which one was a bad one! War-time economy has been prac- tised in one Ammanford household, at least, in a novel way. During the hard frosts, and having no clay to make pella, coal-dust was placed in a flat tin, thoroughly damped, and left to freeze in a solid block. It was then smashed into lumps with a hammer, r. and when placed on the fire, burned f as brightly and, threw out as much heat as any patent fuel. In view of the discussion on billiards at Ammanford Licensing Session, the following story is to the point. A f football team was being sadly out- l classed, and their supporters were get- ting exasperated. One of the home backs, who was very bald-headed, jumped to head the ball, but, alas it skidded off his cranium and past his L own goalkeeper. Hi, Jimmy," shouted a disgusted spectator, why didn't yer chalk yer cue?" The number of licences issued in the r county during last year was 14,698, and the total duty collected £9,833 7s. 3d. This shews a decrease, com- pared with the previous year, of 87 licences and an increase of £ 157 15*. in revenue collected. There was a slight decrease in motor-car, motor- cycle, and gun licences. The remain- der shew a decrease, especially in respect of male servants, armorial bear- ings, four-wheeled carriages, and game licences. The penalties recovered amounted to £304 14s. 6d. Certifi- cates of exemption from dog licence duty was granted in respect of 6,987 dogs. The ice-covered streets are providing the youngsters with a good deal of pleasurable exercise, in the making of slides, which, however, present con- siderable danger to persons with less supple limbs and a minimum of activity. Fortunately, no serious acci- dent has so far resulted. The Urban Council has called the attention of the police to the matter, but the game goes merrily on. This is not altogether the fault of the police, as it is hardly pos- sible even for adults to walk along the road without sliding, more or less in- voluntarily, on the glassy surface. The alternate thaw and frost of the past few days has made matters worse, and the only remedy, failing a supply of grit by the County Council, would be for frontagers to throw a few ashes over the road in front of their premises. It is apparent the Lighting Regula- tions are a dead letter in Ammanford, except in the case of a driver of a vehicle without lamps. Anyone going along the street in the evening, cannot fail to have noticed the strong beam* of light thrown across the streets and on adjacent buildings from quite a number of business premises; indeed, some tradesmen now make no pretence of shading their lights. Late at night, too, lights shine from upper rooms of many buildings openly and un- ashamedly, and some of them must be visible for miles. Gorse fires, also, on the mountain are quite a feature of the landscape; but then, of course, they are not visible from the sea. This promiscuous evasion of the lighting restriction is, in one sense, a good sign, as evidence of confidence in our Air Defence to keep away any straggling aerial craft of the enemy.

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