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PALACE, AMMANFORD. "I TO-NIGHT THURSDAY), FRIDAY & SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 23 & 24, 1917. TANKS! TURKS! TANKS! The Official War Office Pictures of the British Army in France. The BATTLE of the ANCRE and ADVANCE of the TANKS (Five Reels of reality). More Wonderful than the Somme Film. Three Performances Daily at 3-15, 7 & 9. Prices, 1/6; 1/ 6d. SCALE OF CHARGES. The only way to Reach the People in these Districts is to Advertise in the Chronicle. HORSES OR CATTLE FOR SALE. SHEEP OR PIGS FOR SALE. POULTRY OR EGGS FOR SALE. Special Quotations for Tradesmen's Advertisements. Auctioneers' Advertisements 3d. per line. Legal, Municipal, and Public Nttices 64. Pafliamentary Notices 9d. Paragraph Advertisements amongst News 6d. „ Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 20 Words, 1/6; and 3d. for each 8 additional words. Miscellaneous Wants, For Sales, To Lets, 21 Words for 1/ 3d. for every addi- tional 8 words. Three Insertions for 2/ Small Advertisements, unless prepaid, will be charged 6d. per line. All Orders and Money must be addressed: AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE." QUAY STREET, AMMANFORD. Prepaid Advertisements. CHARWOMAN Wanted Jor two or three days; once- weekly afterwards.— Address Box Z4, Chronicle Office. EWS OF THE WORLD" War Maps, shewing all areas of the fight- ing, can be obtained at Heathcote's, 85, Margaret Street, Ammanford, or from Boys delivering papers. pOR SALE, Cream Pony, horse, 13.2 h.h., four years old; quiet in all har- ness and sound; 5.30. Bay Mare, 15.2 h.h., aged, in foal; quiet to ride and drive; 122. Two Sets of Harness, £2 each; also One Strong Farmer's Trap, 16; one Grocer's Rubber-tyred Car, £ 10. All can be seen by applying to T. Jones, Angel Hotel, Llandilo. p IGS ARE OFTEN TROUBLED WITH WORMS; Thorley's Womn Powders will clear same. Sold in Cartons 4 containing 6 powden 5d. by Agents in all parts, or by Post 12 Powders 1/1-96 Pow- ders 6/6, on receipt of remittance, by Joseph Thorley, Ltd., King's Cross, London, N. gMART BOY Wanted, just leaving School, as Apprentice to Journalism. Excellent opportunity. Apply Editor, Chronicle Office. p IG KEEPERS WHO WISH THEIR PIGS to pay should use as a Condi- ment Thorley's Food for Cattle; keeps Pigs thrifty. Sold in Cases containing 56 packets Five Shillings, by Agents in all parts. A CTUAL test proves that Karswood Harmless Poultry Spice added to hen jk food, produces double the eggs ?s same food ?? without Karswood. Packets 2d., 6d., 1/ Try it.-Evans, Chemist, Tumble. LIFO Poultry Meal is a perfect substitute for biscuit meal and saves 3d. in the 1/ Get some to-day from the Ammanford Co-operative Society, Ammanford. » I TO get more eggs use Karswood Poultry Spice containing ground insects. 2d., 6d., Is. packets from Evans, Amman Pharmacy, Garnant. you SHOULD KNOW THAT OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice, is different to any other Poultry Spice and con- tains all that is necessary for Keeping Poultry Healthy, and producing abundance of Eggs. Sold in cases containing 72 packets Six Shillings. Cartons (two sizes), 1/1 and Sixpence each, by Agents in all parts. LARGE CUPBOARD Wanted. State particulars and price to Editor, Chronicle Office. p OUL TRY KEEPERS should write to Joseph Thorley Ltd., King's Cross, London, who are the Manufacturers of Ovum, Thorley's Poultry Spice, for Thorley's Poultry Keepers' Account Book. also Book giving useful hints to Poultry Keepers. Both sent Free. A DVERTISE your Sales and Wants in the Chronicle. Cheap Prepaid Rates. Chronicle Office, Ammanford. A PPLICATIONS for Agencies to Sell The Amman Valley Chronicle in the Villages of East -j&mnwhen"e should be forwarded J It Public Notices. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Don't fail to Book Seat. for Tlve MessiaK On Wednesday, April 4, 1917, AT THE Palace Theatre, Ammanford. Sec.: E. BASSE 1 1, Hall Street. AMMANFORD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. WAR LOAN. ENCOURAGED by the unanimous vote of support passed at the Public Meet- ing held on Monday night, the 12th instant, the Council have now made application for £5,000 War Loan, with a view to allotting the same among the Ratepayes and Residents of Ammanford in lots of £ 20 or some mul- tiple of £ 20, in accordance with the Scheme which was outlined at the said Public Meeting. The Council now make an earnest and confident appeal to all adults and young people within the Urban District to rally round, the Government at this time of un- precedented national crisis by making appli- cations forthwith for War Loan lots. Forms of Application may be obtained from me, the undersigned, on and after Monday next, the 19th instant, and after having been duly filled and signed, should be sent in to me not later than the 5th day of March, 1917. T. M. EVANS, Clerk to the Council. Amman ford February 14th, 1917. Re DAVID JOHN THOMAS, Deceased. Pursuant to the Act of Parliament, 22nd and 23rd Victoria, Chapter 35. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditors and other Persons having any Claims or Demands against the Estate of DAVID JOHN THOMAS, late of No. 42, Park Street, Lower Brynamman, in the County of Glamorgan, Colliery Manager, deceased, who died on the 9th day of December, 1916, and whose Will was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of His Majesty' s High Court of Justice on the 5th day of February, 1917, by Thomas Bartholomew and David Harries, the Executors therein named, are Hereby Required to send the Particulars, in writing, of their Claims or Demands to the undersigned on or before the 20th day of March, 1917, after which date the said Executors will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said Deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the debts, claims, and demands of which he shall then have had notice; and he will not be liable for the Assets of the said Deceased or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose claims or demands he shall not then have had notice. Dated this 14th day of February, 1917. T. M. EVANS, Solicitor for the said Executors. 48, College Street, Ammanford. BILLIARD LICENCE. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I, WILLIAM ATKINS, of Verdun House, Capel Hendre, in the Parish of Llandebie, intend to apply at the Adjourned General Annual Licensing Meeting of the Justices for the Petty Sessional Division of the Amman Valley, to be holden at the Court House, Ammanford, on the 12th day of March, 1917, for a Billiard Licence to keep a house for Public Billiard Playing, situate on the premses known as Verdun House. Dated this 14th day of February, 1917. (Signed) WILLIAM ATKINS. WINE LICENCE. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I, FRED DAVIES, The Drug Stores, Penygroes, in the Parish of Llandebie, intend to apply at the Adjourned General Annual Licensing Meeting of the Justices for the Petty Sessional Divion of the Amman Valley, to be holden at the Court House, Ammanford, on the 12th day of March, 1917, for a Certificate of Justices for the grant of a Licence to sell by retail, WINES, in pursuance of the Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910, and other Acts in that behalf, to be drunk or consumed Off the Premises, at the Shop situate at the Square, Peny- groes, aforesaid, and known as The Drug ,tAr_. Penvaroes. aforesaid. Sales by Auction. MOUNTAIN ROAD, BRYNAMMAN. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MESSRS. DL. JENKINS & SONS H AVE been favoured with instructions from Mrs. Daniel Davies (who is leaving the neighbourhood for North Wales) to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24th, 1917, the whole of the following FURNITURE consisting of Massive Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Hand- some Eight-day Clock, 2 Sofas, Dressing Table and Washstand, Bedroom Ware, 2 Cane-botom Chairs, 2 Iron Bedsteads, 2 Pairs of Mattresses, I Feather Bed, Bolsters and Pillows, I Flock Bed, Bamboo Table, Square Table, Round .Table, Arm Chair, 4 Kitchen Chairs, Fender, Fire Irons, Ash Pan, Pictures, Ornaments, Oilcloth, Window Poles, Braass Candlesticks, Lamp, Brass Scale and Weights, Stair Rods, Clothes Line and Posts, Pantry Requisites, Garden Tools, and many other Articles. The Sale to comence at 3.30 o'clock. Credit on Conditions. The Shop, Gwaun-cae-guwen, February 14th, 1917. :£»18ill HCall, LLANDILO. HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND EXTEN- SIVE SALE OF VERY VALUABLE ANTIQUE AND MODERN HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, RARE OLD CHINA, GLASS, PEWTER, BRASS AND PLATED GOODS, PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS, CARPET, RUGS, LINEN, &c. Mr. T. L. HARRIES IS favoured with instructions from Mrs. Williams, Newfoundland Villa, and the Administratrix of the late Miss K. M. Davies, to SELL BY AUCTION, at the above place (where the Goods have been removed for convenience of Sale), on WED- NESDAY, FEBRUARY 28th, 1917, a very Excellent Collection of Antique and other Household Appointments The principal Lots being: Beautiful Chippen- dale Sideboard, handsome Eight-day Grand- father's Clock in Mahogany Case, old Oak Gate Leg Table, ditto Tiddle Back, Arm and Small Chairs, ditto Fancy Bureau, Mahogany and Old Oak Dining and Occa- sional Tables, exquisite Rosewood Fancy Desk, elegant Mahogany Chests of Drawers, fine Old Gilt Overmantels, Chippendale Hanging Glass, nice Collection of very Rare Old China and Ware, Cut-glass, Pewter, Brass and Plated Goods, very Valuable Pictures, Books, Carpets, Rugs, together with a number of very Useful Pieces of Modem Furniture, all of which are in excellent con- dition. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock precisely. TERMS-CASH. Goods on view Morning of Sale. Cash Advances. LONDON AND PROVINCES L- DISCOUNT COMPANY. LTD. ADVANCE CASH DAILY In sums of £ 10 to il,000 to all Classes on Promise to Repay. No Sureties required. Absolute Privacy. Repayments extended over a period convenient to the Borrower. No Fees or Expenses of any descrip- tion are charged unless Cash actually advanced. Apply to Manager- Mr. W. SHIRLEY, 48, Stokes Croft, Bristol. Private Cash Loans. IF you have any debts that want paying, or require LIO to £ 1,000 for business or private reasons, apply to the old-established Firm. Don't give a Bill of Sale, or expose your position to friends, as we Advance Cash without Security or Sureties. Oar Specialities: Quick Completions. Low Repayments. Fair Dealings. ilO Cash Advanced for a charge of 20/ Repayments from 5/- weekly. CHARLES STEVENS, LTD. (Tel. 467), Hayes Buildings, Cardiff. Loans at 6 Per Cent. per Annum arranged 0'.1 ? .I?:J fff Y.M.C.A. INSTITUTE, AMMANFORD. A GRAND Welsh Fair WILL BE HELD AT THE ABOVE PLACE ON St. DAVID'S DAY, March 1st, 1917. The Fair will be opened at 3 p.m. by Mrs. W. N. JONES, Dyffryil. The Stalls will be provided by the various Churches and Chapels in the Urban District of Ammanford. The Bettws String Band will render Selections of Welsh Airs. Also the Leading Artistes of the District will render Solos. ADMISSION 3d. (Including Tax). Payment at Doors. Children under 12 not admitted unless accompanied by an Adult. Proceeds in aid of the Welsh Flag Day Fllnd, which provides comforts for Welsh Troops Look out for Welsh Flag Day, SATURDAY, MARCH 3rd, 1917 IMPORTANT all NOTICE To Emplojjcps of Labour. All Employers are required under the Defence of the Realm Act, to furnish the Recruiting Officer during the first week of each Calendar Month, a List of all their Male Employees who are of Military Age, and to deliver to each Recruiting Officer during the first week in each month a written report showing any alterations and addi- tions to the said List. Any person who fails to do so under these Regulations, shall be guilty of a summary offence, and will be immediately re- ported on. T. LLOYD-HARRIES, Lieut.-Colonel, Recruiting Officer. LLANDEBIE To.Rr EISTEDDFOD (I.O.R.) Saturday, March 10th, 1917. Chief Choral: "Rhyfelgan y Plant" (Gwilym James), £ I 5s. Od. and Medal. Octette: "Ti Wyddost beth Ddywed fy Nghalon" (Dr. Parry), 8/- and Book value 5/ Secretary-R. J. TANNER, Llandebie. Amusements. PUBLIC HALL, GWAUN-CAE-GURWEN. To-Night (Thurs.), Friday & Saturday Feb. 22, 23 and 24. Star Exclusive—THE Woman of Mystery The Strange Case of JML&.XW PAGE Episode 4: THE MARK. Special Announcement for Week commencing Feb. 26th. Pictures will only be shown on Monday. This is the only night to see Episode 5: Love and War in LIBERTY. Special arrangements have been made to show The Strange Case of Mary Page, in conjunction with the Magic Key on Thursday and Saturday Nights. Local & District News. TO CORRESPONDENTS. Reports, News Paragraphs, and all Communications for the "AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE" should be sent not later than WED- NESDAY earlier when- ever possible-addressed- EDITOR, Amman Valley Chronicle," AMMANFORD. I' Will all Correspondents, whether writing in Welsh or in English, please remember, when sending in their contributions, that proper names and addresses must be given, not necessarily for insertion, but as a guarantee of good faith.

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