Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I . _ - BETTWS. I





LLANDEBIE. The polling on Saturday passed off very quietly at Llandebie, but it is said that wagering is very strong amongst the followers of both candidates. We did not have the pleasure of seeing or hearing the Labour candidate at all, but simply had to be content with his views as preached by the speakers who supported him. It would be well if our Parish Councillors were to take a walk up the path leading to the colliery. They can be assured before they start that when they return their wives waI tell them to clean their own boots and clothing. There are some members who travel that way every day, and we think they ought to take the matter up, seeing that they repre- sent Labour, and this path is practically for the working men. This election has shewn up many a person in the village, inasmuch not very long ago they were extreme Conservatives, but now they have crossed the floor and are extreme Labour. We do not blame them if they are true to their convictions; but why not have the pluck to return the letters received by them in con- nection with the Unionist meeting that was called, and prove for themselves that they had been convicted in support of Labour? Many of our soldiers have recently returned to work in the mines, and one and 'all are very glad to see them back amongst us once again but it is to be hoped that, should need be, they will be shewn a little more sympathy for services rendered than was done w hen the ratepayers were asked to support those of our gallant men who were in arrears with their rates. There is a vast difference between boasting of what one has done to help them by going around to beg and not put a hand in one's own pocket. It's like the old saying, You bring or give the food, and I'll hand it over."




Ammanford Urban Council.I