Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

4 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



BEVAN & COMPANY, ltd., II During the present great scarcity of Furniture, ALWAYS REMEMBER That everything for Complete Furnishing is obtainable from the Immense' STOCK still held by this well- known Firm! ^NEWEST DESIGNS! RELIABLE GOODS!! ROCK-BOTTOM PRICES! I I FURNITURE FOR THE MILLION! I ?? %Yllt s I Swansea, Llanelly, &c. All Inhabitants in the Ammanford District should NEVER FORGET That BEVAN & COMPANY hold by far the Largest Selection of Furniture, Carpets, Pianos, &c., in the Principality. Delivery free from any of their numerous Branches up to 200 Miles, and the TRAIN FARES of CASH CUSTOMERS paid. SCALE OF CHARGES. The only way to Reach the People in these Districts is to Advertise in the Chronicle. Special Quotations for Tradesmen' s Advertisements. Auctioneers' Advertisements 3d. per line. Legal. Municipal, and Public Notice* ••• ••• 6d. Parliamentary Notices 9d. Paragraph Advertisements amongst News 6d. Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 20 Words, 1/6; and 3d. for each 8 additional words. Miscellaneous Wantl, For Sales, To Lets, 21 Words for 1/ 3d. for every addi- tional 8 words. Three Insertions for 2/ Small Advertisements, unless prepaid, will be charged 6d. per line. All Orders and Money must be addressed: AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE," QUAY, STREET, AMMANFORD. Prepaid Advertisements. CTRAYED to Twrmawr, Llanarthney, one Aged Pony and a Yearling Black Filly. If not claimed in fourteen days, will be sold to defray expenses. CTUAL test proves that Karswood (Harmless) Spice added to hen food produces double the eggs as same food with- out Karswood. Packets 2d., Hd., 1/3.— Thomas Evans, Royal Stores, Llandilo. A GENTS Wanted, full and spare-time. Salary, Commission and Expenses.— Write Society, 6, Eaton Crescent, Swansea. IVTOLESKINS, Rabbits, Feathers, Horse- x hair, &c., Wanted. Send for prices.— H. Stuart & Co., Albion Buildings, Alders- gate Street, London, E.C. I. FOR Sale, Two Dwelling Houses in Heol Las, Ammanford; hot and cold Bath.—Apply W. Williams, Glanamman House, Heol Las, Ammanford. EGGS Multiply where MOLASSINE LAYING MEAL is used. Obtainable from Corn Dealers or The Molassine Co., Ltd., Greenwich, S.E. 10. TJELP the little white hen to defeat the food-ship sinkers, by giving her Karswood Poultry Spice, which doubles egg output. 2ad., 7 id., 1/3.-Evan Evans, Chemist, The Square, Ammanford. WANTED, Tenders for Haulage of House Coal for Ammanford Colliery Workmen. Three horses and carts required for whole of haulage. Units can apply.— Applications to Thomas Evans, Checkweigher, la, Penybank Road, Ammanford. 1918 PURE-BRED COCKERELS for Sale. Ancona, 12/6; Light Sussex. 15/ Speckled Sussex, 15/- each. All from eggs obtained direct from Wilson, Grawshay, and Wace respectively.-Apply M," Chronicle Office, Ammanford. FOR Sale, three Dutch Rabbits, 31. 1. J- and. 8 months respectively. Also one Angora. 3s months, with Breeding Cot, 8ft. long, 2ft. 6in. wide, with 2ft. divisions. Will sell cheap or will exchange for pullets.— Apply 18, Margaret Street, Ammanford. WANTED to Rent, near Ammanford, a good House with modem conveniences in good locality. House in its own grounds preferred, or one of two. Spacious garden essential, with land" attached if obtainable. Quiet tenants, clean rent books. Reward given to anyone for information of such on possession.—Apply in first instance to H," Amman Vailty Chronicle Office. £ 10,000 and £ 15,000 to Lend on Mort- gages at 4 per cent.. Farms and Free- hold or Leasehold Houses, any sum to suit the Borrower.— Write, stating amount re- quired. to E. R. Edwards, 1, Norman Road, Ammanfoid. PIANO BARGAINS.—CcIIard and Col'a*: :_k'ght in Wa.nut case, £ 60; Eas,o- Uprigr, 11, I.Vainut case, £58; Dunmo Ellis Upright; (I Walnut, £ 55; Pianola, Z26. All Instruments guaranteed and del;vered carriage ;?aid. W rite for complete Ca ogue and Pa-n I :st -4, C. iVT om & F.; i-td., TIle Gr ..t West of England Piano House, 15, Milsom Street, Bath. ADVERTISE your Sal es .d Ws »ta in the Chronicle. Cheap Prepaid Rate I Chr";r..e Office, Ammanford. Financial. Bw yourSangs I B 4n k your ma HOUSE. THERE is no MOE profitable way of investing your War Work Savings than buying, a House of your own, uncbr the simple sy3tem of house p rcnase, by means of Easy InstAiuents-it;ss than rent. t Write—Society, 6, Eaten Crescent, Swansea. Public Notices. Carmarthenshire Nar Agricultural Executive Committee. DAMAGED CORN IN FIELDS. P ARMERS having Corn still in Fields so damaged as to be unfit for threshing, should apply at once to the Secretary of the Parish War Agricultural Committee, or the Parish Representative of the District Com- mittee, in order that the Grain may be in- spected If certified to be unfit for threshing, the above Committee will issue permits for Farmers to use the same for feeding purposes. T. Harries, Secretary, Shire Hall, Car- marthen. Carmarthenshire War Agricultural Executive Committee. SUPPLY OF PLOUGHMEN, &c. A LARGE number of Skilled Agricul- x turists and Ploughmen released by the Military Authorities for Agricultural purposes for two months are now waiting to be put out on Farms. Any Farmer short of labour should immediately apply. Notice is Hereby Given that the Military Authorities will not consider the release of any individual Soldier for Agricultural Work as long as any of the above are unemployed at the Depot. Therefore, it will be useless for Farmers to apply here for the release of such men.-Secretary, Labour Department, Shire Hall, Carmarthen. JSEULAH CHAPEL, Lower CWMTWRCH. A GRAND Competitive CONCERT Will be held at the above place On Saturday, Nov. 16th, 1918. Adjudicators: Music: Mr. Arthur Davies, F.R.C.O., Swansea. Literature Mr. T. R. Thomas, Council Schools, Cwmtwrch. Ambulance Mr. Philip Lewis, Lower Cwmtwrch. Accompanist: Mr. Elved Morgans, Gurnos, Lower Cwmtwrch. Programme. £ s. d. Champion Solo (open), own choice 3 3 0 Duet (open), any voice, own choice 2 2 0 Sop.. Con., Tenor, & Baritone each 110 Open Recitation (own choice) 1 1 0 Children's Solo 2nd, 2/6; 1st, 0 7 6 Children's Recitation 2nd, 2/6; 1 st, 0 7 6 Essay, "Y Ddrama yng Nghymru" ("The Drama in Wales") 1 1 0 Ambulance—Individual Oral Competition for Men, 15/ ditto for Ladies, 15/ Further particulars may be had from the Secretaries—Mr. Edwin Rees, Gwys Cottage, Upper Cwmtwrch, and Mr. Philip Lewis, Glan-yr-afon, Lower Cwmtwrch, Swansea Valley GELLYCEIDRIM COLLIERY, GLANAMMAN. Workmen's House Coal HAULAGE. T ENDERS are solicited for the Haulage of House Coal for the Workmen em- ployed at the above Colliery. A Chute to load the Carts will be pro- vided. Applicants to provide Horses and Cam.. All inquir es to be maSe, and Tenders for- warded by Friday, November 8th, 1918, to DAVID DAVIES. Brynllwyd, Glanamman. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. The Blaenau and Caerbryn Horticultural Society Will hold their FIRST SHOW ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 1919. Further Particulars will appear shorvly. W. THOMAS, Hon. Secretary. TO LET. P ANTYFFYNNON Grist Mill; worked by water power; vacar possession. Also a Cottage attached thereto my be Let if desired in month or two.—Apply for fur- ther particu lars to T. M. F ans, Solicitor, Ammanford. Scholastic. Old College School, Carmarthen. (Feeing the F autiful ale of To.vy) Ideal Institution for Direct Preparation and Gr &t Production. ¿ve.j Pupil baiag taught the Subjects future purposes require. New names registered "\t any time, and charged pi: rata. Boordets Kept. G Mil Admitted. Terms Moderate. Agriculture for Farmer*. Science for Miners. Classics and Mathematics for Ministerial id jnts. Shorthand, Book-keeping and Typewriting for Commercials. Elementary Course of General IntfractioB for Beginners and Youngsters. Head Master: The REV. J. B. THOMAS. (UNDWGRAD. LONDON UNIVER- SITY. Open Exhibitioner Card'ff Univenity. Holder of 10 Certificates (Firsi Class with Distinction), South Keasmgtoo). Sales by Auction. Pai»m (Near Derwydd Road Station), IN THE PARISH OF LLANDEBIE. IMPORTANT. SALE OF SWEDES, MANGOLDS, POTATOES, PIGS AND I GEESE. Mr. W. N. JONES HAS received instructions from Mr. John Hopkins to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on THURS- DAY, NOVEMBER 7th, 1918, the whole of the following GREEN CROPS, PIGS And GEESE, Viz. :— 3 Acres of well-grown Swedes, 10 Tons 'of Mangolds, 5 Tons of Magnum Bonum Potatoes, 8 Fat Pigs, 12 Store Pigs, and 20 Geese. Sale to commence at 3.15 o'clock. Credit on Conditions. Auctioneer's Office, Dyffryn, Ammanford, October 26th, 1918. LLANDILO. CLEAR-OUT SALE OF STOCK, CROP, IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY UTENSILS, AND PART OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Mr. W. N. JONES H AS received instructions from Mr. D. W. Evans (who is leaving) to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, 1918, the whole of the following STOCK. &c., Viz.:— 4 Young and Excellent Milch Cows (one due to calve in November and the others early), I In-calf Heifer, 1 Yearling do., 1 very use- ful Cob Mare (6 years old, an excellent worker), 4 Porkers, 60 Fowls. THE IMPLEMENTS comprise Rubber Tyre Trap by Jackett, Swansea, Gambo, Hay Rake, Chaffcutter, Ladder, Iron Pig Trough, -Scythe, 10-Gallon Boiler, Wheel- barrow, Buckets, Cow Ties, Cart Harness, 2 Sets Trap Harness (one quite new), Pair Carriage Lamps, 2 Carriage Rugs, 2 Oak Coffers, Forks and Rakes, Roll Barb Wire, Wire Netting, Iron Hurdles, Barrel Churn, Separator by Melotta," Cream Pots, Cheese Press, Vats, Coolers, Scales and Weights, Milk Pans, Clappers and Prints, together with the following HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Viz., American Stone Large Dining Table, Pictures, Brass Mantel Rod, Clocks, Chairs, Double Barrelled Gun, Singer's Hand Sewing Machine, Handsome Oak Dining Room Suite (upholstered in Red Leather), Small Book- case, Pair Large Pictures, Massive Brass Standard Lamp and Shade, Case of Otter and Squirrels, Case of Black Game, Dinner Service complete, Mahogany Bookcase, Feather Beds, Carpets, Linoleums, Rugs, Water Tubs, &c., &c., also an [ACRE OF OATS WELL HARVESTED IN HAY SHED; ABOUT 400 lbs. OF CHEESE. Sale to commence at 1.30 p.m. prompt. Credit on Conditions on all Lots over £2. Auctioneer's Office, Dyffryn, Ammanford. On behalf of the Crown. (FRANK BEVAN. Deceased). CARMARTHENSHIRE. MANORDILO. I SALE OF A VALUABLE LEASEHOLD VILLA AND GARDEN. Mr. W. N. JONES I H AS received instructions to Offer for AA oALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the CAWDOR ARMS HOTEL, LLAN- DILO, on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9th, 1918, at 2.30 p.m., all that Valuable Lehold ViIa Residence, known as tf ABBOTSBURY," Situate on the side of the main road near Talley Road Station. The Premises comprise Front Parlour, Front Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, Cellar, 2 Bedrooms, Box Room, W.C.. together with a large and well-stocked Garden. The Property is held under Lease for 99 years from the 24th day of June, 1899, at the Annual Ground Rent of il all mines, minerals, &c., thereunder beln, reserved to the Lessor with full power to work same. The House is well built and conveniently arranged, and vacant possession can be obtained on completion. Further particulars can be had from the Auctioneer, Ammanford arid Llandilo; G. C. Porter, Solicitor, Llandilo; and the Solicitor for the Affairs of His Majesty's Treasury, Treasury Chambers. S.W. I. Sales by Auction. IVORITES' HALL, AMMANFORD. SALE OF VALUABLE AND USEFUL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Mr. W. N. JONES TT AS received instructions from the Repre- ..L sentatives of the late Mrs. William Lawley to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place (where the Goods have been removed for the convenience of Sale), on MONDAY, NOVEMBER I lth, 1918, the whole of the following HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND OTHER EFFECTS, Viz.:— Leather Suite, Table, Pictures, Oilcloth, Poles and Hangings, Ornaments, Stair Rods, Kitchen and other Tables, Chairs, Settle, Clock, Books, Pier Glass, Brass Rail Bed- steads, Feather Bed, Palliasses, Mattresses, Wash Stands, Dressing Tables, Toilet Ware, Bedroom Chairs, 2 Chests of Drawers, Chair Commode. Hat Racks, Mangle, Organ, Lamps, Kitchen and other Ware, Boiler, Saucepans, Tea Kettle, Tools, Flowers in Pots, Sheets of Zinc, Jars, &c., &c. Sale to commence at 4 o'clock. Terms— Cash. Auctioneer's Office, Dyffryn, Ammanford. CARMARTHENSHIRE. Parishes of BETTWS and LLANFYNYDD. Mr. W. N. JONES H AS received instructions to Offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the CROSS INN HOTEL, AMMANFORD, on THURSDAY, November 14th, 1918, at FIVE O'CLOCK in the Afternoon (accord- ing to Conditions to be then and there read), the following Valuable Leasehold FARMS, Viz. LOT Ir-All that Valuable Freehold Farm with Dwelling House and Outbuildings thereon, known as TIRLAN, in the Parish of Bettws, and containing by admeasurement 57a. I r. 36p. or thereabouts of excellent Pasture, Arable and Meadow Land, now in the occupation of Mr. David Evans as yearly Tenant thereof. LOT 2.-All that Valuable Freehold Field now held with Lot I and adjoining same, below the Parish Road, and containing 7a. 3r. 2p. or thereabouts. LOT 3.—All that Valuable Freehold Farm Lands, Dwelling House and Outbuildings thereon, known as MARCHOGLWYN- GANOL, in the Parish of Llanfynydd, now in the occupation of Mr. Morgan Jones as yearly Tenant ithereof, and containing by admeasurement 27a. 1 r. 15p. or thereabouts. The Mines and Minerals under Lots I and 2 are reserved. The above Properties are very Useful Farms, and the quality of the Land is excep- tionally good. Lots 1 and 2 are sold with all Rights to the Bettws Mountain, and Lot 3 fe-rms a very excellent and desirable Holding. Further Particulars can be had from the Auctioneer, and as to Lots I and 2 from T. M. Evans, Esq., Ammanford, and as to Lot 3 from G. C. Porter, Esq., Ltandilo. Auctioneer's Offices, October 30th, 1918. Penybont Farm, GLANAMMAN. (within about 5 Minutes' Walk of Glan- amman Station). HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND ATTRAC- TIVE SALE OF A SPLENDID HERD OF DAIRY COWS, USEFUL HORSES, AND OTHER LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS, &c. Mr. JOHN PHILLIPS I S favoured with instructions from Mr. John A Thomas to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on MON- DAY, NOVEMBER 11th, 1918, the follow- ing Valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c., Vi 'z. 36 HEAD OF CATTLE.-9 excellent Dairy Cows (3 with Calves at feet), 4 Barren Cows. 15 most promising In-calf Heifers, 2 Steers (in forward condition), 2 Yearling Bulls, 2 Bull Calves, and 2 Heifer Calves. 11 CAPITAL HORSES.—The well- known Entire, Cymro Bach," 14 b. h. (entered in the Welsh Stud Book) 1 Black I Five-year-old Collier Mare, 14.3 h.h.; I Six- year-old Mare, 15 h.h.; 1 Five-year-old Chestnut Horse, 15 h.h.; I Four-year-old Dark Horse, 14.3 h.h.; Bay Cob, I Black Cob, 14.2 h.h.; I Three-year-old Bay Cob, I Bay Yearling Filly, 1 Bay Two-year-old Hunter Filly, and 1 Collier Sucker. 60 HEALTHY SHEEP from Well-known Flocks.-20 Cross-bred and Mountain Ewes, 10 Ewe Lambs, and 30 Lambs in forward condition. 20 YOUNG BREEDING SOWS, PORKERS, &c.-2 Open Sows, 8 strong Storers, and 10 Weaners. IMPLEMENTS.—2 Rubber-tyred Traps, 2 Mowing Machines, 1-h.p.; Hay Rake; and OTHER MISCELLANEOUS EFFECTS. Sale to commence at 12 noon precisely. The days are short, and the Auctioneer re- quests respectfully prompt attendance. Refreshments on the Table at II a.m. Credit on Conditions. Auctioneer' s Office, G lanamman, October 25th, 1918. Saies by Auction. AMMANFORD. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES FOR SALE. l lq-" d I lb OKI MsJOMES Has received instructions to Offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the liiwiw HOTEL, AJ.ŒIv.J:AN"FORD, On Thursday, November 14th, 1918, At 5 p.m. (according to Conditions to be then and there produced), the following VERY VALUABLE LEASEHOLD Shop & Dwelling Houses. I LOT I. All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House and Premises, known as MAESYDERI," New Road, Ammanford, comprising Sitting Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Scullery with Sink, 3 Bedrooms, Box Room, 2 E.C. s, PQrch over Front Door, Coal-house, 2-Stall Stable, Chaff-room, Garden with large Yard at back, all walled in, with Cart Entrance at back; also 2 Wooden Sheds and Lean-to, covered with Corru- gated Sheets, and now occupied by Mrs. Evans. LOT 2.—All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House and Premises, being No. 11, New Road, Ammanford, comprising Double-fronted House, with Bay Windows up and down, Sitting Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Scullery with Sink, 4 Bedrooms, Bath Room fitted with Bath and Wash Basin, Linen Cupboard, small Glass Porch over Back Door, E.C., Hayshed with Pillars and slated Roof, and Coal-house, Garden with large Yard at back, all walled in, with Cart Entrance, now in the occupation of the Rev. J. Griffiths. LOT 3.-All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House, Garden, and Premises, situate and being No. 80, College Street, Ammanford, occupied by Mr. Charles Fletcher as Tenant thereof, at the Monthly Rent of £ 1 1 3s., and comprising Parlour, Dining Room, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Pantry, 3 large and 1 small Bedrooms, Bath, Garden, and E.C. LOT 4.—All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House, Garden, and Premises, ad- joining Lot 3, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Scarsi as Tenant thereof, at the Monthly Rent of 1-1 13s. 3d., similar in all respects to Lot 3. Lots 3 and 4 will first be offered in 1 Lot, and, If got sold, then in 2 Lots as above. LOT 5.-All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House and Premises, situate in Bryn- derwen Road, now occupied by Mr. James Thomas, and comprising Sitting Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Pantry, 3 Bedrooms, Box Room, Bath Room, E.C., and Garden. LOT 6.-All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House and Premises, adjoining Lot 5, let on Lease to the King Edward National Memorial Association for five years from the 2nd of August, 1915, comprising Sitting Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Coal-house, 3 Bedrooms, Box Room, Bath Room, E.C., and Garden. LOT 7.—All that Valuable Leasehold Double-fronted Shop, situate and being No. 39, Quay Street, Ammanford, comprising Shop, Kitchen, Scullery fitted with Sink, Pantry on Ground Floor, Sitting Room, 3 Bedrooms, Box Room, Study, Bath Room fitted with Bath and Wash Basin, W.C. on First Floor, 3 Rooms on Second Floor, Outside Coal- house and Wash-house under one Roof, and E.C. LOT 8.-All that Plot or Parcel of Land, situate and being Nos. 3 and 4, Aberlash Road, together with the Buildings and Materials standing thereon after the Fire. LOT 9.—All that Valuable Le^^old Dwelling House, situate and being No. 1, Treforris, Llandebie, and now in the occupation of Mr. John Jones as Tenant thereof, at the Monthly Rent of £1, and comprising Parlour, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, 3 -Bedrooms, Garden, and E.C. A Right-of-Way in favour of the Owner and Occupier of No. 2, I Treforris, round the pine end and rear of this House, will be reserved. LOT IO.-All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House, situate adjoining Lot 9, and now in the occupation of Mr. John James as Tenant thereof, at the Monthly Rent of £ 1, and similar to Lot 9. Lots 9 and 10 will first be offered in 1 Lot, and, if not sold then, in 2 Lots, as above. LOT I I.-All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House and Garden, known as No. 5, Cathan Terrace, Pantyffynnon, now occupied by Mr. Ernest Jones as Monthly Tenant t h ereof, and comprising Parlour, large Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, 3 Bedrooms, Garden, an d E. C. LOT 12. Similar in all respects to Lot 11, and being No. 6, Cathan Terrace, Panty- ffynnon, now occupied by Mr. John Harries as Monthly Tenant thereof. Lots 11 and 12 will be offered in I Lot, and, if not sold, then separately, as described. LOT 13.-All that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House, being No. 13, Cathan Ter- rc, Pantyffynnon, and now occupied by Mr. Wm. Davies as Weekly Tenant thereof, and similar in all respects to Lot 11. j LOT 14.-Similar to Lot 13, and being No. 14, Cathan Terrace, Pantyffynnon, occu- pied by Mr. Wm. Walters as Weekly Tenant thereof. Lots 13 and 14 will first be offered in I Lot, and, if not sold then, in 2 Lots, as described. L0T 15.-AIl that Valuable Leasehold Dwelling House, being No. 15, Cathan Ter- race, Pantyffynnon. and now occupied by Mr. H. Thomas as Weekly Tenant thereof and similar to Lot 1 I • A L,°L '^w7^in2''a!^t0 ? '5, being No. 16, Cathan Terrace, Panty/Iynnon, and occu- pied by Mr. Wm. L. Quinten as Weekly Tenant thereof. L°tSdescribed 16 will ? be o/Iered in 1 ?' and, ? not sold, then separately, as descri b e d low kiLi*c"«,„^rjl ,ol,o!99 Years from the ^SepKmb"'|892'«,he very low Annual Ground Rent of £1 Jos. "a every w ora'ri.99 Years fram the 29th September '?' ? ? v low A-I Ground Rent of 12 17s. a every Lots 3 and 4 arc held under Lease for 99 Years from the 29th September 1898, at the W Annua l Ground Rent of ?2 6s. 6d., which will be equally apportion.d between !he I Lots 5 and 6 are held under Lease for 99 Years from the 29th September 1903 at the low Annua l Ground Rent of ?3. which will be apportioned equally, viz., ? ?0s each L?t 7 is held under a Lease for 99 Years from the 29th S t b cr, 1904 at h appo?ned '? iw.1 aTc, Yt"S 'r0m 29'h ?-' ?4. at t e A„n»^tcroiSeRe».nor ^e4:: for 99 Years from the 29th ?- '■ '?. ? the low Annua l round Rent of 12 4s. t ,.n e ow .e t?Yif^L2h^r-b- "*•« the low Annool Ground Re,t f C I 55 L' h .]1 b t e:: ember, I 94, at W'lIC WI e apportlOlled equ'o' I w  sLS Mr Yrtt^ :i: '•« th, low Annual Ground Rent of ii 55 5d 'h' h .11 b ",51. ch, 19 I c..T the W IC. WI' e appoLlo.ned ',ally f Lou 13 and 14 are held under Lease for no Years. th 21h ,?,, 1910, ? W Annua^Gwund Re« "f J', fe" £ 2 J''m  r 1910, at Lots 15 and 16 a- i held under Lea f 99 Y f OL ». iF Septr:n1";1, 191°, at 15, £0 13s. 3d.; L :j,O 13 2d.' W Ie WI to at.po, ,1cd. !le;vs -Lo THE WHOLE OF Tl-:E LOTS  YVE1 L ND THE WHOLF OF Tf-F- LOTS AR.7?  SITUA1ED  INDUSTRIES OF THE D]STRl;T. Further PMicut-r. can be Sad from UJ AUC-ONr' d L:. or T. M. EVANS [sq W. A., ?, ? A' ?!.?. &ï.J it'; ,.>4" ,;)( .c'_r, A!8&fo" Forthcoming Events. Nov. 2.-Congregational Vestry, Penygroea: Grand Benefit Concert. Nov. 2 & 3.-BetheI (E.B.) Chuich, Tai'r- gwaith: Half-yearly Services. Noy. 9.—Parish Hall, Gorslas: Grand Eis- teddfod. Nov. 13.—Gwynfryn Chapel, A. _ianford: Grand Organ Recital. Nov. 14.-Gibea, Brynammaa: Lecture on GwiIym Hiraethog by Rev. G. Penar Griffiths. Nov. 14.-Ammanford: Sermon and Lecture by the Rev. W. Pedr Williams, Swansea. Nr' ?- Ta ^ernac1e. Cwng..»i?f. aand i Nov. 16.-Tsbernac1e. CWr->Edt'e-. r;rAnd I ??i.rL:8te?ufod. ? Nov..6.—?? .? Shools, Llandebie: Gra.? Comp&uL.t; Concert. Nov. 17.- Tabernacle, Cwiag >rse: Grand Organ Feritd. Nov. 23.-Peniel, Caerbryn- Annurl Eis- teddfod. Nov. 30.—Cac'ellrhiiigyll• Grand F' .eddfod. Jec. li.-Ara,Ianiord: I -ct-are by the Rev. D. Griff Chan'-i. the Blind. Dec. 7—G-ea C'1ili ), Bryna.raian: Grand Competitive Concert. Dec. 14.-Noddfa. Ganiswllt; Grand Eis- teddfod. Sales by Auction. Re JAMES EVANS, Deceased. MAESYDERI, NEW ROAD, AMMANFORD. SALE OF OIL ENGINE. MORTAR vllLL, PLANKS, WOODEN SHED, WHHELB ARROW, IRONMONGERY, &c., &c. Mr. W. N. JONES HAS received instructions to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, 1918, the following Plant & Materials, Viz.:— One 10-h.p. Oil Engine by-Fielding & PIatt. with two Coolinig Cisterns, and Starting Lamp; 1 6ft. Mortar Mill, a number of Planks of different sizes, a quantity of Bricks of different descriptions, Crests, Trestles, Wooden Shed, Poles, Ladder, Wheel- barrow, a quantity of Hinges and other Ironmongery, Shovels, Picks, &c., &c. Sale to commence at 3 o'clock. Terms— Cash. Auctioneer's Office, Ammanford, i October 30th, 1918. Local & District News. TO CORRESPONDENTS. Reports, News Paragraphs, and all Communications for the "AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE" should be sent not later than WED- NESDAY earlier when- ever possible-addressed- EDITOR, "Amman Valley Chronicle," AMMANFORD. Will all Correspondents, whether writing in Welsh or in English. please remember, when sending in their contributions, that proper names and address must be given, not necessarily for insertion, but as a guarantee of good faith.

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