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AMMANFORD. At the weekly meeting of the Christian Temple Mutual Improvement Society, on Thursday evening last, a paper on the sub- ject, How shall we build the New World?" was read by Mr. Jas. Griffiths. There was a good attendance, and a discussion took place after the reading of the paper. The Urban District Council have convened a public meeting of the ratepayers, to be held at the Y.M.C.A. on Thursday evening next, ( to consider the advisability or otherwise of adopting for the urban district the Housing Scheme suggested by the Local Government Board, and to receive an explanation of the views of the Urban District Council thereon. Whilst Master Thomas Edison Davies, 8 years of age, the little boy of Mr. and Mrs. William Davies, of 13, Norman Road, Tiry- dail, was playing in the playground of the Ammanford Council Schools last week, he unfortunately sustained a severe fracture of a bone in his left leg through a boy colliding with him, which resulted in Edison falling Awkwardly. He is, however, making satis- factory progress, and is attended by Dr. Price. The formation of a class lor Bit-Badge men at the Christian Temple Sunday School has been an unqualified success, and the boys" are very fortunate in having as their teacher Mr. Job Thomas, The Square. Last Sunday, in the unavoidable absence of Mr. Thomas through indisposition, the class was taken by the Kev. D. Tegfan Davies, who kept the scholars spellbound by his remark- able ability as a teac her. It is pleasing to -note that the above Sunday School vs in a flourishing state, and it is earnestly hoped that all concerned will do their "bit" to ensure its continued success. At the Carmarthenshire Assizes yesterday, David John Evans (28), colliery pumpman, of Pontamman, was charged with wounding Sergt. John Johnson, who was in charge of iTie prisoners of war camp at Llandebie, on the 29th June last at Llandilo. The circum- stances of the case have previously been re- ported in our columns. The jury found pri- soner guilty of unlawful wounding without intent. The Judge said he believed the real crime was more in the nature of a common assault, and he would give accused the same sort of punishment he would have got in the police court for common assault. The sen- tence was one month's imprisonment with hard labour Napoleon was once asked the question when the training of a child should begin. His wise reply was: Twenty years before he is born." None of us can say what the future has in its womb, but it is a self- evident fact that, with the increase of know- ledge in science and the applied arts-not that the acquisition of learning and secularism are correlative-the tendency of the present age is distinctly materialistic. How can this be counteracted? Herein lies an important problem, and any help given towards its solution should be gratefully received. The nation that forgets the cultivation of its spiritual life is dangerously near a vortex that threatens to engulf it in an inexorable fate. The war-dogs have been out of leash for over four years, and the religious tone of our land has suffered accordingly. England's leaders for generations have been outstanding Chris- tians. 1 hey one and all testified to the power .of a mother's influence. The key to the solution of the problem is in the hands of the women of Britain. If the mothers can be won for Christ, the nation is safe; if not- well! another Gibbon will arise to write The decline and fall of the British Empire." In view of this, who can apprise this week the importance of meetings such as those held for women only at the Gospel Hall? They are conducted by Miss Rogers, of Swansea. This godly lady has devoted her life to visiting the sick of Swansea, giving particular attention to the patients at the hos- pital. In this way she has given a spiritual uplift to many a need soul, and has brought peace and solace to many a broken heart before they pass from time to eternity. So enamoured is she of her work that it has been an exceedingly difficult matter to persuade her to spare the time for a visit to Ammanford. Her addresses on Tuesday and Wednesday nights upon" The body as the temple of the Lord and The parting of the ways," have left an indelible impression upon those privi- leged to hear them. We would warmly advise our lady readers not'to miss to-night's meeting—the last of the present series. We trust that Miss Rogers will soon visit us again.





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