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THE OMNIBUS. I lthings Seen and Heard by the Conductor.) Who was the miner who took his razor to be sharpened on the grindstone? In America butter costs 3s. a lb., whilst colliers have to pay nearly £ 1 a ton for house coal. < The Rev. Isaac Jenkins, who has died in Utica, W.S.A., at one time held a pastorate in Llandilo. He had reached the ripe old age of 82. < < The brewing of beer and other malt beverages in the United States will stop at midnight on Saturday throughout the whole of the States. The election campaign is proceeding very quietly in- the Valley as yet, but no doubt a little ginger will be put into it before our next issue appears. Owing to indisposition, Dr. J. H. Williams, the Labour candidate for the Llanelly Divi- sion, was unable to address the meeting at the lvorites' Hall on Monday evening. Public meetings in support of the candi- dature of Mr. Towyn Jones will not com- mence until this (Thursday) evening, when the campaign will be opened at Brynamman. An Irishman, seeing a vessel very heavily laden, and scarcely above the water's edge, exclaimed: Upon, my soul, if the river was but a little higher, the ship would go to the bottom." < It is reported that the quantity of fish u. the North Sea has never been so great living memory as it is at the present time This surely justifies our hope in having cheaper fish soon. < The outdoor paupers in the Llandilo-fawr Union will receive an additioanl 2s. per week in future. Not much danger of riotous living in future. There is no danger of riotous living on the strength of this increase. The Ministry of Munitions notify that there are now supplies of alcohol available for industrial purposes, while glycerine should, in a few days, be purchasable in the ordinary way from chemists, stores, &c. Methylated spirits is also available. See there," exclaimed a returned Irish soldier to the gaping crowd, as he exhibited with some pride his tall hat with a bullet hole in it. Look at that hole, will you? Ye see, if it had been a low-crowned hat, 1 should have been killed outright." The Government are considering the modi- fication of some of the restrictions on railway traffic. The local Urban Council and the Chamber of Trade should immediately agitate for the running of later trains up the Vallev on Thursdays and Saturdays. ? The supporters of Towyn are quietly confident of the their candidate's success at the forthcoming election, but they should not delude themselves into believing that it is going to be a walk-over, as the Labourists are working assiduously and are bound to poll well. ? < Tests made by an expert in the experi- mental department of the Coal Control at the Holborn Viaduct Hotel shew that in eight hours 16A lbs. of ordinary coal is consumed at a cost of 4}d., and in the same grate 8% lbs. of anthracite, costing 2|d.—a saving of 35 per cent., with no diminution of heating value. The Central Control Board have fixed the following hours for the sale of drink on Christmas Day in the Welsh area and the West Gloucestershire area:—Between 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. and between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. for consumption on, and between 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. and between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. off. < At a meeting of the Joint Standing Dis- putes Committee of the South Wales Coal- field, held at Cardiff on Tuesday, it was decided that the prosecution of the workmen at Pantyffynnon Colliery for stoppages with- out notice on the 22nd November and 26th October, and the workmen at Tirydail Col- liery should be proceeded with. Undoubtedly one of the most prominent questions likely to be put to the Parliamen- tary candidates will be in regard to their attitude in insisting that the cost of the war shall be paid by Germany. Whilst some candidates believe in imposing drastic terms upon Germany, there are others who do not agree with that policy. It will be interest- ing to hear what the local candidates have to say on the point. It is stated that all men on service in the United Kingdom will be given 12 days' Christmas or New Year's leave. To prevent m further undue congestion on the railways, not more than one-fourteenth of any unit may proceed on leave on any one day. As not more thaa 25 per cent. of men on the strength may be absent from camp together, the leave period, which starts this week, will not end until well in January. » The Ministry of Food announce that from Sunday, until further notice, the followinj classes of meat may be sold by retailers and served as part of a meal by caterers, without requiring the surrender of meat coupons:— Edible cffal, including tongues, kidneys, and I skirt, and all other edible offal of cattle; sheep and pigs mentioned in the uniform schedule of maximum retail prices for offal; and imported tenderloins from cattle. < Lord Haldane, speaking at Bedford on Friday night last, said:—" I do not think the public knew when we mobilised our Army, but I will tell you now. We mobilised at 11 o'clock on the morning of Monday, August 3rd, 36 hours before we declared war. Mobilisation is not a declaration of war. If desired, you can mobilise in time of peace in order to be prepared for war. Within a few hours after the declaration of war the Expedi- tionary Force, with the aid of the Navy, was across the Channel before anybody knew it.' <t <t $ The Westminster Gazette refers to the appointment of Mr. S. O. Davies, B.A as agent for the Dowlais District of the Miners' Federation as follows:—" The workers of the Dow lais district of the South Wales Miners' Federation have made an interesting departure in their choice of an agent. They have elected Mr. S. O. Davies, B.A., to th post. Mr. Davies is a brilliant scholar- product of Rusk in College, and a graduate of the University of Wales—who has for some time acted as checkweigher at Tumble Colliery, in Carmarthenshire. one of tke largest undertakings in the anthracite coal- field. He is an able writer and speaker, and much in request as a lecturer on literature and economics. It is significant that thousands of miners should choose such a man as their leader, and it is all to the good th. sufch a should be fgund willing to lead them."

Brynamman Poultry Show. I

Llandilo Board of Guardians.I

Railway Smash at Pantyffynnon.

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