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 4AüTUMNSHoi j G- LEYENSON'S i ? Are Showing the NEWEST in |, ? MtLUNERY, ? j IHeav. y Tweed Coats and Raincoats J | For Ladies <3%Ca!?s, and Children. | B New Woollen Scarves, Furs, Gloves, & UmbreMas. I ? Please See ?nJou?s. I I LEVENSON 'Sj HIGH STREET, AMMANFORD. { LE. ?s: :ooat:I:w:T' spFORD. I j| P.S.—Gents' Autumn Suits & Raincoats. New delivery. Splendid Selection. g ?t?t?K???W????????????????????? DEAKIN'S, NFLAMMATION HEALTH PILLS Fx?sntMxmmBum SSCSStE-.  Ulcers, DDIPIIT PI FAD QlfIN Burning, Fevers, Inflammations, BRIGHT CLEAR SKIN I Pneumonia, Dropsy, Pleurisy, rnrr rnnftl I lirrn null I C Torturing Eczema, Rheumatism, rntt lltUM UWLn un!LLO, Gout, Pimples, Boils, Blotches. Jaundice, Dropsy, ,ndlgorenKac"TaohB' ?t?a.U-n?C?iH:C?e? ?r?rMO???pSCy?F Backache, And all Unhealthy Inflamed Ulcerous Conditions. DEAKIN'S Ensure immediate benefits for all Sufferers, and effect quick and most wonderful recoveries. DEAKIN'S In Stamped Boxes only, 1/3; by Poft, 1/6 j Six Boxes for 7/6. Sole Proprietors and Inventors: G. Deakin & Hughes, The Inflammation Romedlegi Co., BRISTOL & BLAENAVON, Mon. I HJIIIIIItlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllll!llllllllllllllIII!ll!lll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL= New Ford Car Prices =_t'Fillii{!- (At the Works, Manchester).. = Touring Car £250. Chassis £ 200. I Van £ 240. Town Car £ 330. Ton-Truck Chassis £ 200. | E All Ford Cars are now fitted with starting and lighting equipment. E I AGENTS- I DAVID JONES & SONS, 1 The Garage, AMMANFORD. I 5 Telegrams: The Garage, Ammanford. E Telephone: 32 Ammanford. = iumiuiummuuuimmniHmiiiiiuimuiiniuiuuiiHHuuiuiHiiiimiiiuiiiiiiiiuiuiiuHiiiI Tu I???t t? Pastrycook, Confectioner, T, 19, and Caterer, Tennis View Restaurant, 16 & 18, College Street, Ammanford. Wedding & Birthday Cakes a Speciality. 'Pastries of the Best Quality. Don't Neglect a Trial Order. Scholastic. Old College School, Carmarthen. (Facing Beautiful Vale of Towy) (deal Institution for Direct Preparation and Great Production. BOARDERS KEPT. GIRLS ADMITTED. TERMS MODERATE. SUCCESSES OF ONE SESSION, 1918-19. C.M. Training College Cetlificate-(I). College of Shorthand—(6); (4) Preliminary; (I) Theory; (1) Speeci Certificate; Book- keeping- (1). Theological Prelimimry-(4). Calvinistic Methodist-( J). Clerkship-Typewnting inr-Imive- (4). TOTAL. 37. DUTIES RESUMED SEPTEMBER 2nd. After September 2nd, New Pupils Registered at any time, and charged pro rata. Prospectuses may be had on application to the HEAD MASTER. Liver Trouble Is the cause of much suffering. Headache, Biliousness, Constipation, Sour Stomach, Indigestion, Flatulency, Wind, Despondency, and much Ner- vous Excitement follows derangement of the Liver. HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS Have a most beneficial and immediate effect upon the Liver, though acting upon and eradicating every vitiating elements from the Blood which cir- culates through it. NOTE.—Bad Blood disturbs the action of every Organ in the Bcdy. I have suf fered aganim from Lumbago or Rheumatism in my Back and r Wft Limbs, a I so Piles. Hughes's van <v^jk Blood puis cured Do in a MFi ? short time. Also Vl J my wife from j J Headache and Ba j J Liver Trouble." The People from all parts testify to the wonderful power of these Pills in restoring sufferers from Skin Disease. Rheumatism, Backache, Constipation, Piles, Skin, Liver, Stomach and Kidney Troubles. TRY THEM. They will soon prove their great value. Sold by Chemists and Stores at 1/3, 3/ 5/- (including War Tax)*. Ask for HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS with the trade mark —shape of a heart, thUl- Take no other, or J send value in stamps or P.O. to- JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., L.D.S. MANUFACTURING CHEMIST. PENARTH, Cardiff. WHEN YOU BUY A PIANO HAVE THE BEST. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., Invite Inspection of their Splendid Stock of I BRITISH-MADE PIANOS OF WORLD-WIDE FAME, Including Instalments by the following Celebrated Makers:- domn BRINSMEAD & SONS, CHALLEN & SONS. d. ct J. HOPKINSON, J. H. CROWLEY, AJELLO & SONS, BROADWOOD PIANO-PLAYERS MOORE & MOORE, JUSTINE BROWNE, CRAMBR St COMPANY, COLLARD & COLLARD, And others toonamerout to mention. UNSURPASSED FOR TONE, TOUCH. AND ELEGANCE OF DESIGN. All Pianos Warranted, an d Exchanged if not approved. FULL VALUE ALLOWED FOR OLD PIANOS IN EXCHANGE. 25, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. ADDRESS: 60, Stepney Street, LLANELLY. Tradesmen's Announcements. GLOBE Boot, Shoe, and Clog Stores, College St., Ammanford. ALF. WILLIAMS. The Noted House for ALL KINDS OF FOOTWEAR. Boot Repairing Neatly Exeeuted. Beautify the Home Dainty Mats, Comfortable Rugs, Choice Patterns in Linoleums, Carpets, Hand- some Mirrors, Bedsteads, Bedding, Wire Mattresses, Overlays. FURNITURE of every description manufactured on the Premises. Pianos, Organs, and other Musical Instruments. H. TARR, 71, Wind St., AMMANFORD. Tin AMU Valley Fnishiii Store. "For the Blood is the Life." B If it is, any such Disease S Eczema, Scrofula, Bad Legs, a J.?c??j, ?7?e?-?, Glandular as <S*M?KM?<, Boils, J?tMp?, Sores and Eruptions, Piles, Rheumatism, Gout, 4'c., don't waste your time and money on lotions and ointments which cannot get below the surface of the skin. What you want and what you must have is a medicine that will thoroughly free the blood of the poison- ous matter which alone is the true cause of all your suffering. Clarke's Blood Mixture is just such a medicine. It is composed of ingredients which quickly attack, overcome and expel the im- purities from the blood, that is why bo many truly wonderful cures stand to its credit. Over 90 years* suc?CUS. ?? ???  PtCMMt ?——- — ?——? ?? ? /C!ar&e'sl —? Blood 1 r\ mixture Ja ? ?S?? \? AND BE CURED. ??  and Stores, \AND BE CUBED.r ps. "?  ? IH N r: All "EVERYBODY'S I NM?tM*?. ? BLOOD PURIFIMM ■ • i1"' gtt /V To buy your I own house- '3fr ^astf. To farm your own land A SMALL income will not cover the purchase of a house or land, or even a motor car or pony and trap. Things like these, if you wish some day to possess them, must be saved for now. Whatever portion of your weekly or monthly earnings you do not feel obliged to spend for every-day purposes represents future wealth. Spent week by week the little sums which you might save will buy you nothing worth having—in all probability your surplus money will be merely frittered away. Let those small sums accumulate. Invest them in Savings Certificates where they will grow rapidly bigger, and a time will come when you will find yourself with sufficient capital to buy the big things you really want. Every 15/6 you invest grows year Put your Savings into by year. In 5 ycus you get £ 1 back  jr for each Certificate and in 10 years ? ??y?yy__?_ ???l? t 11 6a. A clear profit of 10/6 on A yr each 15/6 an no Income Tax hu SLs CERTIFICATES | to be paid on it. ? ?,?C???rr/?rYC??Y??  Buy them regularly and they will pam the uay to prosperity. Thq art ob- —%j?-?'  ,<??ff? tfr't?? ??. ?" ?'?T??'—'? r  ir   tamable at an" ?n&. Money Order 2???'?  Post O#ice or Shopkeeper acting M — Official Agent. Or you can get them n: through your Savings Association. fl I Prof,, T,, W. PRICE, I ( D.M. T., M.H., F.B.I. M.S., M.A.C.S., I i Certified and Registered Massenr, etc., Doctor Mechano therapy (Swedish i 18 Sehool of Massage), Practical Osteopathy and Chiropractic, Certified f Medical Botanist, Fellow of Bntith httitnte Metal Science, Member of j Amencan College of Scieces, Member of the School of SaMettive j Therapeutic& I I LUCANIA BUILDINGS, l I STEPNEY STREET, LLANELLY. I I Dear Sir or Madam, I 1 I have much pleasure in informing you that I have been 1 demobilised from the Army after serving for Two Years in t H.M. Military Hospitals, gaining much valuable experience in If l different modes of treatment of thousands of cases. r I From now on I shall personally be in attendance daily in I my business, and, by strict and careful attention to all cases, I j i hope to have a share of your patronage in the future as in the 1 | past. I Yours faithfully, 1I I T. W. PRICE. 1 • P. S.—Consult Prof. PRICE if euffering?from any Complaint or nileale i | which flesh is heir to. a -4 IMPORTANT TRANSFER of BUSINESS. | Ji Mr. H. B. Shiers begs to notify the Inhabitants of the i ■ J Amman Valley that he has disposed of his '■ ■! First-Class DENTAL Practice |! J i to his late Assistant, [ j Mr. FRANK G. DAY l (now of Gorseinon), V And hopes they will give him the same support hitherto accorded to a| h:mlf: 'feeling always confident from his knowledge of Mr. DAY'S *C ability that they will have the most careful and painstaking attention. ■, ? All late Clients of Mr. SHIERS who have not completed, and have J paid Deposits, will get the amounts of such Deposits conMdered in their ? Final Bill of Settlement. J» f Note Address- < j 56, College Street, AMMAN FORD. jV Hours-Daily: 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. Other times by appointment. ij J D.S.-Siaredir Cymraeg. ) .V" THERE"S A GOOD TIME COMING Imp rn. Uth"& at prmeat "a are anneriag from a diserdorod digestion end distmiial ailments and, ia asaasquea", arc inolinod to tako « ISMwkat tflMMy view 01 thmgs, it need sst bo loag before you rooovor your kssMi and yoar unwany hepofal and ohoorfnl disposition. All that is nqmirad to bring abant this desired elaaq. is the baaafbial iafloenaa of nmwbmlo Pills. This roliabla nsodlaiaa stiaolatas the lirar, strongtheas 8M glesuok, slaaasas tho bawols aad parifias the blood ;-hoaoe it is oasy ta andarstaad why health may ha nsaiataiaad by taking BEECHAM'S PILLS Sold wwy»li«» in boxes, labelled ls-3d and 3&-Od. | THE "AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE" Printing Offices, Quay Street, AMMANFORD. (TRADE UNION PRINTERS). The Amman Valley Chronicle Limited undertake any and every kind of Printing from a Visiting Card to a Poster, or a Dance Programme to a Novel. Orders taken for reprints of Letters, Articles, or Advertisements from the Chronicle. All communications, containing Orders for Printing, should be Plainly Addressed to THE MANAGER, Amman Valley Chronicle Offices, Quay Street, Ammanfoid. Letters, MSS., and Advertisements intended for insertion in the Newspaper should be directed to EDITOR, Amman Valley Chronicle, Ammanford. This Establishment is a Noted House for First-Class Printing, and for the Quality of the Work, combined with Accuracy, Despatch,^and Secrecy, has gained the confidence of the Professions and Business Finns in the District of East Carmarthenshire. COMMERCIAL & GENERAL. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES. PRICE LISTS. BOOKS, PAMPHLETS. ANNUAL REPORTS. MUSIC OF ALL KINDS, CIRCULARS. &c. LEGAL & ACCOUNTANCY. ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION. PROSPECTUSES. INDENTURES, AGREEMENTS, STATEMENTS OF CLAIM. BALANCE SHEETS. STATEMENTS OF AFFAIRS, lie. SURVEYORS. PLANS. BILLS OF QUANTITIES. CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTS. CONTRACT FORMS. 4c. AUCTION & ESTATE AGENTS. PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLANS. CONDITIONS OF SALE. POSTERS, CATALOGUES. TENANCY: AGREEMENTS, fcc. "AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE" LIMITED, Printing Offices, Quay Street, AMMANFORD. Braadi Office at Crwi Hiwk <