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THE OMNIBUS. I fThinss Seen and Heard by the Conductor.] In selecting the leader of any crowd, pick cut the man who does the listening. The loca l sc l D6e d this wee k The local schools are closed this week again owing to the influenza epidemic. The question is being asked as to who will contest the Llanelly, Division against Towyn. • • • Towyn' s selection as Coalition candidate for the Llanelly Division was practically unanimous. < < < Many a man who is the architect of his own fortune gets no farther than the plans and speciifcations. < Each of the ten battleships surrendered by Germany to-day has cost about £ 2,500,000, and the battle-cruisers little less. 0 0 All the arrangements for the General Elec- tion are now complete, including the plan of voting by absent soldiers and sailors. <t Sentry: Advance and give the counter- sign." Challenged Party: I' ve forgotten it." Sentry: Pass on. I've forgotten it myself." Ii The influenza epidemic is abating slowly in the district, and the local doctors are not so badly overworked as they have been during the previous few weeks. The operation oJ the Road Transport Board's instruction restricting de liveries by retail traders to a radius of ten miles has been deferred until further notice. The local Rugby Football Club have been disappointed on two occasions already this k season through the failure of visiting teams to turn up and fulfil their engagements. This is poor sport. < < Mr. John Hinds, M.P., Lord Lieutenant of the county, was unanimously adopted as Liberal candidate at a meeting of the Liberal Association of the Carmarthen Division on Saturday last. M. OL JL w The united thanksgiving service at All Saints' Church on Sunday afternoon lpst was most impressive. All classes of the com- munity were represented, and the service was truly devotional in spirit. Mr. Towyn Jones, M.P., was waifllly con- gratulated on Monday by all sections of the House of Commons on the sweeping majority with which he was selected as Coalition can- didate for the Llanelly Division. Employers holding posts vacant for the return of serving officers or men of similar educational standing, and wishing to apply for their priority release from the Army, should write to the director in their own dis- trict. ? We understand that options to work the minerals under Bettws Mountain have been granted, and it is to be earnestly hoped, now the war is over, that a prosperous develop- ment of the coal industry will soon be initiated in the Valley. The Secretary of the War Office wishes to inform relatives of fallen officers and men that at present, and probably for some months to come, it will be impossible, owing to military reasons, to make arrangements for visits to war graves and cemeteries in France. The Director of the Petroleum Executive, Sir John Cadman, states:—" There is good ground to hope that unless there is an un- expected change for the worse in the position some reduction in petrol prices will be pos- sible either at the beginning of December or January next." » MT. Wardle, replying to Sir Henry Dalziel in the House of Commons, said as soon as the fuel position improved, the Board of Trade would take steps to improve the passenger train accommodation. In the most urgent cases of the long-distance trains he hoped to make some improvement before long. JL JL JL The CoaJ Exports Committee are now pre- pared to consider applications for licence to export coal to Holland. Until further notice licences can only be granted for the shipment of steam and gas coal from the Northumber- land and Durham district and for anthracite from South Wales. ? t The coming of peace will remove the danger of U boats from the seas, but the peril of mines will remain. It is estimated that home waters alone contain 200,000 mines. The work of clearing the seas of these mines, though carried out as rapidly as possible, will occupy a considerable time. ? The prices of oranges and lemons are now controlled, the following being those fixed:— Oranges, I cwt. or more, 83d. per lb. I stone or more, but less than I cwt., 9d. per lb.; and less than I stone, lOd. per lb. Lemons, in corresponding weights, are to be lOgd., lid., and Is. respectively. i* is The general level of retail prices of the principal articles of food on 1st November, according to the "Labour Gazette," was about 133 per cent. above that of July, 1914, the corresponding percentage for 1st October being 129. The increase since the latter date is almost exclusively due to a rise of 20 per cent. in the price of fresh eggs. Mr. David Williams, J.P., Llanelly, the president of the Liberal Association of the Llanelly Division, has received the following telegram from Mr. Lloyd George in connec- tion with the adoption of Mr. Towyn Jones, M.P., as Coalition candidate for the Llanelly Parliamentary Division:—" Many thanks for your encouraging telegram. I am delighted to hear of the adoption of the Liberal Coalition candidate by your Association." At the close of the service at All Saints' Church on Sunday evening, the Vicar pro- mised that some special effort would be made to assist in raising the sum of S-20,000 neces- sary for the endowment of three Homes to be erected for the Church of England Waifs' and Strays* Society. The secretary of the Society for the parish is Miss A. Grace Davies, who has done excellently since she took on the work some years ago. The War Office states that the military situation does not admit a commencement of demobilisation of the military forces, and consequently, until further notice, releases from military service can only be granted on compassionate grounds as hitherto, and in a limited number of special cases where parti- cular persons or classes are urgently required for the purpose of reconstructing industrial conditions preparatory to demobilisation. Re- sponsibility for dealing with applications in the latter class of case rests with the Ministry of Labour. For the present Volunteer Force enrolments are suspended, and. although training facilities will be continued, attendance at drill will be purely voluntary and all dis- ciplinary action suspended.

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