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PALACE, Ammanford. | Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, Jan 9,10, & 11, 1919. "VERY SPECIAL GOD and THE MAN Adapted from the Famous Novel by ROBERT BUCHANAN. IN SEVEN PARTS. Caste: I Squire Orchardson Jeff Barlow Christen Christiansen Langhorne Burton Richard Orchard Bert Wynne K t Christianson SybHArundak Squire Christ:anson Nelson R! Mr. Sefton Henry V.bart Dame Christian!on Edith Craig Priscilla Sefton Joyce Carey JOHN WESLEY E. Vivian Reynolds The Story starts with a Revivalist meeting in the open country. John Wesley, stand- ;ng upon a hill, preaches the gospel of Christian love to a motley collection of working men, idlers, beggars, &c. They listen with attention, broken onfy by an individual flinging liimseJf suddenly down on his knees and crying aloud to Heaven. Into this picture comes the dignified figuie of a gentleman of Society, Mr. Sefton, and his daughter, Priscilla. Priscilla is an extremely beautiful young girl, and both she and her father are dressed in the height of fashion. They are attracted to the preacher, though their air is one of amused contempt. But Wesley's eloquence rises to inspiring heights, and soon Mr. Sefton and priscilla become greatly interested-even impressed. The gathering breaks up, and Wesley leaves, followed by a straggling procession of converts. Sefton hesitates; then, with his daughter, joins the procession. They exchange salutations with the preacher, and presently are deep in converse with him. Rapidly Wesley's. influence grows upon father and child, an d those who came to scoff remain to pray." No more earnest follower does the revivalist secure indeed than these two members of fashionable society-so much so that Sefton divests himself of all his wealth, and gives it to the poor, and he and Priscilla become Wesley's devoted followers. But Priscilla remains the heiress to her mother's fortune. n e ? ?el ress to her mother's fortune. Grand Exclusive Comedy Miss BILLIE BRITTONS. 1- Special PICTORIAL NEWS OF CURRENT EVENTS. Thursday and Friday, 7 -30. Saturday, 6-30 & 9.