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L THE OMNIBUS. ?i mE omus. I iThMigs Seca mi Heard by the Conduclor-I I f When is the next eisteddfod to be held in Penygroes? We have received numero m- | L quiries from ardent eisteddfodwyr. i Since the date of the armistice 226 oiffcers and 66,146 other ranks and 2,752 civilians have been repatriated. Mr. Towyn Jones at the Ivorites' Hall: Diffyg ymgnawdoliad o Grist sydd wedi creu yr alanasdra hyn. < The right of free speech evidently does not appeal to some people, except when their own views are being expounded. 9 Whilst adults experience a difficulty in obtaining their smoking mixtures, juveniles may be seen smoking fine cigars! 0 0 Ammanford has lately experienced dark nights, the electric light system being out of order. Collisions between pedestrians are of common occurrence. 0 It is announced by the Sugar Commission that, beginning on January 27th, the sugar ration will be increased from 8oz. to 12oz. prJ head. Heard on Tuesday evening at the Ivorites Hall.—A Voice: We have not heard any- thing." Discharged Soldier: Then you had better go to the doctor! « Mrs. Jack Thomas humorously said during her speech at the Ivorites' Hall on Monday evening that children were only taught at the schools nowadays that tea grew in China. W < < It was said at the political meeting on Tuesday that the Federation of Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers did not have to fight for their demands. < < < Who was the local housemaid seen taking a bag full of empty whisky bottles back to the chemist' 6? When at the shop door one of the bottles fell, which gave the show away. i It was evident, judging by the remarks made by a certain lady supporter of 'the Coalition candidate at Tuesday's meeting, that she should have been chosen as one of the speakers. One of the questions asked Dr. Williams on Friday evering was whether he was in favour of shorter hours for the workers' wives? Possibly in the future we shall see a strike of houeswives for an increase in their pin- money ? It is understood that the Coalition Govern- ment is going to the Peace Conference with definite intention of proposing the aboli- tion of compulsory military service throughout Europe. We are told that women have risen to the occasion, and rightly so. However, some ot them complain about the laborious work they have to perform, and in many instances their grievance is justified. The Labour meeting on Monday evening resolved itself into a concert, owing to the inability of the advertised speakers to appear, the Rev. lona M. Williams being unable to attend at the last moment, and Mr. W. H. Mainwaring being stranded at Brynamman. 0 0 The farmers are very inconsistent in their business transactions. Recently a certain farmer not a hundred miles from Ammanford was offering turnips at Is. per 15 lbs., whereas another locai member of that occu- pation was selling his turnips at 2s. per cwt. < < < At a meeting of the Lampeter Town Coun- cil, the Mayor threw out the suggestion that further efforts should be made immediately te try and construct a railway between Lam- peter and Llandilo, so as to link up Cardigan- shire with the Amman Valley and the Mid- land Counties. The action of a section of the audience at Mr. Towyn Jones' meeting on Tuesday will do the Labour movement more harm than good. Surely, Labour's claims are strong enough to demand attention without such an exhibition of bad temper and unsportsmanlike conduct as was witnessed. < < < An official statement issued from Downing Street on Tuesday gives the following as Mr. Lloyd George's five points:—( I) Punish the Kaiser; (2) Make Germany pay; (3) Let the soldier home as soon as possible; (4) Fair treatment for the returned soldier and sailor; and (5) Better housing and better social conditions. The political agents of the Labour Party are of opinion that within the s hort time at its disposal the party has made a fairly ex- tensive canvass of the constituencies which are being contested by its nominees, and from information to hand it is stated that between 100 and 131 Labour candidates will be re- turned to the new Parliament. Miss Smarte: Well, I maintain that women can do anything that men can." Mr. Kewt: Oh, no. The auctioneer's business is Nonsense. one a woman cannot go into." Nonsense. She'd make every bit as good an auctioneer as a man." Just imagine an unmarried lady getting up before a crowd, and exclaim- ing, Now, gentlemen, all I want is an offe,! < Priv. Evans, of Station Road, Tirydail, was asked by the Germans after being cap- tured to sing a Welsh song, in order that it may be recorded on a gramophone. How- ever, the hero perceived the Huns' object and refused to oblige them with a rendering. The idea was to get the song on a record, which would be rendered on the gramophone in the trenches, and thereby attract British soldiers. < < < Rural Minister: None of the gentlemen whose duty it is to pass the plate are here to- day. Would you object to taking up the collection? Stranger: I never passed the plate in church in my life, and I'm afraid I'd be rather awkward." Oh, never mind about that. It won't be noticed. Most of my congregation become absorbed in their hymn-books about the time the plate goes round." • •  Owing to the reduction in the cost of  freight, the Food Controller will issue in the ? course of a few days revised schedules to the Citrons Fruit Prices Order, reducing the prices of oranges and lemons as from December 30th. I Traders are warned against stocking these Si fruits greatly in excess of their holiday re- quirements. What we should like to know is, where to obtain apples at controlled prices? Qertainly not in Amman ford. fe.

Mrs. Lloyd George at Ammanford.

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